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Why Are So Many People Seeking EMF Protection? Our Quiz Stats

by | Feb 3, 2022 | 0 comments

EMF exposure scaleWhy Are So Many People Seeking EMF Protection?

More than 25,000 interviewed over six years verify the consistent need for EMF energy protection and many are seeking EMF protection. We share some of our surprising results here. 

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Since January 2016, BioElectric Shield has been offering two free quizzes that can help you determine if you need EMF Protection or protection from other people’s energy. Both of these quizzes are fully researched and designed assessments, chock full of insight and expertise on energy exposure and sensitivity.

    • The EMF Quiz measures how much exposure people have to electromagnetic field radiation (EMF radiation).

Both quizzes provide insight and solutions, including the recommended EMF protection shield level to help offset both exposure and sensitivity.

These EMF-Energy Protection quizzes have been taken approximately 25,000 times by almost as many individuals, validating what we have suspected all along:

EMF exposure and sensitivity to the negative energy around us are on the rise, have noticeable unpleasant consequences, and are exacerbated by our own habits… some of which we can change!

Environmental Factors and EMF Protection

Since January of 2016, we have been tracking self-reported exposure to EMF radiation, and it is rising. As many as eight out of ten people report the effects of moderate EMF radiation exposure, and another 17% have high EMF radiation exposure. It’s no wonder that so many are seeking EMF Protection.

EMF overload is not just for big cities and their suburbs

Population Density graft HSP 2021Seeking EMF Protection

Urban and suburban residents do experience the highest levels of EMF. 5G towers and “smart meters” (the kind that can be read from the meter reader’s car as they drive by) are by far some of the most damaging of the EMF overload.

Living in a small town or rural area is no longer assurance that you won’t be dealing with high levels of EMF and WiFi. 5G towers and smart meters are making their way into small towns, even outlying rural areas. These devices are causing increased levels of EMF radiation exposure in urban residents and now also can cause problems for people living far away from major centers.

The factors contributing to the EMF radiation exposure score are clearly correlated: If you have one risk factor, you are likely to have others.

Based on BioElectric Shield’s own findings and extensive industry research (see www.bioinitiative.org), the most significant offenders include urban living, 5G noticed in the area, and air travel.

Your habits can exacerbate the negative impact of EMF radiationWifi chart hsp 2021 HSP Overall chart 2021 People Seeking EMF Protection

Our studies have shown how some people’s habits can impact their health.

For example, those who spend six or more hours a day on screens are likely experiencing symptoms from EMF radiation exposure!

Mobile device usage near your body is also known as “proximity,” and it has been noted that this may lead to chronic conditions like heart disease. Other factors noted by respondents who reported experiencing symptoms include leaving WiFi 24/7 and spending time in electronically saturated areas such as shopping malls or restaurant rows or busy downtown areas.

Symptoms Can be Related to Level of EMF ExposureScreen time charts hsp 2021 Wifi chart hsp 2021 HSP Overall chart 2021 People Seeking EMF Protection

In 2021, 60% of EMF Radiation Exposure Quiz-takers report “mysterious symptoms” that they’ve attempted to have diagnosed. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (at 49%) and ADD or ADHD (39%) are also fairly common. Some of these conditions appear to be on the rise (severe mysterious symptoms and mild ADD in particular). Even more alarming, almost everyone who does not identify as having ADD or ADHD still indicates that they have difficulty focusing at least some of the time.

Note: in 2019 52% of quiz takers reported these “mysterious symptoms,” an 8%  increase in just two years which is notable. See the previous report

What’s changed in the last few years?HSP Overall chart 2021 People Seeking EMF Protection


We seem to be spending more time online, 5G networks extend across the country, and even small towns are installing smart meters.

In addition to the EMF Protection Quiz, which measures EMF radiation exposure and offers ways to mitigate it, the HSP Quiz provides an unprecedented understanding of more subtle energy sensitivities

In the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) population, these reported symptoms are slightly more prevalent. In addition to being exposed to EMF radiation and experiencing the negative effects, people who suspected that they are “HSP” do indeed test high on HSP sensitivity overall. These folks especially tend to score high in the “Sensory” and “Emotional” sensitivity subtypes.

EMF Radiation Issues – What People Notice

When asked if they have noticed these symptoms and reactions improving or worsening over the past five to ten years, over two-thirds now say they notice feeling a little or much worse.

This self-reported increase in symptoms is creeping up (from 66% in 2020 to 69% in 2021), as is the proportion feeling strong or moderate reactions in dense WiFi areas (from 46% in 2020 to 52% in 2021).

Many, have been seeking EMf protection, but surprisingly a large percentage haven’t put the pieces together to figure out that technology use, WiFi, smart meters, and 5G have anything to do with their current situation.

EMF Radiation Protection – How Your Life can Improve

For more information about “Electrosmog” and some simple action steps you can take on your own, check out this recent blog post: Electrosmog Learn How to Protect yourself

Take the EMF Quiz to find out how significant your own exposure is. You will receive a recommended level for your own personal BioElectric Shield at the end of the quiz. Our mission is to provide you with the most reliable and strong personal energy protection on the planet. Customers worldwide have endorsed this protection since our beginnings in 1990.

Track Your Quality of Life

The “Quality of Life” Tracker is a new complementary service in 2022. Take this quiz periodically, starting before you change your EMF exposure or EMF protection. You will raise your awareness of the measures of thriving in your life, and you will be able to notice shifts in your scores as your behavior, exposure, or protection changes. Six months after you start using a BioElectric Shield, we will send you a link to the second wave of the tracker to see your before and after.

If you’re about to purchase a Shield, take the “Quality of Life” Tracker, and then in six months, you will get an invitation to take the follow-up and receive comparisons.

If you don’t have a Shield, take one of our Quizzes for a recommendation, and get the Personal Energy and EMf Protection you need.

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