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Dirty Electricity, EMF Radiation and Your Health – Part II – Solutions

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Dirty Electricity, EMF Radiation, and Your Health – Part II – Solutions

dirty electricity, EMF radiation and yo
EMF Radiation and dirty electricity refer to unhealthy energy that can come from your power sources, electronics, and WiFi.  You can take steps and many products to reduce dirty electricity to improve your health, focus, and well-being.

Three Sources of Dirty Electricity in your Home or Home Office

1. Dirty Electricity Source #1 Electrical power – delivered via the electrical grid, solar panels, and/or wind generation
2. Dirty Electricity Source #2 Electronics produce dirty electricity simply by being plugged in or during operation
3. Dirty Electricity Source #3 WiFi – dirty electricity/EMF radiation is produced whenever the WiFi is on.

Note: You might want to go back and read Dirty Electricity, EMF Radiation, and Your Health

Dirty Electricity Source #1 Electrical power – delivered via the electrical grid, solar panels, and/or wind generation

As we discussed in Part I, all forms of electricity, be it from the electrical grid, solar panels, or wind, arrive at your breaker box as dirty electricity. The most effective and simplest solution to this problem has been solved for us by a company from Missoula, Montana, called SaticUSA. They offer two types of dirty electricity filters that remove dirty electricity, regardless of the source.

If you are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, cleaning up your home electricity is one of the steps you can take to reduce your radiation exposure. Dirty electricity, aka electromagnetic radiation, is created whenever electricity is used in your home.

Solutions #1: Dirty Electricity Filtering for Your Home or Home Office

The Whole Home UnitNew-Solar-PPB-SD-Box-

The most efficient way to remove dirty electricity is easily accomplished with this robust energy management system.

The Whole Home Unit, called the Perfect Power Box (PPB), is installed next to your electrical panel.

Before energy enters your panel (from the grid, solar, or wind), it will be routed through the PPB energy management system. The Power Perfect Energy Management System comes in three sizes. It filters and conditions your power to provide clean energy to your home or business. Each unit is designed for spaces up to 3,200 Sq/ Ft.

Wired-In at the electrical distribution panel, the PPB (Power Perfect Box) provides:

  • provides robust surge protection
  • voltage regulation, line conditioning
  • EMF reduction harmonics filtration
  • energy savings through reduced energy consumption
  • equipment longevity due to cleaner, more efficient power.

​Every Satic Power Perfect wire-in filter is manufactured in the USA, with the meticulous build quality, guaranteed performance, and warranty.

Smaller Spaces or specific Applications – Use Satic Plug-Ins.Dirty Electricity Filter

The EMF Eliminator plug-ins plug into any standard 120V outlet to reduce negative harmonics and EMF radiation while increasing efficiency and reducing power costs. The beauty of these plug-ins is that you simply place two in your home: one in an A-circuit location and one in a B-circuit location. The ES120 plug will clean up the dirty electricity on ALL the items plugged into the circuit!

  • Homes or apartments under 1,600 feet get a pair of units and plug them into the A&B Circuits (instructions included)
  • For homes larger than 1,600 sq. feet, then simply get 2 sets of 2 plug-in units, or, if you are a homeowner, get the Standard or Super Duty Power Perfect Box (described below).
  • You can also get additional plug-ins to increase the efficiency and life span of refrigerators, freezers, hot tubs, home theaters, and air conditioners.
  • The ES120 is perfect for your townhome, apartment, or condo because it’s portable and will work with dirty electricity as it flows through your home.
  • Installation Instructions come with the plug-ins.

Do you have solar panels? or windmills?

As we explained in Part I, solar and wind energy must be transformed from direct to alternating currents before they get to your electric panel. Inverters are used to do this conversion. During the conversion, the electricity becomes very dirty! The Satic Power Perfect Box cleans the electricity before it enters your panel. The Satic plug-ins will clean any dirty electricity in your home wiring as electricity moves through each plug, one in the A-circuit and one in your B-circuit.

Dirty Electricity and Your Health – Why Would You  Want to Get a Satic Filtering System? ( a Quick Review of Dirty Electricity, EMF Radiation, and Your Health – Part I)

  • If you are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, cleaning up your home electricity is one of the steps you can take to reduce your radiation exposure. Electromagnetic radiation is created whenever you use electricity in your home.
  • Most people don’t realize that all homes have dirty electricity unless a filter is installed at your electrical panel, or if your space is small, plug-in filters will clean dirty electricity in both your A and B circuits.
  • To review, dirty electricity is created when your wiring or electronics generate a spike of energy in your electrical circuit.
  • The spike, also called dirty electricity or harmonics, creates large amounts of Electromagnetic Radiation.
  • Both the plug-ins and the in-line units reduce your exposure to radiation by flattening the spikes, thus eliminating dirty electricity. Your home will FEEL different as electricity flows CLEANLY through your home, electronics, and appliances.

Dirty Electricity Source #2 Electronics produce dirty electricity simply by being plugged in or during operation

All our electronics and appliances create dirty electricity. If the unit is on, it’s creating dirty electricity, aka, EMF radiation.

We can simplify protection strategies by grouping products.

Solutions #2: How to Clean Up Dirty Electricity from Your Electronics


Solution 1:Place a Room Shield in your kitchen and laundry room to break up the dirty electricity (aka, electromagnetic radiation) generated by your appliances in these 2 locations.

Cellphones, Fitbits, Apple Watches, and Other Wearable Technology

Getting protection for these electronics is so important and not expensive!

Many electronic devices are battery operated, which means they are creating dirty electricity, aka EMF radiation, even if they are in airplane mode. There are a host of wonderful products that can eliminate 99% of the EMF radiation from these electronics.

To see all the choices, visit our Shield Your Electronics page. All the suggestions given can be found on this page.


  • 5G SYB Cell Phone Case – stops 99% of the radiation from your phone when it is in this case. Dial your number and then replace the phone so it’s in the case, with the microphone sticking out. You can carry on a conversation using the speakerphone mode and enjoy 99% dirty electricity protection!SYB Phone Pouch - 5g protection
  • 5G SYB Radiation Free Earbuds – Use your phone when you want privacy on a call while leaving your phone in the SYB case.
  • 5G EMF Protection Earbud adaptor – Do you already have a cellphone headset you like using that is wired? Simply add this adaptor to your wired headset, and you’ll get the same 99% radiation protection with radiation-free headsets.
  • SYB Pocket Protector – Do you want to carry your phone in a shirt pocket but find the case too bulky? Simply place this protector between the phone and your body to enjoy 99% EMF radiation/dirty electricity protection.
  • Aulterra EMF Neutralizers – decrease the EMF from anything you place them on – be it a phone, tablet, or computer.

Fitbits, Apple Watches, and other Wearable technology (including hearing aids) (see Shield Your electronics page)

All these products deflect 99% of EMF Radiation dirty electricity.syb flex shield

  • SYB EMF protection wristband for an iWatch or Fitbit will stop 99% of the EMF radiation from entering your wrist.
  • SYB EMF Protection Flex-Shields – peel-off sticky sheet that, when placed on any surface, provides EMF protection (phones, tablets)

Headsets – Bluetooth or Wired

  • SYB Headset Adapter or SYB Air-tube headset – you can use a conventional wired headset and add the adaptor that prevents radiation from going up the wire. Both products provide you with 99% radiation-free sound.

 Kindles, Nooks, iPads (visit the electronics page to see all these items)SYB EMF protection blanket for babies and pets

Do you use an e-reader or tablet to enjoy e-books? Email or Websites. They emit a constant stream of EMF radiation. Some products will stop EMF in its tracks!

EMF blocker laptop or notebook pads – keeps dirty electricity away from your pelvic area.

EMF Radiation EMF Blocking Blanket. These blankets are lightweight and keep radiation from the bottom of the device from entering your pelvis. If you want to protect your cat or dog while on a laptop, you can drape the blanket around them or your device. (This gets a bit tricky since you still have to see the screen)

 WiFi Radiation Protection for Computers, Tablets, and Notebooks

SYB laptop and Tablet protection

EMF protection Laptop/Notebook padplace this under your device. This prevents 99% of the radiation from infusing your pelvic area. (The battery of the devices is on the bottom of the device, and the battery is the main culprit for creating the radiation).









EMF/Dirty Electricity Blocking Blanket

SYB EMF protection blanket

Features of this blanket

  • Lined with 18% silver, that deflects up to 99.9% of wireless radiation.
  • Women can place the blanket over their bellies during pregnancy, thus protecting their fetuses from unwanted radiation from any source. (Great gift for family/friend who is pregnant!)
  • After the baby is born, it can be used as a baby blanket.
  • Use it as a wrap for your newborn if you are using a laptop or taking your baby to areas where cell phones are in use.
  • College students can stuff this in a backpack and pull it out when using the laptop.
  • It can also be a Dirty Electricity Protection dog blanket.
  • Cover a computer tower.
  • Anyone who regularly places a laptop in their lap!

Dirty Electricity Source #3 WiFi – dirty electricity/EMF radiation is produced whenever the WiFi is on.wifi radiation protection

Most of us have WiFi routers so that we can use our laptops, cell phones, e-readers, and notebook computers anywhere the WiFi will reach.

Sitting on the back patio with an iced tea and your tablet in the summer is a great way to read a book or scroll through emails! Many people think it’s super convenient to use their cell phones as their alarm clocks in the bedroom or watch a movie in bed on their laptops.

Convenience and health might be at odds, though, if you leave your WiFi on at night and keep your electronics in your bedroom!

What steps can you take to enjoy the convenience of WiFi without compromising your body?

Our bodies ARE “electric” because electrical impulses create our thoughts, movements, and all bodily functions. Our internal electrical systems do react to dirty electricity, aka electromagnetic radiation.

Solution #3: Dirty Electricity from WiFi

Reduce Dirty Electricity at Night: Place Your WiFi Router on a Timer

Turn off your WiFi router at night. If you can, turn your router off overnight and all your additional Wireless devices that have a wireless option, such as laptops and smartphones.

  • We recommend using an electric timer so you don’t have to worry about manually turning off your Wi-Fi every night. Your body goes into rest and recovery mode while you sleep. This is why protecting your body from any interference from EMF radiation at night is so important.
  • If you need to use the Internet when your router is off, use a hard-wired computer. Most people determine the latest time they will need WiFi and set their timer to go off when they typically go to bed. This is a level of EMF protection we recommend to all our clients. It’s easy, cheap, and will improve your sleep health.

Room EMF Protection

Room Shield White Backgroound


If you have certain areas you wish to protect, an easy solution is to place a Room Shield in that one room. They cover an area of thirty feet in every direction from wherever the Room Shield is placed. Popular spaces include your home office, the bedroom, or the media/great room. Any room with electronics (like computers or TVs) is a good candidate for a Room Shield.

Smart Meter Protection – From Your Meter and Your Neighbors’ Meters (visit Home and Office Protection)

Room Shield – to break up dirty electricity in a room:

If you have a cell tower close by, it is important to consider the above whole home protection, personal protection, and room protection in combination.

If you have a Smart Meter installed, it is wise to place the Premium Room Shield in the room where the Smart meter is located on the outside wall.

Many people also keep a Room Shield in their bedroom at night and sleep better.

EMF Protection Frame Liners: There is also a product from SYB  that can be used directly behind the back of the smart meter. We advise both items because Smart Meters send out tiny bursts from 10,000 to 60,000 times per day (Data from Pacific, Power, and Gas).


Solution #4 – Whole Body Protection

Take one of our quizzes for tips on stress reduction and a personal Shield recommendation
We’ve spoken about the three sources of dirty electricity and provided you with specific products that protect you from dirty electricity. The final product is our most purchased product simply because it provides full body protection from all three sources of dirty electricity.

That being said, we HIGHLY recommend using both full-body protection and these specific products for targeting sources of dirty electricity.

How sensitive are you to dirty electricity and electromagnetic radiation?

To find out, please take our EMF Exposure Quiz  for insight into your levels of exposure and risk, you’ll receive a BioElectric Shield recommendation based on your replies.


Thank you for exploring Dirty Electricity, EMF Radiation, and Your Health with us. They are interconnected! We created the quizzes for you and are also available to speak with you about how you can best protect yourself from energies that may be invisible energy drains for your body.

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