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Earth Resonance Technology

Earth Resonance Technology™

chi-pranaEarth Resonance Technology™ is the use of frequencies to affect biological systems. All physical matter has a frequency associated with its physical properties and so does biological matter. A frequency is associated with a biological effect when it has an effect on the cell or biological system (such as a human or animal) that uses that frequency to balance function. For example, the BioElectric Shield® uses Earth Resonance Technology™ in the crystal matrix inside each Shield. This frequency is always tuned to the Schumann resonance frequency and creates a perfectly balanced band of a human energy field. All human frequencies fall within this band.  The balanced energy includes all four aspects of a human energy field: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This is because the Schumann resonance frequency is, in fact, the fundamental frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic energy field, sometimes referred to as the “seven hertz of the earth.” Thus, when a person initially wears a BioElectric Shield®, the crystal matrix will go into perfect resonance with the frequency of a unique individual. Once it is in perfect sympathetic resonance with each person, it will then begin to restore balance to their energy field.  Because the BioElectric Shield® vibrates at a perfect human energy band, it helps the person’s own energy field gradually move into greater balance.  This process of restoring balance to the energy field is continually repeated every time a BioElectric Shield®, is worn. This action was verified in the study “Effects of EMF Protection BioElectric Shield on Human Energy Systems as Measured by Computerized Acupuncture”. The BioElectric Shield®   uses Earth Resonance Technology™   to restore balance within the human energy field. This will allow the human biofield to move in sympathetic resonance with the natural frequencies of the environment. Moreover, it will allow an individual to be less susceptible (or even unsusceptible) to the negative effects of EMFs and even other people’s energy if it is not compatible with them. The oscillations that are necessary to restore balance are stimulated by the movement of ions in and out of the body’s cells, which is how cellular respiration works. For example, when an aerobic cell like a muscle cell takes in oxygen, it uses that oxygen to oxidize glucose to carbon dioxide and water. Carbon dioxide and water are the resulting byproducts of this process. During cellular respiration, the ionic gradient between the inside and outside of a cell is what creates the electrical potential difference across the cell membrane. This potential difference is what allows electricity to flow through the cells of our bodies. It is well known that EMF radiation can disrupt cellular function.  The BioElectric Shield® is designed to work with this electrical potential difference and oscillate at the same frequency as a healthy human energy field. This will help to restore balance and maintain it. Because Earth Resonance Technology™ resonates at the person’s exact frequency, it has an Innate Intelligence to redirect any energies not compatible with that frequency. Using principles of Nobel Prize-Winning physics, this technology reflects and redirects any type of electromagnetic energy. This includes Electrosmog, Electromagnetic Radiation, and energy from other people, places, or things that are not in resonance with your unique energy field. See EMF Solutions for more info.