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do you have mysterious symptomsHSP QUIZ – SURPRISING RESULTS!

A whopping 52% of those who took our HSP quiz reported that they have hard to explain or mysterious symptoms. If you have mysterious symptoms, they may be related to exposure to energies that are very abrasive to you.

Have you ever had mysterious symptoms, physical or emotional issues that you just couldn’t seem to explain….and sadly, your health professional couldn’t either? This is a surprisingly common experience among people who took our HSP/Empath Quiz.


Are there people you simply avoid? Do you attempt to get your shopping down quickly just to get away from the store? Both these situations can be considered abrasive, yet they can be from TWO DIFFERENT CAUSES! Other people’s energy can be so vibrationally different from yours that it’s really uncomfortable for you to be around that person. The EMF radiation from WiFi, cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. is also an abrasive and draining energy for many HSP’s.



Let’s look at some of the research we’ve been gathering over the last two years. 81% of our 4,800 Quiz takers scored in the medium to high sensitivity range in their overall HSP scores – thus are considered as Highly Sensitive Persons. 


The most interesting results are on the additional questions concerning specific issues, like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, and Symptoms that are mysterious or hard to explain.

Mysterious or hard to explain symptoms and issues* 52% *
Fibromyalgia 25%
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 41%
Autism Spectrum Disorder 10%
ADD/ADHD (or other focusing issues) 36%



We think it’s obvious that many people who are highly sensitive to energy from others are ALSO highly reactive to Electromagnetic Radiation. EMF is not a cause that leaps to mind when a person doesn’t feel well. Most people just ASSUME that there must be some logical cause, like diet, or stress or maybe the flu. What if most of these symptoms are a physical reaction to EMF?


Arthur Firstenberg has written a most unusual book, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life. He has traced the introduction of electricity – be it the electric light, the telegraph, radio waves, radar or WiFi. In this blog, we will only give you examples of how EMF affects the heart, but the truth is, EMF affects the body’s metabolism to function normally. (We’ll cover this in more blogs.)


In 1998, do you remember when Joyce Griffith Joyner, former Olympic track gold medallist, died in her sleep at the age of 38 when her heart stopped beating? That same year, Canadian ice hockey player Stephane Morin, aged 29, died of sudden heart failure. Dave Logan, former Tampa Bay Buccaneer tackle, collapsed and died of a heart attack at age 42. A decade later, the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation created a National Registry of Sudden Deaths in Athletes.


When the Civil War broke out in 1861, the electric telegraph was used for communications. Soldiers from both sides marched next to telegraph lines which had been hastily put up to allow military commanders in Washington, D.C. to communicate instantly with their troops. Dr. Jacob Da Costa, a visiting physician to a military hospital describes the typical patient. It was always a man who had been in active service for months, but now was “seized with diarrhea, or fever, was out of breath, bothered by dizziness and palpitation and with pain in his chest, though he appeared healthy.” Does this sound like mysterious symptoms to you?


In WWI, where radio and telegraph communications were used, Army and Navy soldiers began reporting chest pain and shortness of breath, by the tens of thousands. Most of the men had “irritable heart, now called “DaCosta’s syndrome”. In the Air Force, the symptoms were the same, but were called “flying sickness”. So serious was the problem, that the US Surgeon General ordered 4 million soldiers to be given cardiac exams during training.

In WWII, the same syndromes appeared, but in greater numbers, because now we were also using radar. They called it “anxiety neurosis” and gave medical discharges to men with cardiac symptoms with a diagnosis of “LMF”, which stood for Lack of Moral Fiber.


It was 1996 when digital cell phones went on sale and cell phone companies began building tens of thousands of cell towers all over this country.

In 1980, there were only 9 cardiac arrests among athletes. There was a small rise each year in cardiac deaths, but in In 1996, there were 64 fatal cardiac deaths among athletes, and the next year it was 66. In the last year of that study, the number had risen to 76, most of them UNDER 18 years old.

EMF radiation can actually cause heart arrhythmia. In a blog we wrote recently, “EKG Proves Smart Meters Affect the Human Heart“, we showed you a video of 2 machines – one was hooked up to a Smart Meter, the other was an EKG monitor. When the Smart Meter sent out a micropulse, within a fraction of a second, the EKG showed an irregular heartbeat!


It’s actually all over your body. Your entire nervous system responds when you are exposed to EMF radiation.

We’ve given you examples of how EMF affected large groups of people, particularly soldiers. But today, EMF is affecting the general population. We believe this is why 52% report mysterious symptoms.

HSP’s are sensitive to energy. And it’s NOT just other people’s energy. It’s no wonder that so many HSPs and empaths feel misunderstood, or worry that they may be just a little bit crazy. It’s challenging when you know you’re experiencing something and no one either understands or, even more importantly, believes it. In many cases, it means that you’re not getting the help or support you need and deserve. For example, many HSP’s who end up wearing a Shield, find that when they are protected from EMF, many of their other sensitivities decrease.

Read our Updated Report – Published 2-3-22
Why Are So Many People Seeking EMF Protection?  

The 52% of People reporting Mysterious Symptoms have increased to 60%. Thousands interviewed over six years verify the consistent need for EMF energy protection and many are seeking EMF protection.



Read more about Electromagnetic Sensitivity and the long list of symptoms that may be caused or exacerbated by EMF. How many of these symptoms do you have? While the Shield isn’t a magic bullet to fix everything, it can definitely be a big part of your self-care.

Updated Study available showing increase of mysterious symptoms from 52% in 2019 to 60% in 2022.

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