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Are you stressed, fatigued and overloaded? Research has shown that exposure to EMF radiation can cause: poor focus, anxiety, sleep issues, fatigue, anxiety, reduced immunity and many more symptoms. Other people’s energy can be exhausting too! A Shield Can Change Your Life.  Check out our EMF Protection guide.

Shield wearers report: Energy back to normal, Less stressed and happier, Focus and thinking are better; Less impact from other people’s moods; Life seems easier and flows better. Feeling more ‘me’.”

How do you choose the best energy protection for you? Take the EMF Exposure Quiz for a Personal Energy Protection Recommendation!

Total EMF and Personal Energy Protection Do this first – most important to be fully protected.

EMF Protection for your electronic devices

Specific shielding from EMF devices (phones, tablets, laptops, bluetooth, appliances)

EMF Protection for your electronic devices

General shielding for living spaces (auto, work, home)

EMF Protection Accessories

Cords, chains, recharging, upgrading, etc.

Why was the Shield invented? Hear from the founder.

The Shield was invented because of the increasing amount of electromagnetic radiation being produced as a bi-product of technology.  The use of cellular phones as well as other electronics has increased dramatically.  Many people can feel the negative impacts of this technology within their human systems and are looking for ways to reduce and eliminate these negative effects.  The Bioelectric Shield has helped over 300,000 people regain their natural energy and improved their well being. Please check out the testimonials to hear what customers are saying.  

How do you choose the best energy protection? Take our EMF Quiz to receive a personalized recommendation.