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How to Protect Yourself from EMF

by | Jan 25, 2022 | 0 comments

How to protect yourself from EMF

What is an EMF and where does it come from?

How to protect yourself from EMF

How can you protect yourself from EMF and what is it? EMF stands for electromagnetic field or electromagnetic frequency. EMF is made up of all the sources of electromagnetic energy in your home and office. EMF is everywhere around you.

This may shock you. EMF comes from absolutely everything that plugs in, has a battery, a display, or sends out a signal. That’s a lot of sources of exposure!

This includes all our marvelous communication devices like cell phones, tablets, laptops, cordless phones, and computers. It also comes from things that you may not have considered smart appliances, smart TVs, smart meters, cell towers, 5G towers, LED lights, baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers, Alexa, security systems, Bluetooth, microwaves, hairdryers, fans, washing machines, heaters, all your small appliances, radios, clocks, hybrid and electric cars, your watch, and especially your iWatch or Fitbit. Even the wiring in your home and office puts out dirty electricity.

Smart meters produce 100 times more electromagnetic emissions than cell phones and Wi-Fi routers. Even if you opt-out of the smart meters, unless all your neighbors did as well, you’re still being hit 24/7 by much of that energy.

All these items and more that I haven’t mentioned emit EMF waves that can cause harm to your body, mind and even affect your emotional stability. If you’ve been feeling a little off-kilter it may be EMF and not your mental health at all. 

EMF exposure, risk, and cellular damage are cumulative.

EMF accumulates in your body over time. The more EMF you are exposed to, the more it builds up. The more EMF devices you use or are around you or in your neighborhood the greater your exposure, and cumulative risk.

You may remember a time when smoking, asbestos, and even DDT were considered safe, or at least not deadly. We’re at that same threshold now, but since you can’t see it, and in most cases, you don’t feel its effects immediately, it’s easy to write it off as not that worrisome.

EMFs disrupt the electromagnetic field of your body and can affect your overall health and well-being.

EMFs stop your cells from absorbing nutrients and needed minerals. EMFs block insulin receptors which cause blood sugar imbalances. EMFs negatively impact your circulation and reduce blood flow.

Who is at risk from EMF exposure?

The most vulnerable are children, and babies whose bones are not fully developed yet are being affected by EMF emissions from all these wireless technologies around them without knowing it. A child’s brain absorbs much more radiation than an adult’s brain. Since the cellular harm is cumulative, can you imagine how much EMF a baby born now will have been exposed to by the time they hit their 50s!

The elderly and anyone with chronic illness or pain are also extremely vulnerable.

Even healthy people are vulnerable because the effects build up over time. Exposure and damage build up and then suddenly your body is overloaded and you’re sick. Read more in this article “Has a Trigger Event Caused Your Sudden Illness?”

International EMF expert Robert C Kane says in his Book “Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette” that EMF is like a slow-acting poison bringing on degenerative conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and other life-altering effects we see in our society today.

To protect yourself from EMF radiation you need to be aware of how it’s affecting your body and take action to avoid its negative effects. It’s not that hard but no one has told you before or showed you how!

Do you need to protect yourself from EMF if you don’t think you’re being affected?

You may or not know if EMF or Wi-Fi is affecting you. EMFs are damaging to everyone even healthy people and are taking their toll regardless of whether you notice anything at all. Just like toxins like tobacco and pesticides, the real damage may not show up until it’s too late to do anything.

Some extremely sensitive people feel it immediately when someone turns on a cell phone, but they are a small minority. Because cell towers, smart meters, and Wi-Fi are so ubiquitous most people find it’s a slower, more subtle effect. When your body is slowly being polluted the degrading harmful effects are slow and often it’s not until you are sick that you pay attention.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, some people are more sensitive to EMF than others

The reason EMF affects some people more than others is due to mineral deficiencies and uneven body chemistry. It can also be due to their own physiological makeup, toxins or heavy metals in their bodies, or other health conditions. Those who are profoundly affected may also be sensitive to chemicals and other pollutants. We’ve also found that many empaths and HSPs (highly sensitive people) as termed by Elaine Aron are also more affected by EMF as well.

Read more of the research into the effects of EMF with the BioInitiative report – a compilation by 29 researchers with updated results in 2020 showing in brief – cellular, genetic, DNA, and neurological damage to the body due to even low levels of EMF exposure.

If you are a Highly Sensitive Person – HSP – or Empath You may be more affected than most. EMFs and Empaths Everything you need to know

Just because you don’t feel a noticeable effect of Emf doesn’t mean it’s not doing harm.

Think about it – how many people smoked a pack of cigarettes and knew it was going to kill them from lung cancer in 40 years?

Read more of the possible side-effects of EMF RadiationElectromagnetic Sensitivity – the Silent Epidemic 

How do you protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF Radiation?

The most effective way to protect your body from EMF is to move to a mountain top where there are no cell signals – but since that’s simply not practical, we have a solution that will protect you 24/7 and you don’t even have to give up your cell phone or other devices.

The good news is – you don’t have to wear a tin-foil hat! Or Live in a Bubble.

Protect your body and energy with a BioElectric Shield EMF Protection Pendantno tinfoil hat needed How to protect yourself from EMF What is an EMF and where does it come from?

Protecting your body is your most effective defense because the Shield goes with you everywhere.

The BioElectric Shield refracts and neutralizes EMF radiation from all sources, and it balances and strengthens your energy field. The Shield uses a scientifically proven matrix of quartz and other stones to provide you with an all-natural solution to combat the EMF pollution bombarding you.

Levels 3 and 4 provide protection even for 5G – and you can wear it under your clothing, so no one even needs to know.

Take a quiz for a personalized recommendation for EMF Protection

We developed two quizzes to help you assess your personal levels of EMF exposure and risk and give you a solid recommendation on the best level of EMF BioElectric Shield Protection Pendant for you. TAKE THE QUIZ

We have over 30 years of experience helping people determine their best choices for EMF and personal energy protection. We won’t just sell you the most expensive item, but we will sell you the most effective for your needs and situation.

We back it up with a 90-day-money-back guarantee.

After you’ve protected your body, then you can protect devices and your home next.

Block 5G towers as much as possible

Read why Martin Pall Says 5G is the Stupidest Invention in the History of the World. 

Since you can’t avoid them like the plague they are, you can protect yourself with a Level 3 or 4 BioElectric Shield! 

Do not purchase or use any Smart appliances that have computers or run-on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If they have screens, then avoid them if possible. If you can’t avoid them, put a Room BioElectric Shield in the room with them to neutralize the EMF.

EMF Safety regulations are not protecting you – they are 30 years old and hopelessly inadequate

If you think that our government has safeguards in place, you’re off by several decades. The current safety standards were put in place in the early 1990s.

Since that time our use of EMF emitting devices has increased exponentially, in ways no one could have anticipated 30 years ago. Most of us have at least one – but more likely 3 or more computers, tablets, laptops, or cellphones, and that’s not even taking smart meters, cell towers, and 5G into account.

Don’t get me started on smart appliances, smart cars, smart TVs, and Bluetooth systems like Alexa, and security systems that further flood our homes, workplaces, and bodies with EMF, Wi-Fi, and microwaves frequencies – all of which are not in harmony with your body’s natural vibration or energy.

5G was approved by the FCC without testing on humans which means it’s currently unregulated for safety standards considering its health risks. You can decide not to get a 5th Generation phone or device and that helps – but you don’t get to opt-out of all those 5G towers that are causing havoc for so many people’s health.

People are working to change standards and safety, but you can’t wait for that to happen

Some people are waking up to what’s going on regarding EMF and 5g frequencies that are wreaking havoc on our health with serious health implications. Some of them are working for safety regulations, limiting cell phones and 5g towers, and many other things.

It’s going to take time for standards and safety practices to change – if ever. There are huge lobbies and a lot of money behind keeping “progress” going at full speed, often without even considering possible health hazards.

In the meantime, you are being flooded with frequencies that are not only harmful but cumulative with new sources of electrosmog being added constantly.

Those wheels turn slowly, don’t wait for someone else to solve the problem, it’s up to you to protect yourself and your loved ones and we are here to help you.

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