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BioElectric Shield - Personal Energy Protection

Customer Reviews and Shield Stories

Enjoy a small cross section of inspiring BioElectric Shield testimonies.

Satisfied customers worldwide enjoy the life changing experience of wearing a BioElectric Shield, including prominent politicians, doctors, business professionals, artists, musicians, children and even pets.

Davianna Briche

Business Woman

After suffering a server attack of the fatal disease, Blastomycosis Dermatitiddis, and a miserable stay in the hospital because of it, my immune system was completely down. Every effort to restore it failed. Two doctors admitted failure.

When I put on my BioElectric Shield, it took exactly two and three-quarters hours to restore the function of my adrenal glands! In a short time I was able to resume teaching classes three times a week and to do the extensive medical research and development of the materials I use.

Immune system is restored. Fatigue is gone and my future looks long and bright, thanks to my BioElectric Shield! I am almost 83!

{Submitted 2002}

Marcie Dyer

Co-Author, A Promise is a Promise

The Shield transformed my life by deflecting these energies away from me. When I wear the Shield, I have more energy, greater clarity of thought, and better perception. I see energy and see that the Shield balances the body all the way to the level of the DNA. It deflects incredible amounts of unhealthy energy, balances the body, and truthfully, I recommend it every chance I can.

Dr. Ronald S. Dunn, D.C.

Faculty, Palmer College of Chiropractic West

As a clinician and teacher since 1978, I have worked with a number of products designed to combat the adverse effects of electromagnetic energies and inimical radiation and none has impressed me as much as the Bioelectric Shield. I have been using and testing the Bioelectric Shield for some time now. While wearing the shield, I notice a greater sense of well-being and serenity, an increased sense of mental clarity and focus as well as an enhanced ability to withstand daily stress and exposure to unwanted electromagnetic fields from typical electrical household appliances to wireless transmission devices. Interestingly, I have experienced these very favorable effects whether wearing the shield as a pendant or keeping it in my pocket. I have confirmed the efficacy of the Bioelectric Shield using Applied Kinesiology protocols as well as Acupuncture and Qi energy diagnostic methods with surprisingly positive results. I would highly recommend the Bioelectric Shield to anyone who is interested in helping their immune system to function better, who seeks a higher level of general health, well-being, and mental clarity and who would appreciate a simple and beautiful looking piece of jewelry that neutralizes the untoward and potentially dangerous effects of electromagnetic fields produced by man-made products as well as those that exist in our natural environment.

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Edith Medhurst

Professional Librarian & Professor

The first night I could not go to sleep until 5:30 am and had to be at work by 9am with 5 hours of clients who needed very deep tissue work. I had no break between clients except for the 15 minutes to change the table, collect money and bring in the next client. Totally dreading this day, I was amazed that at 4pm I was not drained at all.

Slept like a baby from that night on. I am sleeping about 3 hours less at night now and wake up ready to go. I have been in a couple of situations with some extremely negative people and I didn’t suck it in as I normally do. My shoulders feel like they have dropped about 3 inches and I am laughing a lot.

I have tried many natural holistic things over the years, but this is one that really made a difference from day one.

{Submitted 2014}

Debbie Bowers

Owner, SLO Massage Therapy

I attribute my vigorous good health and abundant energy to the Shield, and like all my gadgetry, I wouldn’t leave home without my BioElectric Shield.

We should focus on the things we can do in life to improve our health, living in this toxic world. The only thing we can do is reduce our risk of exposure. I am fully confident that I am best prepared to meet those challenges with my Shield, and I’d recommend it to anyone.
Slept like a baby from that night on. I am sleeping about 3 hours less at night now and wake up ready to go. I have been in a couple of situations with some extremely negative people and I didn’t suck it in as I normally do. My shoulders feel like they have dropped about 3 inches and I am laughing a lot.

I have tried many natural holistic things over the years, but this is one that really made a difference from day one.

Kim Nagy

Brighton, MA

I wear my BioElectric Shield on all flights and I’ve noticed a significant shift in my energy, particularly after long periods of time on airplanes.


Naisha Ahsian

Author of The Book of Stones

I have found the BioElectric Shield to be an excellent tool, helping me to maintain energetic coherence and high amplitude over a broad range of frequencies—from meditation to healing work, to just going about my daily tasks and routine. I have found that as my energy field has become more coherent, I have become happier, less stressed, and more conscious in my daily life.

Many say that The Book of Stones is the most authoritative book on stones, including both their geological as well as their healing properties.

Ms. Ahsian lectures worldwide and has a thorough understanding of the physics as well as metaphysics of crystals and their many uses. She has written a technical explanation of how it works we have incorporated into our explanation.

Read her original document of How the BioElectric Shield Works and her personal experience with it.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Internationally renowned author of best-sellers including The Power of Intention

I absolutely love it! If I’m in a car or use a cell phone I make sure I have it on. Previously as I was using the cell phone, my hands would get a very uncomfortable tingling sensation. When I put on the Shield, I’m protected and I no longer have this feeling. It’s proof of its effectiveness. I believe in them absolutely.

Tim Wheater

Award Winning Composer, Flautist, Vocalist, Performer and Public Speaker

I’ve worn the BioElectric shield for 2 years. From the outset I have always been aware of the extra boost that the Shield gives both to my body and my mind. Plus it has always been an admired piece of jewelry.

combined kelso

Christina Kelso

Staff at Flying Disc Ranch, A Permaculture Fruit Farm

I love it and wear it everywhere!
What does it do for me? What doesn’t it do for me? Since I went from getting the silver heart to the gold, to finally the custom with the diamond, I have felt real and positive energy manifesting. Whereas before maybe I would make an acquaintance, now I am making a lasting connection with people I want to know. It is as if they are drawn to me or I’m magnetizing what I want, somehow. Men are definitely approaching more and beginning conversations, and women are too – they ask me where I got my necklace. The men ask me out, and follow up, and this has led to some great friendships and a relationship. I’m just happier in general. I did not realize how “grounding” gold is. I feel love when I’m wearing it, and magically it seems to be magnetizing more love to me. Maybe I feel better and that comes across and frees up what used to be nervous energy into a peaceful, confident vibration. All I know is I wanted the diamond so I could feel a little more Mariah Carey in my life and I love the way the gold shines. It was an extravagance for me. The entire cost is significant, yes, and it was a reach for me. But I wanted one piece of jewelry that I loved and could wear ever day. Plus, now that I’ve racked up a bunch of joyful experiences the past 8 months… it has more than paid for itself. It was worth it. I hoped it would be and it is. I believe Anna Mariah (or was it Virginia?) told me their story of how they heard an inner voice saying “I love you I love you I love you,” when they wore theirs for a time. I feel that too…. I feel the love and protection this piece confers. It feels good, it looks good, and it attracts more goodness to me in ways I never DREAMED possible. I’m feeling and sharing love, and it began with plenty of learning and work on myself, and I feel like the cherry on top is this pretty, flashy heart proclaiming: yes world. I am ready. Bring it. You make me shine.

J. Goldman

Art therapist/Mother, MA

I received the Shield just after having a baby. I was exhausted and in a sleep-deprived fog. After wearing the Shield I felt less tired and wanted to raise my activity level. I suddenly forgot how tired I was! I also feel more relaxed now.

Michael J. Santangelor

Ph.D., LMT Massage Therapist, Reiki Master

As a health practitioner, I have been very impressed with the impact the Shield has had on me. The computer used to leave me depleted and irritable. With the Bioelectric Shield, I no longer leave the computer tired and grouchy. It also has helped me in my practice, as I come into contact with all varieties of negative energies-physical, emotional and spiritual. I am able to remain more centered and focused with the help of the Shield. My clients talk about how much more energized they have become, and how they feel protected in their work environments and with difficult people. I haven’t heard a single complaint from anyone about the Shield. I especially like the fact that the Shield utilizes the person’s own energy to spin the protective vortex rather than generating its own field. Why use one artificial field to protect yourself from another? The Shields are fabulous and I never hesitate to recommend them to anyone who reports stress from work or negative people.

Dr. Michael

Doctor of Energy Medicine and Empath

As the author of three popular books, Dr. Michael worked to help Empaths and highly sensitive people recognize and embrace their gifts. As a doctoral trained counselor and energy medicine practitioner, his work on Empathic sensitivity has been promoted by best-selling authors like Sonia Choquette, and he has been featured in documentary films. Dr. Michael has given workshops worldwide, including at New York’s Omega Institute, and has received invitations to speak alongside luminaries like Gregg Braden and Marci Shimoff. He has personally coached several thousand individuals to make stronger connections between mind, body, and Spirit. Over 750,000 individuals have been guided by Dr. Michael’s materials, and his content has appeared on CNN & ABC News, among others. Dr. Michael has spent the last 10 years working with indigenous healers around the world to more deeply explore and promote human potential.

Note: As of December 2021 Dr. Michael’s work has taken a different path, and he asked for his full name and links to be removed since he’s not working personally with people or offering his empath workshops any longer.

As posted on Dr. Michael’s Blog:
“An Electromagnetic Device to Shield Empaths and Sensitive People Our Empath Connection member, AnnaMariah Nau, has alerted me to an electromagnetic device that is able to shield and filter out 80% of the energy that we perceive from others on a daily basis. The Bioelectric Shield amplifies your own energy field while protecting you from others’ energies. I’ve also heard feedback from others about the device. One of our Empath subscribers offers this report: “I feel like I am not being smothered emotionally and I know it is this shield. There is a huge shift this week. I have talked to two friends today who are so down in life right now and I can’t believe how unaffected I am.”

Check out AnnaMariah’s story using the device: An Empath’s Story

combined kelso

Jamie Hill D.C.

Helios Center Chiropractic, Wisconsin

I have recommended the BioElectric Shield to several of my clients. I have found the Shield very helpful for those who have had difficulties with fluorescent lighting at work, prolonged and frequent use of computers, and airline travel-related fatigue or ‘time-zone malaise’. Recently my mother began to use the Shield because she was having severe health problems but worked daily at the computer. She reported to me that she felt improvement in mood and vitality within moments of first wearing the shield. One of her employees remarked that she seemed more cheerful and outgoing than usual, and appeared to have more stamina as the day progressed. As she continues to use her shield, her health is also showing improvement. I am very grateful for your EMF protection pendant and plan to continue to recommend it to clients for whom I suspect that ambient electrical noise or electromagnetic field interference may be a contributing factor to disturbances in their health and wellness.

Typical endorsements:

My energy is back to “normal” even though I’m surrounded by WiFi, my computer and mobile phone.

I am much less stressed and happier!

My focus and thinking are better.

I’m not affected by other people’s energy and moods now that I’m wearing the Shield.

Life seems easier and flows better.

The Shield helped me so much I got them for my kids. They became very attached to their pendants quite fast and say school is easier now, especially my son who is now wearing the silver ADD Shield in a belt pouch.

I just had to share the beautiful spot I found to recharge my shield. I have often felt that this angel statute on my balcony watches over me, just as my shield does!!


Interview with Lynne Franks, Mind Body Spirit Expo 1999


Virginia: “I notice you are wearing the BioElectric Shield. May I ask, “why do you wear it?”

Lynne: “I’ve worn it nearly every day since I bought it. I have lots of jewelry to choose from, but I always seem to reach for the Shield.”

Virginia: “Why do you think that is?”

Lynne: “Well, I remember it’s for protection, but what I notice is that I feel very comfortable wearing it, and I like how it looks aesthetically.”

Lynne Franks is a Changemaker, Activist, and Influencer. To learn more, visit her site.

Lynne Franks

Kids Tell the Truth

Maren, the daughter of one of our customers drew a picture of what she “saw” her Daddy’s Bioelectric Shield was doing for him. She told him its “putting a bubble around you” and then drew this picture.

She was just shy of 6 year old when she drew this picture and showed it to her father. Many children see energy before adults tell them they are “just pretending” since you can’t see energy. Clearly she saw the cocoon of protective energy our consultants have told us the Shield’s crystal matrix creates around each of us wearing a Shield.

Dr. Getoff Evaluates the BioElectric Shield

Dr. david getoff video testimonial about BioElectric Shield

As a Naturopath, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionalist and educator, I have investigated many “energy devices”.

During all the years I have been testing people for these devices, the only one which tests as best is the BioElectric Shield.
I keep 4 different company products in my office, but when I test each patient to see which is the most supportive of their own energy field, the BioElectric Shield tests best in 95 out of 100 times. I have seen true miracles with my more sensitive patients who are now often able to go into department stores, or work in front of their computers a great deal more than they ever thought was possible. Others have been helped by rarely ever getting sick even though they work around equipment that generates harmful energies. This product has my highest endorsement.”

Dr. David Getoff, Shield Experience and Success with Patients – Part 1

Dr. David Getoff, Shield Experience and Success with Patient – Part 2

Dr. David Getoff, Shield Experience and Success with Patient – Part 3

I Love My BioElectric Shield

Terry: TSA Agent discusses change in awareness and energy

Bobby: How it helps with other people’s energy?

Cristen – had difficulty with Wireless, Cellphone and Computers

Acupuncturist reports more energy and energy stability after treating patients all day. Commented on benefits during menopause – particularly when around the computer.

Australian wearer discusses how the quality of his life is different wearing the Shield – talks about going beyond fear

Medical technologist works in hospital environment – discusses benefits – works with wireless technologies, sick patients.

Dr. Brown discusses how he invented the Shield

Energy gained – a feeling of being in a forest despite of his typical day which includes car travel, computer use

Technician works around high voltage, carries walkie-talkie in amusement park in So. California.

Was is the energy issue with ADD and how the ADD/ADHD Shield works with the energy field

HSP businessman enjoys more productivity and focus with EMF blocker.

EMF Shield Protects and Blocks Radiation

Mom Talks About EMF Protector for her Child

5 year old explains his EMF Blocker Shield

Why Wayne Dyer wears a Shield to protect against harmful EMF.

Julie: Relief from computer fatigue, other people’s energy.

Will: Positive attitude, greater creativity, abundance and mental clarity.

Audio Testimonies

Customers Speak about the benefits of wearing a BioElectric Shield for EMF protection, increased calm and focus and a happier day!

These audio testimonials of the EMF BioElectric Shield came from Shield wearers who took the time to record and share what is different in their lives now that they wear the BioElectric Shield. Nearly all the examples include people who work around computers, WiFi, and sometimes stressful situations. We were able to relate to all of them! Maybe this will be true for you too!

Denise works in a busy retail outlet in a mall, complete with crowds, fluorescent lights, cell phones and computerized registers!





Christine works in a busy hospital administrative setting, a great recipe for dealing with stress and lots of electromagnetic radiation. She wears a Level 3 Shield, and upgraded to a Level 4.





Alberta is an artist, sensitive to EMF and other people’s energy. She wears a Level 3 Shield.





Will is an Internal Health and Longevity expert, and CEO of Orawellness.com. Dr. Brown and I used to take QiGong classes from he and his wife, and they were wonderful classes. His experience of the Shield is very interesting! He wears a Level 3 Shield.





Cristin’s naturopath recommended she try the Shield because she had ringing in her ears when she used a mobile or portable phone and tingling in her hands when she used a computer! She wears a Level 3 Shield.





Gail works in a busy, emf-filled office in the financial industry in a busy East Coast brokerage firm. She has a Level 4 custom Shield.