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Maximize Focus and Improve Your Child’s School Performance

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Maximize Focus and School Success

    • In today’s world, there are many distractions that can disrupt a person’s focus in school. Some of the hidden factors responsible for this include Wi-Fi routers and cell phones near schools along with dirty electricity produced by those devices as well–and even nearby cell towers!

  • Many children find it difficult to concentrate when exposed to electromagnetic radiation/dirty electricity, which is produced by WiFi signals.  In fact, it’s very possible that these are strong, contributing factors to ADD/ADHD, brain fog, and anxiety.
  • If your child spaces out due to interrupted focus due to EMF radiation/dirty electricity, we can’t blame the child for this.
  • In fact, your child may wonder why following the lessons can be so difficult. It’s frustrating for both the child, the teacher, and the parent. Many children get incorrectly labeled as purposely inattentive, disruptive, learning disabled, or ADD/ADHD when in truth, they just can’t handle EMF radiation from WiFi and their electronics needed to attend school.

EMF Radiation, WiFi, and Dirty Electricity can affect your child’s ability to pay attention!

Dirty Electricity is simply another name for EMF radiation

dirty electricity The flow of electricity is not what most of us imagine.  When power is delivered from the utility company and arrives at our breaker panel, we assume it is a smooth flow.  Instead, there are current variations, spikes, and surges in the voltage frequency. These spikes and surges produce electromagnetic radiation. Clean electricity is a smooth current, shown on the left side of the image. Dirty electricity shows you that the current is experiencing spikes and surges, all of which produce Electromagnetic radiation.

It is unusable energy that can be picked up by power lines delivering electricity to your home, or generated by computers, TV’s,  fluorescent and halogen lights as well as any electronic devices at home, work, or school. Most schools have extensive fluorescent or halogen lighting, computers, and wireless networks in the school. This means your children sit in a “pool” of electromagnetic radiation all day long. How might this affect your child’s brain?

Can dirty electricity trigger ADD/ADHD?

In a study done in 2004, scientists at Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center in Seattle linked ADHD with early TV watching habits. Their study addressed only the nature of the visual stimulation that can be disruptive to brain development. While I do completely agree with this analysis, the part that is missing for me is the effect of the electromagnetic radiation that these children were exposed to by sitting close to the TV.

Dr. Magda Havas from the Environmental and Resource Studies Department at Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada has reviewed several case studies with symptoms in including ADD/ADHD that were resolved Graham-Stetzer (GS) filters, were taken to reduce dirty electricity in the school.  So, logically, if symptoms of ADD/ADHD were resolved when special building-wide filters blocked electromagnetic radiation, why couldn’t you provide your child with a device that also blocks electromagnetic radiation?

Focusing Issues

  • Dirty Electricity is one of the first issues researched that was shown to cause multiple problems mentally, physically, and even emotionally.
  • Most schools have Wifi in nearly every school in the country as well as tablets, laptops, or cell phones for almost everyone.
  • Research has shown that emf radiation affects your brain.

Is your child highly sensitive?

There’s another type of sensitivity that can be equally devastating and confusing to those suffering from it. Many children are Highly Sensitive and are greatly affected by the stresses, emotions, and negativity of other people.

Read Morgan’s story of how wearing a Shield changed going to school from an emotional train wreck to a fun place to learn.

Elaine Aron is a pioneer in the HSP quiz for you to take about your children to determine if they might be highly sensitive. If they are HSP, a Shield will provide them a much-needed buffer from all that energy and allow them to be more clear and focused.

How to help your child maximize focus, performance, and well-being

  1. Total body protection, your child can wear a BioElectric Shield. We recommend the wristband style for children. Not only will it protect them from dirty electricity, but it will also help them stay focused and energetically balanced.
  2. We have a special ADD/ADHD Focusing matrix that can go inside a wristband or pendant Shield that can be used instead of our standard matrix to assist your child if s/he already has an issue with ADD/ADHD. If you are getting the Wristband style, go to the wristband page and select the focusing matrix from the options area.
  3. Provide clean electricity for your home. If your child still uses Zoom for classes or does homework after school, the learning environment will significantly improve. Our favorite company for handling this is Satic, USA. Satic two different kinds of line conditioners that flatten the electricity spikes either at the breaker box or as electricity moves through your home.
  4. If your child is using a notebook or tablet for schoolwork, you can put a SYB FlexShield on the back of the device to stop the radiation or get a SYB Anti-radiation pad that will go under the device. The pad will stop 99.9% of the radiation from moving down into your child’s body, and so will the flex Shields.
  5. Does your child carry their cell phone around all day? To neutralize 99.9% of the radiation from the phone, they can use the SYB cell phone pouch and radiation-free earbuds. The earbuds can also be used with tablets or notebooks. (You may have to get the Apple lightning jack adaptor if your child uses an Apple device. The adaptors are about $10, with free shipping. The link is on our store page with the pouch and earbuds.)
  6. When your child is using a tablet or laptop, wearing blue-blocker glasses is important. They are available online very inexpensively.
  7. Limit screen time – particularly in younger children and especially 2 – 4 hours before bedtime. This will allow your child’s brain to wind down.
  8. Create a quiet place your child can go for a soothing “time-out” from the TV or computer – a place with books, or blankets, and pads to rest.
  9. Keep the home neat and organized – this is particularly helpful for ADD/ADHD children.

What else can you do to protect your child from dirty electricity, Wifi, and other forms of EMF in school and at home

  • If your child is old enough not to lose it get them a Shield they can wear around their neck or under their clothing. If it’s a boy, it can go into a snap-pouch that fits over a belt. You can also pin a Shield inside a pocket or wasteband. We highly recommend a Level 2 or 3 Shield if possible. The Shield also comes in a convenient wristband style as well.
  • If your child might lose a Shield, get a Level 1 or Level 2 Shield and either hang it right by their bed from a lamp or suspend it from the ceiling to hang within 3 feet of them.  As they sleep, the Shield will interact with their energy field, creating a protective cocoon around them and building an energy memory of this cocoon that will carry over all day. It takes about three weeks for the residual effect to last all day.
  • For ADD/ADHD children – we suggest a Level 2 or Level 3 Shield with the ADD/ADHD Focusing matrix substitute for the standard matrix. You will want them to wear this Shield, so you can pin it to their underwear, use the belt pouch, or pin it inside a pocket.

Your child may not fully understand the gift of an “energy pure zone” that the Shield provides for them, but they will find school much easier and less stressful than it would be without the protection. Your ADD/ADHD child will find it much easier to pay attention when you’ve taken steps to help maximize focus for them. School can become a pleasant experience for them. If it’s pleasant already, it will simply allow them to stay healthier and more focused on their school day.

By Virginia Brown, MS. O.T.R.


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Quote from Elmdea B. on Facebook after she took the quiz

“I know that a good many of my friends here on FB are Highly Sensitive People. AnnaMariah Nau and Ellen Koronet have put together a well-crafted, comprehensive, and helpful quiz to help people discover if they are highly sensitive and in what areas. For me, it confirmed what I’ve known, although one was much stronger than I had thought. (It’s one of those “but isn’t everyone?” things). They also offer solid, concrete suggestions about what you can do to help you work with (and not be overwhelmed by) the various sensitivities. I’ve known both of these women for quite a few years, and I respect them, personally and professionally. Please note: this is NOT one of those dratted FB data mining things.”

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Note: Some comments about Shield Levels are old before Smart meters, WiFi everywhere, and 5G. We recommend Level 3 Shields where possible. If that’s not in the budget or for a child, go to a level 2 Shield. The lower levels of Shield do protect you from much of the EMF out there but may be subtle, and any changes may be below your level of awareness. An upgrade may be a good idea if you are still experiencing EMF symptoms.

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