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Highly Sensitive People and Empaths share how BioElectric Shield has changed their Lives

The Shield may be the most valuable
possession I have

When a friend of mine first told me about the BioElectric shield, I have to admit that I was skeptical.  I have been through enough “hippy” and “new age” products that didn’t deliver to maintain that healthy dose of skepticism.  I researched the product a bit and was happily surprised to find real science behind it.  I then decided to go for it.

I know Virginia from the company a little bit and she provides excellent customer service and is very dedicated to getting people into the most appropriate product.  I started with a lower level shield.  The effects were immediate.  I am an extremely environmentally sensitive person.  I noticed myself not being scared of electronics, especially computers and cell phones.  The challenges I face every day externally due to allergies etc. were lessened.

Putting on the shield every morning and lovingly placing it near my bed at night became routine. Fast forward a year and a half.  I forgot to take the shield off while playing basketball and it magically “disappeared”.   For a few hours, I didn’t notice.  The next day at work I felt the worst physically I had in some time.  All day I felt utterly horrible as if all my life energy had been sucked away.  Later on that evening I finally realized I didn’t have the shield on and that I had “lost” it.   I really did feel like I was losing it as I frantically searched for it for days.
Being very low on money I was stuck for a time without the shield.  I cannot stress strongly enough how drastically different I felt without the shield.  I have never experienced, in a lifetime of health-related issues, anything so dramatic.  I have no idea how much was reality and how much was mental placebo but every moment in front of a computer screen, on the phone, near a TV, or just out and about in the world was excessively difficult at best.  I had to get a new shield!

I finally couldn’t take it anymore and called Virginia to explain the situation.   She was incredibly generous with her time and understanding.  She helped me get into a new, even stronger shield.  I have been using it ever since and, combined with some amazing food based scientifically researched vitamin supplements, I may be feeling better than I have at any point in my entire life despite the chaos of the external world.  The shield may be the most valuable possession I have.

Relief for Person who is Highly Sensitive to
Others and Technology

I have been blessed (sometimes cursed) with a body sensitive to environmental stimulus. Many times I would find it difficult to be with large groups of people. Angry people at work would irritate me, and at times, I found life, which should be enjoyable, overwhelming.

Now that I wear the BioElectric Shield, none of this affects me like it used to. I am able to sit in front of the computer for longer periods of time without becoming drained. I no longer clench my teeth, brace the steering wheel, and curse when I am in traffic jams. Things in general just don’t bother me too much, thanks to the Shield. I am certain that if I had the Shield years ago, my many years of being a single parent would have been much easier and relaxing for my myself and my daughter. The stress I once had no longer exists. If stress is a major factor of early disease and shortened lifespan in our turbulent society, then I assume by wearing the Shield the body may be less prone to disease and have a longer lifespan. My ability to relax and allow the body to find its natural rhythm has never been greater.
I sleep with it next to me and always get up energized after a deep night’s sleep. To me, the value of the Shield gives it’s worth many times more than the price. And it never wears out.

Highly Sensitive Person – Empath Can Live a Normal Life
with her Level 3 Shield

I have been doing deep tissue therapy for 34 years, so the clients who come to me are usually in pain. As an empath, I sort of become a recluse on my days off to just recharge my own system and I tend to stay away from large crowds because of the energy drain on my body. I ordered the level 3 sterling silver with gold tabs about a week ago and have worn it since I opened the box.

The first night I could not go to sleep until 5:30 am and had to be at work by 9am with 5 hours of clients who needed very deep tissue work. I had no break between clients except for the 15 minutes to change the table, collect money and bring in the next client. Totally dreading this day, I was amazed that at 4pm I was not drained at all. Slept like a baby from that night on.

I am sleeping about 3 hours less at night now and wake up ready to go. I have been in a couple of situations with some extremely negative people and I didn’t suck it in as I normally do. My shoulders feel like they have dropped about 3 inches and I am laughing a lot.

I have tried many natural holistic things over the years, but this is one that really made a difference from day one. I know it sounds early to make a statement about this product, but I noticed the difference from day one and every day just gets better. I am so grateful to Michael Smith for the email recommending the shield for empaths. I am planning to order one for my 21-year-old son for a birthday present and I believe he will wear it, because he has really noticed the difference in me.

Thank you for such a wonderful product,


HSS-ESS – Relief!

I’ve had my Shield for many years, and it has been a total blessing for me. It helps me so much when I am out and about in the world, and it has allowed me to use computers. When I sent it to you to be recharged, I was completely astonished to see what happened when I was without it for a week. Even though I know it helps me constantly, I got a graphic lesson in this when it was missing. By the end of the week, I was in such a state of pain and exhaustion that I could barely function. However, within hours (really!) of getting my Shield back, the extremities of that week’s onslaught began to lift., and by the next day, I was back at my usual level of functioning. I don’t know what I would do without this gift.

Highly Sensitive Person Notices Many
Physical Changes

When I first put on my Shield, I actually felt my cranial bones adjust and my eyesight improved! Normally EMF drains my energy so thoroughly that I am unable to stay as a vendor at various events without going outside quite often. In college, the fluorescent lights put me to sleep. More troublesome was the fact I would fall asleep after only driving for 30 minutes. I couldn’t sit in front of a computer without also falling asleep. Now I can stay at a booth all day, drive as long as I want and stay awake while working at my computer. The exceptional EMF protection from the SHield has given me great personal freedom to accomplish what I wish to do in this life. Thank you.

Stopped picking up other people’s energy by
wearing the Shield

After working with computers for several hours I have more energy and stay grounded during work. I’ve always had problems staying grounded, often picking up other people’s energy. I’m very sensitive and very easily “blown out”. The difference is amazing. I don’t’ get sucked into others so easily. It’s so much easier to keep my own space. I have lots more energy, so much that I can’t wear the Shield all the time yet. I’ve had it about a month. Here’s how I ended up buying it – When we were at the Whole Life Expo I was waiting for my partner, really ready to go home. I was tired, overwhelmed and not able to focus. Soon I had a Shield in my hand waiting for this to be over. After a few minutes, I realized I felt very different. Sure got my attention – and then was a quick sale! I love it.

Highly Sensitive Person Picks Up on Another Person’s Brain Injury Sensations until he put his Shield back on!

I bought the Shield in 2002. During that time I taught at a community college. I would wear it on teaching days, but not on weekends or summers when I didn’t teach. Most of the students came from dysfunctional homes. My job was to teach them reading comprehension and study skills to help them. Fall semester arrived on year, I felt an unusual “bombardment” of an energy that felt “skewed”. It was not pleasant and was disruptive to my own thought processes. One day that fall, I realized I had not taken my BioShield out of its summer storage place. The next day I put on my Shield and went to school. I felt not one whit of the bombardment of skewness! I was freed from that strange experience and felt like myself again.

The next day in class we were sharing in groups. One fellow, about 35 years old, was sharing that he had to have “another brain” surgery soon – that the first one hadn’t been successful. Another brain surgery? I called him over to ask him about his problem. I heard more than I bargained for. He had been mugged and raped by a group of men (both he and they Black), beaten senseless and left to die. Although his head had been quite kicked in, doctors were able to repair much of it in the first operation, but he had been experiencing wildly painful electrical charges winging around his skull. I realized that it was his brain firings which had been affecting my brain! Until I remembered to wear my BioShield. There was never another moment I was affected by his brain. Thank-you so much for this product.”

Less Affected by Other’s Emotions

Doctor of Energy Medicine and Empath Speaks about the BioElectric Shield on his website

Dr. Michael Smith, a well-known Empath, speaks about the BioElectric Shield on his own website: An Electromagnetic Device to Shield Empaths and Sensitive People: “  One of his subscribers offered this report: “I feel like I am not being smothered emotionally and I know it is this shield.  There is a huge shift this week. I have talked to two friends today who are so down in life right now and I can’t believe how unaffected I am.”

As the author of three popular books, including ‘The Complete Empath Toolkit,’ Dr. Smith works to help Empaths and highly sensitive people recognize and embrace their gifts. As a doctoral trained counselor and energy medicine practitioner, his work on Empathic sensitivity has been promoted by best-selling authors like Sonia Choquette, and he has been featured in documentary films. Dr. Smith has given workshops worldwide, including at New York’s Omega Institute, and has received invitations to speak alongside luminaries like Gregg Braden and Marci Shimoff. He has personally coached several thousand individuals to make stronger connections between mind, body, and Spirit. Over 750,000 individuals have been guided by Dr. Smith’s materials, and his content has appeared on CNN & ABC News, among others. Dr. Smith has spent the last 10 years working with indigenous healers around the world to more deeply explore and promote human potential.Blog Recently Posted on Dr. Smith’s Blog Tuesday, May 6, 2014 An Electromagnetic Device to Shield Empaths and Sensitive People Our Empath Connection member, AnnaMariah Nau, has alerted me to an electromagnetic device that is able to shield and filter out 80% of the energy that we perceive from others on a daily basis. The shield amplifies your own energy field while protecting you from others energies. I’ve also heard feedback from others about the device. One of our Empath Connection subscribers offers this report: “I feel like I am not being smothered emotionally and I know it is this shield. There is a huge shift this week. I have talked to two friends today who are so down in life right now and I can’t believe how unaffected I am.” Check out AnnaMariah’s story using the device (see below)  Visit Dr. Smith’s website:

Chinese Herbalist, Massage therapist, Reiki master– Michael J. Santangelo, PhD, LMT

“As a health practitioner, I have been very impressed with the impact the Shield has had on me. The computer used to leave me depleted and irritable. With the Shield, I no longer leave the computer tired and grouchy. It also has helped me in my practice, as I come into contact with all varieties of negative energies-physical, emotional and spiritual. I am able to remain more centered and focused with the help of the Shield.

My clients talk about how much more energized they have become, and how they feel protected in their work environments and with difficult people. I haven’t heard a single complaint from anyone about the Shield. I especially like the fact that the Shield utilizes the person’s own energy to spin the protective vortex rather than generating its own field. Why use one artificial field to protect yourself from another? The Shields are fabulous and I never hesitate to recommend them to anyone who reports stress from work or negative people.”

EMS or ESS (Electrosensitive) Reports Huge Changes – I can finally hear myself think!

“I will just have to tell you simply that I am much more in tune with daily life! One thing for sure TIME seems to have slowed down. I really can do stuff and I feel like I have been doing it for a long time and when I check it’s only been about 1/3 the time! Not real sure how that figures in.

Going to the store is not a big deal now. I simply go and come back and can actually put the groceries away like normal. Usually, I would only get the cold stuff put away and have to sit down and zone out. Not happening now. I can actually LOOK at people when I am out and not get drawn in! The same things still annoy me however now I can just tell myself it’s no big deal!

I can DO things anywhere. I do not get exhausted when I am out and about. I actually think I can talk to MYSELF now better. You know the old saying ” I can’t hear myself think!”? Well, NOW I CAN!!! And I am not in need of repeating it to myself like I was before, I now can pay attention to ME.
I’ve actually had desires of writing more now.

I feel confident now, like maybe I CAN have a life and not suck up everybody else’s crap. My head would be so full before after going somewhere and I would literally still hear the sounds of where I was for a long time afterwards…like the people talking, certain music that was playing, intercom stuff my conversations with whomever…yeah I haven’t told a lot of people that for sure!!

Peace, kindness and Happiness be yours

An Empath’s Story – How the BioElectric Shield Changed My Life & Why I Started Working for the Company

Dearest Virginia,

I wish I could put into words the feeling this shield has gifted me. As soon as I put it on, there was an instant calmness that I had not experienced in a long time. I felt protected and felt like I had come home to me. Over the years I have become quite an emotional person, being quite sensitive both to devices and to negative and abusive people. I have found that although I am still experiencing emotional outburst when exposed to people, I am finding that I am a lot calmer and I seem to be able to find clarity quite fast. The effects of feeling protected have allowed me to really own my choices and to allow myself to heal on such a deep level.

I have more energy, am able to focus with more ease and have found a deep calmness and clarity and a knowing that I haven’t felt in such a long time.

I have expressed this experience as best I could, but ultimately, there are no real words to express the gratitude that I feel for being able to experience my life again. I haven’t felt here in my body for so long. I have hovered outside of myself for a long as I can remember. I have not been experiencing life, I have been observing it. I can see now that this has been a result of my exposure to negative people and devices that have not helped me to feel safe, all of which have assisted in my detachment from self. This shield has helped me to feel at home within myself again, to really start to feel safe again. To be able to allow life to be present in all parts of my being.

I just want to say thank you so very much for being an angel of light for me and for so many others. Sending you blessings and love. I have not been able to take the pendant off and the need to play or wear many of my other stones has reduced a considerable amount. I am looking forward to my next purchase of a Gold shield, which I am sure will not be too far away.

An Empath’s Story – How the BioElectric Shield Changed My Life & Why I Started Working for the Company

The BioElectric Shield practically saved my life and sanity… (it made such a difference I went to work for the company in 1994 and I’m still here because I want to help other empaths and HSPs find the protection and relief they need and deserve.!)

If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend taking either or both of our quizzes. The EMF quiz will give you a Shield recommendation based on your level of exposure to EMF. Take the HSP/Empath quiz to find out more about how you are dealing with six specific areas of sensitivity….and get a lot of information to help you shift it from a curse to a blessing.

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