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Protecting people and their energy with BioElectric Shields since 1991
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BioElectric Shield - Personal Energy Protection

Elevate Your Well-being:

Rediscover Balance in the Digital Age

Reclaim Your Body’s Most Precious Resource
— Energy —
To Elevate Your Well-being
And Your Performance Every Day

The Digital Dilemma:

Trying to Escape the Chaos

Technology should make our lives better.
And in some ways, it does.

But at the cost of feeling overwhelmed, drained, and ‘buzzing’.  And despite promises, it often adds more stress than it alleviates:

Stress of Modern Living
We’re outgunned: the world’s brightest minds converge around our electronics. The goal? Extract as much of our attention and nervous energy as possible.
Tech Overwhelm
Despite regulatory limits per device, the overall effect is cumulative. Devices, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are everywhere now. We always feel “plugged in.” Our energy levels experience “death by a thousand beeps.”
Health Risks of EMF Exposure
Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have long carried potential health risks, even in small quantities. They’re renowned for compromising our clarity and mental state. Yet the number of devices emitting them keeps going up.

Our minds and our focus are under constant EMF attack.  And ‘eliminating tech’ simply isn’t possible in our modern lives.It’s no wonder many of us long for a reprieve from the digital chaos.

Finding Harmony:

Your Digital Sanctuary

You don’t need a digital detox.
You need a digital shield.
After all it’s not ‘connectedness’ you’re trying to avoid. It’s EMFs.
With a digital Shield, you can show up for the day calm, focused, and clear-headed:

Rediscover authentic, grounded courage
Remember how creative, energetic and focused you felt before all the tech? You  can feel that way again when you’re protected from the energy of your electronics that holds you back.
Get your
inner peace back

You can shield yourself from exposure that takes your peace away, so you can be free of brain fog, anxiety, and that nagging feeling that makes you feel unable to make decisions.
Optimize your
digital well-being
Health and tech don’t have to be at odds. You can harmonize health and tech by minimizing harmful EMF exposure. Being well-connected should be a healthy thing. With the right shield, it can be.

Your mind deserves a sanctuary to thrive and create.
Especially when the world around you is buzzing with tech.
We designed a solution that treats the cause, not the symptoms.

Level 3 BioElectric Shield Pendants
Level 3 BioElectric Shield Pendants


The BioElectric Shield

Shield yourself from EMF exposure. Maximize peace, focus, and mental clarity in your high-performance tech-powered world:

EMF Protection
The BioElectric Shield provides personalized EMF protection tailored to your unique energy field. This ensures comprehensive defense against harmful radiation from electronic devices and environmental sources.
Optimized for Enhanced Energy
Harness the power of Earth Resonance Technology™. Your Shield creates a harmonious bio-field that strengthens and stabilizes your energy levels, resulting in greater vitality, mental clarity, and resilience. You feel able to handle the challenges of the day.
Refined for
24/7 Energy Support
Wear your Shield with confidence throughout the day, knowing it’s working tirelessly to reinforce, stabilize, and amplify your energy. It provides lasting, continuous protection and support for your well-being.

The BioShield is Jewelry with a purpose. Its precise matrix of Quartz and other gems balances your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy fields, bringing your entire biofield into harmonious coherence.

Our mission is to empower you to thrive in the
digital age
while staying grounded in the beauty of the
natural world

High-performance individuals face a choice: “Do I include more technological leverage in my life, or retreat for the sake of focus, clarity, and peace?”

We believe technology should enhance your well-being, not diminish it.

That’s why we created the Shield. To feel the calmness you feel while out in nature…
even while surrounded by work and tech.

Giving you the power to do the best work of your life
without sacrificing peace and harmony in your life.

Discover how much EMF exposure you have in your daily life

Take our short interactive quiz and get immediate, personalized steps to improve your well-being, productivity, and focus today!

Balance your body and mind while defending yourself from harmful EMF exposure

The modern world is full of EMF radiation. From our smartphones to our televisions, Wi Fi, and other electronic devices, it can be difficult to escape.  All these devices are incredibly convenient but there’s a price to pay in terms of the damaging effects that EMFs can have on your body.  You shouldn’t be risking your health because you’re surrounded by these devices.

Without BioElectric Shield

Electromagnetic radiation constantly bombards
your body with no impediment

With BioElectric Shield

The Shield works with your body’s energy field, creating a barrier between you and harmful environmental radiation

The shield works with your body’s energy field, creating a barrier between you and harmful environmental radiation

  • Revitalize your body, mind, & soul
  • Increases your energy and stamina with strong EMF protection
  • Balances your energy for more clarity & focus
  • Reduce anxiety and deflect other people’s stress and negativity
  • You feel energized and more capable of dealing with life


The BioElectric Shield – for extreme well-being

The BioElectric Shields are made with Proprietary Technology developed by scientists to Shield your body from harmful EMF & negative energy, while helping to balance your physical, mental, and emotional system.  We are so sure you will love the Shield that if you do not love the Shield, return it to us for a full refund within 90 days.

The BioElectric Shield is a unique product with unique abilities that is not sold anywhere else on the planet.

Our Shield was created with Nobel Prize Winning Physics & has been backed by renowned scientists worldwide.

By deflecting harmful EMF & negative energy, and stress from others, the Shield protects your energy field & allows you to reclaim your life.