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What does it mean to have Intuitive Sensitivity?

by | Jan 31, 2024 | 0 comments

Line drawing of third eye, woman and child showing intuition from Am Canva Premium 1-29-24

What does it mean to have Intuitive Sensitivity
and how can it be your Superpower?

What does having Intuitive Sensitivity say about you?

If your intuitive sixth sense is strong, it may be considered one of your predominant senses. Whether you call this intuition, psychic powers, ESP, or simply “lucky guessing,” your ability to know things may be highly developed.

Sometimes, it can be convenient to have great intuition… or not.

But what about when you feel all the discomfort and pain a friend is going through despite it not being your problem? What happens when you can’t control the impact you feel of other people’s pain and anguish? What if there were something very simple you could do to keep your intuition and sensitivity but screen out all those negative, unhealthy emotions of others? Sound too good to be true?

intuitive Sensitivity HSP/Empath Quiz Results

If you took our HSP/Empath Quiz and received Intuitive as your highest trait, you should find many answers and tips that empower you to learn to moderate the impact of your sensitivity and find ways these traits are part of your Superpower.

If you haven’t taken our Quiz, you can do so now.

The Upside of your Intuition

If your intuitive sixth sense is strong, it may be considered one of your predominant senses. Whether you call this intuition, psychic powers, ESP, or simply “lucky guessing,” your ability to know things may be highly developed.

Your mental and emotional health needs to pay attention to your gut instincts.

When you act contrary to your intuitive promptings or make decisions based only on mental data and ignore what your conscience/soul/higher self is telling you, you will feel highly uncomfortable, possibly even feeling ill or depressed.

NOTE: If you haven’t done so, please take our HSP/Empath quiz for more information on your sensitivity types, followed by tips to help ease your life.

How does this show up in your life?

This ability may appear differently for each person, so some of what I’m writing here may apply to you, and some may not. I’m not even going to attempt to discuss all the various types of intuition, but you might find this article about Intuitive Adaptives interesting.

You may have the ability called Human Knowing or Claircognizance. You know things. You know and understand things that aren’t visible to most people, often with no way of knowing how or why you know, but you know you know. You may often be able to grasp a new situation, how to do something, etc.

You may know what others are feeling emotionally; this gift is called emotional Intuition. If you can sense information about another person’s body or health, you may possess physical intuition or even be a medical intuitive.

Because you know how other people feel, you can figure out what they need or want. This allows you sometimes to give them what they need or be very aware when their needs and wants conflict with your best interests.

This differs from being an empath who feels other people’s emotions or physical pain as their own. You understand and sense what the other person feels but don’t feel it as if it were your own.  It’s clear it’s not you.

Your Build-in Lie-Detector – A Handy Tool to Have as a Superpower

You have a built-in lie detector – You easily know when others are lying or dishonest.

If you sometimes know the future or have prophetic dreams, you have a gift of precognition. You often know how others will react to something or when something is about to happen. You have a highly honed sense of knowing when there is danger,  that you should or shouldn’t go somewhere or do something, or what you should do in a situation.

You may be able to sense places where bad things have occurred. This sense may also easily alert you to danger and help keep you safe. After being in a place like this, it’s often helpful to do some clearing to release the energies you picked up on.

Read more about what some people feel is your Unfair Advantage – but we think it’s one of your superpowers.


Decision Making can also be a Superpower
with a little practice.

You were born with abilities that can help you in many ways – making decisions, knowing when people are telling the truth, finding creative solutions, knowing the right time to do something… and so much more. I can’t even begin to detail all of it here.

The downside of this gift is that you could become obsessed with knowing even more and/or suffer from information overload. Sadly, it doesn’t mean you’ll retain all the information.

I’ve fine-tuned my innate Decision-Making abilities to an art that can help you feel confident following your intuition.

Read More: Let Your Still, Small Voice Take the Agony out of Decisions

Why Listening to Your Intuition Benefits You
Most intuitive find that the more they pay attention to their intuition, the more in flow and natural their lives feel. Not listening to it can create stress, depression, and illness.

Interestingly, many BioShield wearers have found that their intuition increases dramatically. Why? Their intuition is clearer because they no longer have to “filter out” the static from EMF and other people’s emotions and thoughts.

Although you have a natural intuitive ability, you may benefit even more by learning to hone and work with your gift to use it more clearly in your life and work.


Next Steps

Above, I’ve shared some of my favorite information and tips to help you as you learn more about your Energy Sensitivities and ways to balance and empower yourself, turning your challenges into your Superpowers. The next step may be to take our EMF Quiz to learn more about your overall EMF. Exposure and Risk and get a recommendation for EMF and Personal Energy Protection.


What Else Impacts Your Energy

EMF affects sensitive people and empaths more than others. EMF has been exponentially increasing in strength and usage since the early 1990s, and it comes from everything that plugs in, has a battery, or sends out energy or signals. Yes, all the phones, Wi-Fi, computers, laptops, and technology that we use on a daily basis.

EMFs & Empaths & HSPs – Everything You Need to Know
EMFs & Empaths – Everything You Need to Know How does EMF Affect an Empath or HSP? EMF can affect Empaths or HSPs more than most. If you are an Empath or HSP Highly Sensitive Person, you already know you’re highly sensitive to the emotions and energies of others, even places, and your environment.

A Pendant for Balance, Strength, and Protection

I hope you will consider getting a BioElectric Shield. The Shield balances and strengthens your energy field, deflecting much of the energy from other people and technology. It can be an HSP’s best friend.

The Shield can:

  • Reduce the impact of feeling the pain and suffering of others.
  • Allow you to be compassionate without carrying around others’ emotions.
  • Help you not to work so hard to filter out other energies – the Shield will do most of that for you.
  • Assist your natural energy, increase your intuition, and reduce the static.
  • Increase your focus and concentration.

Most HSPs will do best with a Level 3 Shield: it’s strong enough to deal with even 5G and other people’s stress and negativity. This leaves a “static-free” zone around you, increasing your intuition exponentially.

Taking our EMF Quiz will give you a personalized Recommendation and help you determine the best Shield level based on your overall EMF exposure and risk.

We consider your sensitivity and EMF exposure when making recommendations. We highly recommend this if you suffer from Mysterious Symptoms or have tried things that didn’t work. With over thirty years working with us, our consultants have used their ability to see your entire energy field in extreme detail to help even the most sensitive find a solution that works for them.

Read more about our Five Levels of Protection. One size doesn’t fit all; we have the right solution.

Questions? Visit our Contact Form or Call us at (541) 201-8878

A Personal Note from AnnaMariah

“I’ve been an HSP empath my entire life and was often overwhelmed and confused. I know I wasn’t “crazy” when I felt things others didn’t. Here’s a bit of my story and why this HSP/Empath Series is so important to me.” -AnnaMariah

Experience something different

The BioElectric Shield may be the most important gift you ever give yourself. We offer a 90-day guarantee so you can experience the difference it makes in your life without risk.

Read More about all the HSP/Empath Quiz Results

What are your superpowers?

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BioShield Helps Highly Sensitive and Highly Intuitive Woman Experience Life Again!

Email from new customer: I put the Shield on …not expecting to feel a response and to my surprise, I felt it instantly.

There was an instant calmness that I had not experienced in a long time. I felt protected and felt like I had come home to me. Over the years, I have become quite an emotional person, being quite sensitive both to devices and to negative and abusive people. I have found that although I still experience emotional outbursts when exposed to people, I am finding that I am a lot calmer, and I seem to be able to find clarity quite fast. The effects of feeling protected have allowed me to own my choices and to allow myself to heal on such a deep level. I have more energy, can focus more easily, and have found a deep calmness, clarity, and knowing that I haven’t felt in such a long time.

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