BioElectric Shield - Personal Energy Protection

Customer Reviews and Shield Stories

Satisfied customers worldwide wear EMF Protection BioShields – short for BioElectric Shield.

Included among our satisfied customers are prominent politicians, professionals from every walk of life, children, and pets.

Some of the hundreds of customer testimonials were from 1990 to 2010. We then switched over to a public review system (Shopper Approved) so that reviews are shown with products in our store. Sometimes you will see a testimonial repeated because it applies to different benefits.

Typical endorsements:

My energy is back to “normal” even though I’m surrounded by WiFi, my computer and mobile phone.

I am much less stressed and happier!

My focus and thinking are better.

I’m not affected by other people’s energy and moods now that I’m wearing the Shield.

Life seems easier and flows better.

The Shield helped me so much I got them for my kids. They became very attached to their pendants quite fast and say school is easier now, especially my son who is now wearing the silver ADD Shield in a belt pouch.

I just had to share the beautiful spot I found to recharge my shield. I have often felt that this angel statute on my balcony watches over me, just as my shield does!!


Dr. Getoff Evaluates the BioElectric Shield

Dr. david getoff video testimonial about BioElectric Shield

As a Naturopath, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionalist and educator, I have investigated many “energy devices”.

During all the years I have been testing people for these devices, the only one which tests as best is the BioElectric Shield.
I keep 4 different company products in my office, but when I test each patient to see which is the most supportive of their own energy field, the BioElectric Shield tests best in 95 out of 100 times. I have seen true miracles with my more sensitive patients who are now often able to go into department stores, or work in front of their computers a great deal more than they ever thought was possible. Others have been helped by rarely ever getting sick even though they work around equipment that generates harmful energies. This product has my highest endorsement.”

Dr. David Getoff, Shield Experience and Success with Patients – Part 1

Dr. David Getoff, Shield Experience and Success with Patient – Part 2

Dr. David Getoff, Shield Experience and Success with Patient – Part 3

I Love My BioElectric Shield

Terry: TSA Agent discusses change in awareness and energy

Bobby: How it helps with other people’s energy?

Cristen – had difficulty with Wireless, Cellphone and Computers

Acupuncturist reports more energy and energy stability after treating patients all day. Commented on benefits during menopause – particularly when around the computer.

Australian wearer discusses how the quality of his life is different wearing the Shield – talks about going beyond fear

Medical technologist works in hospital environment – discusses benefits – works with wireless technologies, sick patients.

Dr. Brown discusses how he invented the Shield

Energy gained – a feeling of being in a forest despite of his typical day which includes car travel, computer use

Technician works around high voltage, carries walkie-talkie in amusement park in So. California.

Was is the energy issue with ADD and how the ADD/ADHD Shield works with the energy field

HSP businessman enjoys more productivity and focus with EMF blocker.

EMF Shield Protects and Blocks Radiation

Mom Talks About EMF Protector for her Child

5 year old explains his EMF Blocker Shield

Why Wayne Dyer wears a Shield to protect against harmful EMF.

Julie: Relief from computer fatigue, other people’s energy.

Will: Positive attitude, greater creativity, abundance and mental clarity.

Audio Testimonies

Customers Speak about the benefits of wearing a BioElectric Shield for EMF protection, increased calm and focus and a happier day!

These audio testimonials of the EMF BioElectric Shield came from Shield wearers who took the time to record and share what is different in their lives now that they wear the BioElectric Shield. Nearly all the examples include people who work around computers, WiFi, and sometimes stressful situations. We were able to relate to all of them! Maybe this will be true for you too!

Denise works in a busy retail outlet in a mall, complete with crowds, flourescent lights, cell phones and computerized registers!

Denise works in a busy retail outlet in a mall, complete with crowds, flourescent lights, cell phones and computerized registers!

Christine works in a busy hospital administrative setting, a great recipe for dealing with stress and lots of electromagnetic radiation. She wears a Level 3 Shield, and upgraded to a Level 4.

Alberta is an artist, sensitive to EMF and other people’s energy. She wears a Level 3 Shield.

Will is an Internal Health and Longevity expert, and CEO of Dr. Brown and I used to take QiGong classes from he and his wife, and they were wonderful classes. His experience of the Shield is very interesting! He wears a Level 3 Shield.

Cristin’s naturopath recommended she try the Shield because she had ringing in her ears when she used a mobile or portable phone and tingling in her hands when she used a computer! She wears a Level 3 Shield.

Gail works in a busy, emf-filled office in the financial industry in a busy East Coast brokerage firm. She has a Level 4 custom Shield.

Virginia Brown, the founder of the company, describes the difference she felt in wearing 3 different Shields, Level 2,3 and 4.