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EMF Protection BioShield Boosted Immune Systems – Wearers Report

by | Mar 20, 2020 | 0 comments

Kim Nagy - attributes good health to Shield EMF protection Shield Boosted Immune SystemsWhat proof do we have that the BioElectric Shield can boost your immune system?

We’ve been asked what proof we have that the EMF protection BioShield boosted immune systems for wearers. We have conducted a number of research studies that show the body is stronger when wearing a Shield.  We chose to focus on the effectiveness of the Shield to deflect EMF radiation away from the body since this was our primary goal. However, without intending it, our study using computerized acupuncture consistently showed a boost in all the immune systems points tested on each subject.

Additionally, the biggest proof has come from customer reports about the increase in their overall health. Over the last 30 years, we have talked to thousands of Shield wearers and listened to their stories. A small portion of this group has given us written testimonials, some of which are included below. These personal stories have provided compelling evidence that the Shield consistently boosts a person’s immune system.

What can affect my immune system?

Your immune system is affected by other factors besides EMF radiation. Something many of us don’t immediately consider is our interpretation of any given event. In the case of exposure to the viral flu, focusing on anything you can do to boost your immune system will certainly support your immunity instead of going into a fear place. If you become afraid you will die (the ultimate fear if you get the serious flu), you are putting an unnecessary burden on your immune system!

Fear can use up a great deal of bandwidth in your brain – and deeply affect your immunity. There is a saying, “if you think you can, or you think you can’t”, you’re right. Obviously, if you think you are going to get sick, you are inviting this to happen rather than telling yourself how healthy and strong your body is.

What is Different in 2020 versus 1990? Technology and the Immune System

Our use of technology like cellphones, tablets, laptops, computers, Bluetooth, Alexa, Nest, Smart Meters, and other devices has exponentially increased our exposure to EMF, WiFi, and now 5G.

We have been seeing a rapid increase in the number of people who are experiencing a myriad of health problems that their doctors cannot explain. Following up with many of these people after they purchase a Level 3 or 4 Shield is showing dramatic improvements in health, well-being, mood, stress levels, and a lot of other quality of life issues. We’re currently working on another blog post about our recent quality of life survey. Stay tuned.

It’s obvious we’re not giving up our cellphones, WiFi, and other amazing technology, in fact, we seem to just be getting started.

Each time a new level of widespread exposure is activated (most recently SmartMeters and 5G) people start calling us because they are “suddenly sick”. Does EMF cause viral flu? No, but it does drain your energy and overworks your adrenals, and can weaken your immune system making you more susceptible.

Protection is important now, but it’s also time to think about the long-term. EMF exposure. Dr. Joseph Mercola recently described EMF radiation as the new toxicity issue just like smoking, asbestos, and other toxins that have a cumulative, damaging effect on your body. You may not be feeling anything right now, but the damage is slowly being done at the level of your cells and DNA.

Protect and Strengthen Your Immune System

Are you ready to support your body more than you’ve ever done before? There are a few ways to do this:

  • First, get some physical protection from EMF radiation. To do this, visit our store, and view the whole body BioElectric Shield section (called Shield Your Body).
  • It’s also important to be conscious of our thoughts, not letting ourselves get caught up in the hype – yes, a lot of the information is true and valuable, a lot is also false or blown out of proportion.
  • Watch this ground-breaking video from Bruce Lipton PhD cell biologist and author of “The Biology of Belief”. He shows how our brains create belief systems that can heal us – or allow illness.

The Shield Experience

Over the years, many people have found benefits in wearing a Bioelectric Shield. You can visit our Customer Review page, but we’ve chosen a group of customer comments that focus directly on the immune system. We can tell you that the EMF protection BioShield Boosted Immune Systems, but our customers all have slightly different experiences of how it showed up for them.

Our goal is to provide you with the confidence, and enough proof so that you are willing to try out a BioElectric Shield and see for yourself! The Shield comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. This might just be the perfect time to give your immune system an extra boost!

Customer Comments

I attribute my vigorous good health and abundant energy to the EMF Protection BioShield…I wouldn’t leave home without it.

Tools and products for self-empowerment have always held a special allure for me, and I have been a long-time fan of the BioElectric Shield Company. I purchased my first Shield in the early 90s and recently added a Room Shield to my apartment.

I’m on a plane almost every week for business, and I am very wired (not by choice) with a cell phone, iPhone, laptop, etc. The Shield seems to make everything go smoothly, and most importantly it helps me to self-adjust when I get off-center. I attribute my vigorous good health and abundant energy to the Shield, and like all the gadgetry I carry with me, I wouldn’t think of leaving home without it!

The EMF Protection Room Shield is a gentle reminder to face the challenges of life with grace and calmness. It hangs prominently in the center of the living room, helping me transform nervousness into a “bring it on” attitude, but with a smile.

We should focus on the things we can do in life to improve our health, living in this toxic world. The only thing we can do is reduce our risk of exposure. I am fully confident that I am best prepared to meet those challenges with my Shield, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Kim Nagy, Brighton, MA
Kim is an exceptional photographer. 

Shield bolsters my immune system

I am more energized wearing the Shield. I believe the Shield bolsters my immune system. My sinus-related travel problems were diminished; energy level more constant and unvarying during the trip. As a result of being more energized and even, I have been able to increase my productivity. Recently I was able to heal myself of two respiratory infections without the use of antibiotics.

LEVEL 2 Sterling Silver BioElectric Shield w/Silver Tabs Shield Polished
Ann Jenich, Mother Submitted 6.21.1992

Note: this was in 1992, before cellphones and wifi were everywhere. Now we would recommend a Level 3 Shield due to the increase in exposure. You can take one of our quizzes for a recommendation.

I have not had one day of illness since wearing the Shield.

“I seem to have weathered a 10 – hour time change with a minimum of jet lag in both directions. While I am getting a lot less sleep per night, my energy has not flagged. My thinking is clear and calm, not irritable.

During the last 2 months, I have been closely exposed to many, many people who have had colds and flu. In spite of being extremely busy, in spite of having taken a grueling trip to Israel and back, and in spite of having to endure a difficult and stressful home life, I have not had one day of illness since wearing the Shield. I am flabbergasted!”

S. Bayne, Attorney/Mother

400% better with Shield – sleeping sounder

“My doctor tests me using electro-diagnostic equipment and he told me I should wear the Shield – it was very good for me. It keeps my energy moving and my energy tends to stagnate which then leads to illness. I purchased my Shield in January 2000. I felt immediate results. I had more energy and felt a peace and calmness when I had it on. I felt stronger too.

I also see a chiropractor when I am in Florida and he tests me using contact reflex analysis. He said the Shield was very beneficial to me, that it made my body work 4 times better. He had tested me with another device that helped me 25%, but 400% better with the Shield – well, I’m ecstatic! I sleep sounder and fall asleep sooner with it on. It works, I love it!!!

Sharon Crawford, Westlake, Oh.

Health & Mood Showing Improvement

Recently my mother began to use the Shield because she was having severe health problems but worked daily at the computer. She reported to me that she felt improvement in mood and vitality within moments of first wearing the shield. One of her employees remarked that she seemed more cheerful and outgoing than usual, and appeared to have more stamina as the day progressed. As she continues to use her shield, her health is also showing improvement.

I am very grateful for your product and plan to continue to recommend it to clients for whom I suspect that ambient electrical noise or electromagnetic field interference may be a contributing factor to disturbances in their health and wellness. ”

Jamie Hill, D.C.Helios Center Chiropractic, Wisconsin

83-Year-Old – Immune System Restored

“After suffering a severe attack of the fatal disease, Blastomycosis Dermatitis, and a miserable stay in the hospital because of it, my immune system was completely down. Every effort to restore it ailed. Two doctors admitted failure.

When I put on my BioElectric Shield, it took exactly 2 3/4 hours to restore the function of the adrenal glands. In a short time, I was able to resume teaching classes three times a week and do extensive medical research and development of the materials I use.

My immune system is restored, fatigue is gone and my future looks bright, thanks to my BioElectric Shield! I am almost 83!”

Edith Medhurst, Librarian, College Professor

Message and Video from Dr. David Getoff

As a Naturopath, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionalist and educator, I have investigated many “energy devices”.

During all the years I have been testing people for these devices, the only one which tests as best is the BioElectric Shield.

I keep 4 different company products in my office, but when I test each patient to see which is the most supportive to their own energy field, the BioElectric Shield tests best in 95 out of 100 times. I have seen true miracles with my more sensitive patients who are now often able to go into department stores, or work in front of their computers a great deal more than they ever thought was possible. Others have been helped by rarely ever getting sick even though they work around equipment that generates harmful energies. This product has my highest endorsement.”

Dr. David Getoff, Shield Experience and Success with Patients – Part 1

Epstein-Barr and Mono Symptoms gone!

“I battled ongoing flu-like symptoms, constant fatigue, lack of focus, and sleeping difficulties since being diagnosed with Mono and Epstein-Barr.

Though skeptical, I ordered a BioShield. The first day I wore my Shield for 6 hours and that night, I slept peacefully for 10 hours! The second day, I wore my Shield for 12 hours, and at the end of the day, I realized that I had worked with great focus and without fatigue! Because everything else in my life was status-quo during that 24- hour period, I concluded that the BioShield was responsible for these improvements.

To date, I’ve worn my Shield almost every day for 3 months and my overall health has improved significantly. My flu-like symptoms are gone and I only feel a slight fatigue 1-2 days a month. I believe that the BioShield was the protection my immune system needed to repair itself.”

Dodd Harrington, Efficiency Consultant, Los Angeles, Ca. (Level 3 Shield)

Healer lost Shield and health declined rapidly.

I had been wearing my silver and Gold Bio shield for over 15 years. It was stolen or lost a year ago since then I have become very very sick.

I was a Hippocrates health institute yesterday and saw the Shields there realizing I haven’t worn mine in a year and that my health. Has been rapidly getting worse and worse and that I have done everything to get better. I thought back to before I had it and how lights and people’s energy affected me. I had tried many things before and since that were supposed to do what the Shield actually does.

From the first week I wore it I was a different person I was going to my parents I always got sick and was in bed and couldn’t move after being in their presence after two days not only did I not get sick I had a great time and their energy didn’t get under my skin per se
I’m a healer and health coach in very aware of my surroundings and what completely drains me. I came home right away and looked through everything because 16 years ago I didn’t just buy one but two BioShields my answer had been there all along – my golden egg was in my jewelry box untouched however it has been in the dark for 16 years and needs to be reunited with its source so that it can do what it was made to do and that I may be restored to do what I was called to do thank you.

Note: Shields do need regular recharging, after 16 years in a drawer it was necessary to send it back to us for a recharge.

LEVEL 3 BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Tabs Shield – Polished

05/01/2014 by Raya

Years of Coughing Stopped

I bought my BioElectric Shield around 1992. Prior to that, for as long as I can remember, I had been coughing. My Dad coughed, which I used to think was mostly because he wor4ked construction. I figured my Mom coughed because she smoked. I didn’t’ smoke. I didn’t work construction. I just inherited the cough.

I wore the Shield and in less than two weeks’ people started to comment that I wasn’t coughing anymore. Co-workers started asking me what I had done since I wasn’t coughing – shots, drugs, acupuncture? I told them I was just wearing the Shield I had just purchased.

In the fall of ’97, I began to cough again. I thought that I was sick for a while and then I realized that the cough was back and the Shield wasn’t working anymore. I tried recharging it in the sun, burying it in salt, and burying it in the dirt. Nothing worked. I stopped wearing it. I was going to trash it. But I noticed something else. I was losing focus. Not dramatically, but personally. I started to worry about little stuff. I began having dreams almost like nightmares. I am convinced that the Shield was doing more than I thought, so I am sending it to you to be recharged.

I believe that by not wearing it, I am unconsciously missing something – a grounded connection, as if the Shield were a constant reminder to me of who I am, where I’m going, just like a cross, an ankh, or a single crystal, or even as a medication talisman. I also miss it because it was an outstanding piece of jewelry. Someone ALWAYS commented on it whenever I wore it outside my clothing. Some people commented EVERY TIMEI wore it where it could be seen, often as if they had not seen it before, or were just naturally attracted to it. And I believe that when I wore it, my energy, focus, and spirituality were much easier to maintain. I don’t want to say it’s all because of the Shield, but it helped tremendously. I thank you for the opportunity to have the Shield and I look forward to wearing it again, soon.

LEVEL 3 BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Tabs Shield – Polished

11/03/2009 by M. S.

Note: this is a reminder of how important it is to charge your Shield regularly – doing so can keep it at peak efficiency for many years. And we don’t recommend salt, or buried in the Earth. The Shield can Only be charged by Daylight, and sending to us to fully charge. 

Ability to keep going with ease and enjoyment – No colds

I feel more energetic! What I have noticed is a greater, much greater energy level – an ability to keep going with ease and enjoyment. I have more tolerance for minor irritation.  I have had no colds or minor infections despite physical stresses (13-15 hours of travel).

LEVEL 3 BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Tabs Shield – Polished

10/20/1994 by M.W. P.

Truly, a Life Saver – Help for PTSD, Anxiety, flu-like/migraines

I have purchased and GREATLY benefitted from several of the products available from this exceptional company. Customer Service has always been far above any company that I have ever dealt with in my 64 years of life.

I upgraded from a Level 2 to a Level 3 Shield and even with my high expectations because of the other purchases, I was truly AMAZED. I got the Level 3 Shield because of my renewed heightened sensitivity to electrical and wi-fi fields had gotten much worse because of this brain-changing condition that I acquired from an intensely frightening experience in Hawaii. The Hyperstimulated Stress Response Condition is what people refer to as PTSD. I got almost immediate relief and calm that I had not felt in over 15 months because of this affliction.

The difference in wearing the new Shield versus taking it off is very dramatic. The excruciating adrenalized symptoms of anxiety and the stress response that people call “Panic Attacks” was 85% reduced which I did not expect since I had purchased it only because of my flu-like/migraine response to wi-fi and electrical fields. I have not taken it off except for showers and dread when I have to recharge the Shield for 3 hours at the end of the first month.

I am SO GRATEFUL for Virginia and Anna Mariah for their care and interest in helping me. The products REALLY WORK. We have a whole-house filter and other EMF filters installed in our home which makes my very restricted life almost normal. When I hear of other people’s symptoms of migraines, flu-like issues, anxiety and the like, I always tell them about the BioElectricShield Company. I cannot imagine going back to the limited life that I had before discovering these products 5 years ago. Thanks again!

LEVEL 3 BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Tabs Shield – Polished

10/25/2018 by Roberta L.

I sleep longer and feel more relaxed upon waking.

The Shield stays with me 24/7! The first day it arrived I put it under my pillow that night and slept a deep 10 hours. (5-7 hr. is my usual) I got my Shield, put it on and I knew within minutes I found some balance.

Before the facts of how the Shield has altered my life, a few details about why I FINALLY chose to use the Shield after researching nearly 3 yr. (Important Note Do NOT Confuse Any Other Company With BioElectric Shield! I Did A Lot Of Research.)So why get a BioElectric Shield? I lived a tropical healthy lifestyle and moved to a wave-cluttered life in the city. I went from a relaxed, healthy environment and lifestyle; to a fast pace, wave-cluttered environment. From outdoor temperate clean air to indoor re-circulated air. Now My Computer Time: Total 46+ hours p/ week -High-Def monitors, Wireless, WiFi, Smart Meters, Airport Flight Path, Cell towers plus many more concerns surrounding me. TIME FOR THE SHIELD.

BEFORE THE SHIELD: Focus on the computer for 2 hours with twenty-minute breaks in between. Sleeping 5 hours maximum per night and varying energy levels. Personal emotions fluctuate, harder to feel calm.

AFTER THE SHIELD: I focus on the computer without leaving for over four hours now that I have the Shield! And I rarely need more than a 5-minute break. I sleep longer and feel more relaxed upon waking. I stay balanced and focused on my inner peace with ease, as though I am safely in tune. I forgot my Shield under my pillow one day, and I could not stay at the computer for more than 20 minutes without feeling frustrated and dizzy! If you have the need and you know it’s time.

I recommend the investment to improve your lifestyle. I believe that s why it’s called the ˜Bio Shield. It is protecting my life, I’m convinced. Thank you, Bio Shield!

LEVEL 3 BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Tabs Shield – Polished

05/01/2014 by CYNTHIA.

Level 3 Shield Saved My Life

“I am electromagnetic sensitive. I live in a duplex and a new neighbor moved into the other side of the duplex in April. Within 10 days I was not able to sleep. I mean NO SLEEP! Not at night or in the daytime. I developed walking pneumonia and bronchitis within 2 weeks. I inquired if she had installed wi-fi and learned that she had not YET, but did have a ‘smartphone which was on 24/7. Consulted with my functional medicine M.D. which resulted in 2 choices. Move or get an EMF blocker.

After contacting Virginia and taking the test, the Level 2 Shield was recommended. My sleep slowly got better. The neighbor then installed wi-fi and my body was not able to sleep again. After contacting Virginia about the new issue, the recommendation was to get the Level 3 Shield. It has been 8 weeks and am now sleeping 7-8 hours at night. And I am starting to feel like a normal human being again. Level 3 Shield has SAVED MY LIFE!”

 October 3, 2018 by Maria


Having had a health issue, I love the fact that I know my customized Shield is protecting me from all the harmful EMFs all around us. Because it was designed specifically for me I feel that it is balancing my energy field and has made my immune system stronger! I don’t go anywhere without it!

LEVEL 3: L31-S Sterling Silver Shield w/14K Gold Tabs -Satin

09/26/2016 by Faye.

Note: A Custom Shield is individualized for your maximum bio-energetic protection, strength, and balance. If you have special physical challenges, very sensitive energy, or demanding work or home environment, you will find a custom-designed Shield makes an outstanding change for the better in your life.
Most people do great with a regular Shield.

If someone offered me $50,000 for my Bioelectric Shield and I knew I couldn’t get another one, I would easily TURN THEM DOWN

I started researching EMF protection devices in 1979, and have worn several of them since then. I strongly believe an EMF Shield will truly give a person some quality years of life they otherwise would not have. If you do believe in EMF and DO want to protect and Shield your body my own research on the subject during the past 37 years leads me to frankly state that the BioElectric Shield is the TOP device I have tested, besides being compact and good looking.

In my opinion, the benefits are increased energy levels (if needed), better sleep, increased protection of the immune system, better blood circulation, and improved clarity of thought. If someone offered me $50,000 for my Bioelectric Shield and I knew I couldn’t get another one, I would easily TURN THEM DOWN…HEALTH IS WEALTH! Is it not?

LEVEL 3 BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Tabs Shield – Satin International
06/19/2007 by Dick H.

In 70’s – Shield returned energy after an illness

I’m in my 70’s. After a bout with pneumonia last year, I got a Shield in August. I had thought my energy would never return!

After wearing it for a month, I returned to my normal very high energy level.

I did not wear my Shield for 4 days after wearing it for nearly 8 months. I could not stand-up. I realized that I did not have my Shield on! After wearing it again for 3 hours, I started to feel my energy return. The next day I felt completely recovered.

I have not had the flu or any type of cold as long as I remember to wear the Shield.

LEVEL 2 Sterling Silver BioElectric Shield w/Silver Tabs Shield Satin
11/17/2006 by Peggy F.

I ended up with a custom gold Shield instead of selling my home!

I worked closely with Virginia and the BioElectric Shield team. They helped me feel comfortable and safe in my home related to smart meters and upcoming 5G.

After getting my Shield, I feel calmer, sleep better and I feel like I have my home back. My peace of mind is priceless! As a bonus, I am able to handle chaotic energy environments and not take on the energy.

I, also, feel my immune system is strengthened and given I work in an elementary school that is a blessing! I think the Shield has helped me work through past issues, as well, and I feel I am moving forward in life with less baggage. It has been a real gift! Thank you, Virginia and BioElectric Shield team!

2 weeks ago by Kathy. Level 4 14k Yellow Gold Shield

A skeptic is now a believer and says “Saved me from pain and symptoms from EMF”

“I found out last year that the pain and strange symptoms I’d had for several years was from home wi-fi and electrical issues. Heard about the Shield from a functional medicine Dr. who had seen results with other patients and purchased a Level #3 after doing the photo analysis, fully expecting to return it after the 90 days were up.

After a few days of wearing Shield I began to feel better and after several weeks, felt incredibly better especially in restaurants, coffee shops, etc (removed my wi-fi router at home). At 90 days, I returned the Shield sensing that my body had healed itself and within 2 weeks of sending it back the pain came back. I was unable to go anywhere there were cell towers, phones or wi-fi.

Once I realized the Shield had been helping me so much I called and reordered another Shield and wear it every day without fail. Even considering the purchase of a custom Shield.”

February 27, 2018, by Kay

Note: this has happened a number of times where the person is feeling so much better they feel “healed” or who are feeling better but don’t attribute it to the Shield, until they don’t have it.

Humbly Corrected and Grateful – Health markedly better

“When I first read this website, I thought it was all just a bunch of ______. But after chasing my myriad of intense and worsening symptoms around for a long time, my doctor finally helped me discern/diagnose this sensitivity to EMFs that I have. If anyone wants, they can contact me for more details.

But I will say that I am MARKEDLY better, now that I am protected from EMFs. No harmful drugs or chemicals. My allergies are even getting better after just a couple of months!  I didn’t expect that! So, I here I stand, humbly corrected. Since this was the company that finally gave me the help I needed, I fully endorse BioElectric Shield.

Monica Smerud Wolney”
January 9, 2016 by Grateful M.

Relaxed, Sleeping, More Creative Ideas, Concentration and feeling better

“I have always been really in tune with my body and my health so when I started feeling sick while talking on my cell phone in 2009 I knew what it was right away. I felt it was bad for me and began to use it less frequently.

Then a year later I went back to school for web design and started feeling sick in the classroom that I sat in for 8 hrs a day with at least 10 24 inch Mac desktops. I knew it was the computers but thought it would go away after I graduated. After school, I got my first job at as a web designer in a biotech company and this is where I started using wifi all the time.

Then the headaches and foggy head started to appear. I didn’t feel strong so I got on a strict exercise routine to feel better which worked sometimes. Then I realized it was the wifi and made sure I was plugged in all the time and started to feel so much better. During this time I also started to change my diet and I got much stronger. Life went on and a year later I got a job offer in NYC. I had been feeling much better so I didn’t even really think about my sensitivities until I had already accepted the offer, moved to NYC and was in a new apartment. That’s when I really got sick. I had to leave the city every weekend, I had to make sure never to be on wireless and I had to have my cell on flight mode all the time.

I can’t get into all the details here but New York City is wired, wired, wired and it made me sick. I am still astounded that there are people out there that don’t think this stuff is bad for them, I bet they are being affected and don’t even know it. I bought devices from many different companies, these would work pretty well but I still felt sick. Then after some research, I found the BioElectric Shield. I know I wanted to get this one but I didn’t want to spend the money but after a few months, I gave in and bought the Shield.

After getting a BioShield

The first time I put it on I got really relaxed and practically fell asleep right there. I remember I had lower back pains that night and went to the bathroom a lot. Pretty immediately I started noticing improvements, all of a sudden I was giving creative ideas at work and I had not done this in soooo long!! I could hold my concentration longer in meetings and my energy really improved. I wanted to go to yoga every night after work which was unusual. I’ve had the Shield for a month now and I can’t express how much it’s helped me. I still stay off of wireless and keep my cell on airplane mode unless I want to check messages and texts so I’m not being radiated 100% of the time.

On a final note, I wanted to say that wifi, cell phones and all of these electronic devices are so very bad for all of us, I am shocked more people aren’t sick yet, but I think they will get that way because no human being can live in this amount if radiation. The Shield is an excellent way to protect yourself from all the harmful rays around us, I highly, highly recommend it! Another funny side effect is that I don’t get a bad headache when I wake up after drinking the night before.”
Review by Jessie

The above are just a few of the testimonials we’ve received from customers over the years. You can see many more reviews under each specific product, and some of the older reviews here.

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