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5 EMF Safety Tips for Using Your Laptop, Tablet or Phone laptop safety

Today, entertainment is no farther than a tablet or phone. Games, email, and other internet sites will amuse us for hours. The only, and it’s a big ONLY, DOWNSIDE is that all of these devices are emitting large amounts of EMF – electromagnetic radiation. Many doctors are now recommending EMF Blockers and other steps to improve laptop safety.

What is EMF and why would you want an EMF blocker?

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Frequencies, but in the popular jargon, it means the harmful electromagnetic radiation that comes from WiFi, cell towers, computers, and all electronic or battery-operated devices. Over the last several decades, researchers have found links between ongoing EMF exposure and several negative effects. Smart meters have notoriously affected some people quite dramatically.

Nearly everyone, every day, is exposed to large amounts of EMF. Most people have no physical symptoms that inform them their body is being affected by EMF. Yet, in recent decades, we’ve seen a rise in brain tumors, autism, auto-immune diseases, and milder symptoms like fatigue and headaches. Why risk these potential problems when you can simply arm yourself with EMF blockers?

Also, many of the side effects get written off as things like, “I’m tired because I’m stressed, busy, getting older, etc.” We write a lot of things off as “just life” and “what do you expect I’m getting older?” The truth is, that a lot of these issues are the results of our EMF bombardment.  Read some of the symptoms of EMF here

Safety Tip #1 Full Body Protection -24/7 Ultimate EMF Blocker!

Order Shield - double photo L2 and L3We recommend first and foremost full-body EMF protection using a BioElectric Shield pendant, or wristband that you wear during the day, and can keep near you at night, for 24/7 protection. Just blocking your individual devices does not even begin to handle the WiFi signals we’re all surrounded by 24/7 – with 5G and Smart Meters everywhere, you just can’t get away from it, and your body, focus, and concentration, even your mood and energy levels can be affected.

Read more here Complete Body Protection from EMF and other dangerous frequencies

Our final recommendation is to consider wearing full-body protection in the form of a EMF Protection Shield. The Shield provides not only laptop safety but general protection from EMF radiation. To find out what level of protection you need, take a free online EMF Protection quiz. More than 4,000 people have already taken this quiz since it was published in early 2016.

Safety Tip #2 Dampen the Radiation with EMF Blocker Spray

Dampen the radiation with an Aegis Guard Radiation Shield Plant-Based Spray. (Image shown at the top of the blog.)

Simply spray your table, phone, monitor or any electronic device with this fragrance-free plant-based oil EMF anti-radiation spray. It is sprayed on, lightly spread around with a cotton cloth, left to dry, and will be ready to use in a couple of hours.(You let it stay wet when you have lightly wiped with the cloth -it WILL dry in time!)

Protection lasts for about a month or more before you need to reapply. The more the screen is touched, the sooner the spray has to be reapplied, but at least you know you’ve greatly reduced the EMF effect. It’s a small price to pay for protection.

Safety Tip #3 – Cover your lap with an EMF Blocker Blanket

SYB EMF protection blanket

If you’re traveling, pregnant, or just want something comfortable, there is a wonderful, small, EMF-anti-radiation “blanket” that can be stuffed in a pack, large purse or carry-on. You lay it over your lap and all radiation from the device is neutralized.

I’ve even placed it on my lap and had enough left over to drape it over my small dog to protect him if he’s sitting with me on an extended Lazy-boy. In this photo, the blanket is on top of my husband’s lap as well as covering our dog, Buddy. We often just drape the blanket over him and he’s just fine with this since he’s napping, a favorite occupation of his. (see photo to the right)

Safety Tip #4 Use an EMF Blocker Pad for Tablet and Laptop SafetySYB laptop and Tablet protection

If you’re using a tablet, iPad or laptop, SYB makes EMF deflection pads in the form of a hard pad that slips under your laptop. Place the pad between you and your lap, and you’re good to go!

It’s really great to just grab your laptop and take it wherever you go. How often do you see people lounging around in parks, coffee shops or at home on couches, with their laptop…on their lap?
Radiation from laptops comes in 3 different forms:

  1. Harmful thermal heat waves from the laptop transfer into your clothing, skin and body.
  2. While in use, your laptop puts out a continuous stream of EMF radiation waves
  3. ELF radiation waves come from AC power sources, another source of radiation.

Using your laptop without a radiation protection pad is simply risking your health, plain and simple.

Safety Tip# 5 Distance is key if you don’t use the above EMF blockers

Is there a safe way to use these devices? If you keep the laptop 8” away from your body, you’ve lowered the amount of radiation you’ll receive. Use your tablet or laptop sitting at a desk, table, or counter to improve laptop safety. Just because it’s called a laptop, doesn’t mean you should actually use it On your lap.
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Take Our Quizzes to Learn More about EMF and Personal Energy Protection

P.S. If you or your children have ADD/ADHD, SPD, ASD, we encourage you to take the quiz for them. Many of these kids are sensitive to EMF and it can make their symptoms worse.

Many people who are sensitive to other energies – people, crowds, public places also have a sensitivity to EMF. Sometimes these people are known as HSP, Highly Sensitive People. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 people have this special awareness.

We are fortunate to have a professional quiz designer who has worked with us to create another quiz for the Highly Sensitive Person. Feel free to take both quizzes. Thousands of people have already done so, and shared that the information was quite useful to them. If you finish each quiz and click through to the site, you’ll receive even more information!


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