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Link Between Childhood ADHD and Screen Time on Cellphones

by | Mar 2, 2017 | 0 comments

Info graphic about ADHD ADHD Screen Time Is there a link between Childhood ADHD and Screen Time and cellphones?

Many experts now believe that exposure to cell phone use has been linked to significantly more diagnoses of ADHD in children as well as ADD and Autism Spectrum.

ADHD is at an all-time high in children and adults.  Is there a link between Childhood ADHD and Screen Time and cellphones? We live in an increasingly digital world. Our smartphones serve as our vessel for constant connection to the world; they’ve essentially become an extension of our bodies. Technological advancements have allowed us to communicate in new ways, but have all those gadgets come with an unexpected price?

20% increase in screen time in just 5 years. Why is this alarming?

On average, children spend a staggering 7.5 hours looking at TV, tablet, computer, and cell phone screens every single day. Just five years ago, that number was 20% lower. That means that children are experiencing overexposure to technological devices at an alarming rate.

The ability to recognize human emotions is affected.

Not only can this have a huge impact on our kids’ overall fitness levels and development of motor skills, but it can also affect their mental and emotional well-being. And here’s a disturbing fact: one recent study found that children who went without tech exposure for five days were better at recognizing human emotions than children who continued to be exposed to TV, phones, and computers. (Read article Is Technology Driving Empathy out the Door?)

Is your child one of the 5% with ADHD?

Most startling of all, the American Psychiatric Association states that 5% of all children have ADHD. Currently, that adds up to 6.4 million kids. If parents and teachers don’t take steps to help limit kids’ screen time, and fast, those numbers will most likely continue to climb.

What can you do to prevent ADHD or help a child who exhibits symptoms?

 If you’re a parent, it’s important to educate yourself about the links between screen time, cell phones, and ADHD in kids. Keep reading to learn more.

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9040015_20170217_7006877 ADHD Screen Time Link Between Childhood ADHD, Cell Phones & Screen Time ADHD Screen Time Childhood ADHD, Screen Time

In another study, 2,400 elementary school children were evaluated for cell phone exposure and ADHD symptoms. Two years after the initial evaluation, those children who used cell phones were more likely to develop ADHD, showing a link between screen time and ADHD. Not surprisingly, ADHD diagnoses jumped by 15% from 2007 to 2013, which correlates to increased screen time and higher rates of cell phone use among children.

How Can Parents Limit Screen Time in Kids?

Parents should try to limit their screen time, as well. An overwhelming 95% of American adults own a cell phone, and around 77% own a smartphone. If we expect our children to be able to put away their phones and gadgets, adults need to set a good example, too.

When parents set expectations about screen-free family time — and when teachers don’t automatically utilize computers and tablets in the classroom — children will automatically decrease the potential risk of ADHD development and be better able to connect to the real world around them. The development of healthy habits early on will help both kids and adults reap the benefits later in life.

What Else Can you Do to reduce EMF Exposure?

It’s not All about screen time. Your children are being bombarded by EMF and WiFi, at home, at play and at school. There are steps you can take to reduce their exposure – turn off WiFi at night and many other simple things that can have a great impact. And, of course, get them a BioShield, or at least put a Room Shield in the media room and/or bedrooms.

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