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Why won’t my friends and family believe there is a problem with EMF or WiFi?

by | Mar 28, 2019 | 0 comments

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Have you been trying to warn your loved ones that they may have a problem with EMF, Wifi or 5G? Do you keep telling them they need to take steps to reduce their EMF and WiFi bombardment and meet a brick wall of indifference or even complete disbelief? No matter what you say, they refuse to believe there’s a problem with EMF or Wi-fi.

It’s frustrating to know something to be an issue and find almost everyone around you indifferent or, even worse, absolutely skeptical to the point they think you’re a crackpot. We know because we’ve been running into this issue for over 30 years.

We developed the BioElectric Shield back in 1991 to combat the health and focus issues for people working at that time, primarily in the computer industry. The need for the Shield has grown exponentially as personal computers, laptops, tablets, WiFi, cell phones, portable phones, and now smart meters and 5G networks have increased to proportions that we couldn’t have even imagined back then.

What was previously an issue for only “computer nerds” is now affecting almost everyone, and yet most people don’t have a clue and seem to not want to know that there’s a health problem with EMF or WiFi.

Graphic of a guy overloaded by electronics problem with EMF or WifiSo what’s going on?

You are overloaded with hype and warnings about everything from the chemicals their dry cleaner uses, GMOs and gluten in your foods, climate change, and so much else. You don’t know where to focus your attention.

How can you hone in on one issue when the news says everything is killing you?  Your fight-or-flight mechanism was designed to deal with one or two threats at a time, but you’re now so inundated that your entire system would be in a constant state of anxiety if you even tried to pay attention to them. Your nervous system interprets EMF as a threat and puts your body into fight or flight, depleting your adrenals and leaving you exhausted, anxious, or both. Read more about EMf and Anxiety.

Why bother? There’s probably not much I can do to convince anyone there’s an actual problem with EMF or Wifi.

The other issue is that even if you acknowledge that EMF and WiFi are an issue, there doesn’t seem to be much that can be done.  It’s upsetting to be continually bombarded with things we need to worry about but have few solutions to the problem. No wonder people start shutting down.

The Good news – there’s a lot you can do

Our experience, research, and testimonials from thousands of happy customers since 1991 have proven you can take charge of your health and make a difference. The BioElectric Shield and the other products we carry have made life-changing, even life-saving, differences for tens of thousands of people. Combine that with simple techniques for reducing exposure, and the rewards can be great.

Does everyone notice the difference?

I’ll be completely honest; not everyone notices a difference. We are in a situation that I can only compare to smoking, asbestos, and other toxic substances. The effects aren’t immediate or even always relatable to the cause. They are cumulative. Some people can smoke a pack a day for 40 years, seemingly without effects, then “suddenly” they have lung cancer, emphysema, or other problems. Sometimes people quit smoking before anything obviously goes wrong, and when they do, they find that their blood pressure drops, their hands and feet warm up, they breathe easier, have more energy, and even their food tastes better.  All effects they may not have even noticed.

The same happens with EMF bombardment. There is a constant impact, normally just below our surface of awareness. Take a look at this list of more than 40 related issues if you have any of them, you may already be feeling the effects of EMF but have no idea what the issue is. Many people experience mysterious symptoms

Protecting yourself now may change how you feel today or may keep you from a problem later.

Have you noticed changes recently in focus, energy level, etc.?

If so, you may be experiencing a problem with EMF or Wi-Fi or 5G. Do a little detective work. What changed in your environment? Did smart meters get installed in your neighborhood (even if you opt out, you can be impacted by the meters around you).  Did 5G networks get installed in your area, or did you get a new 5G router? New Cell phone? Entertainment system? Nest or other Bluetooth/wifi enabled home monitoring/control system?

For information on how EMF affects your brain read No More Foggy Brain – Unscramble Your Brain Get your Focus Back

There are things you can do. First, get a personal BioShield to protect you 24/7. Look at other steps to lessen exposure depending on your sensitivity, symptoms, and overall exposure.

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