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Dirty Electricity, EMF Radiation and Your Health

by | Sep 19, 2022 | 0 comments

Dirty Electricity, EMF Radiation, and Your Health

dirty electricity, emf radiation and your health

In this blog, “Dirty Electricity, EMF Radiation, and Your Health,” part I, we’ll talk about WHERE dirty electricity comes from and how it’s related to EMF radiation. Would you be surprised to learn that both solar and wind power are simultaneously clean and dirty sources of energy?

We’ll take a deep dive into how dirty electricity is created. Knowledge is power, and by understanding how dirty electricity is created, you’ll also understand how it can be reduced or even eliminated from your life and your body.

We’ll also review a few of the biologically harmful effects of dirty electricity. Customers have told us that this often motivates them to take action to fix the problem. Dirty electricity is invisible, so we rarely have a clue that we’re being bathed in frequencies that can cause serious harm to our bodies.

Dirty electricity is literally everywhere, quietly polluting our bodies with invisible frequencies that most of us are unaware of unless they have already become electromagnetically sensitive.

In Part II of “Dirty Electricity, EMF and Your Health- Solutions”, we’ll focus on WHAT you can do to protect yourself. We’ll share many solutions you can use to filter dirty electricity and even deflect it away from rooms in your home and your body.

What is Dirty Electricity?

dirty electricity


Dirty electricity is a term used to describe electrical contamination that can negatively impact the quality of your home or office power supply. It generates what is termed “electrical noise.” Translated, this “noise” is the sound you would hear if you used equipment that records audio of electrical transmissions. You’ve probably heard the humming of high-tension power lines, and this is an example of what dirty electricity sounds like. In your home, it’s not so obvious.

What causes the noise?

When more current flows through your wires than is necessary, you will see a spike in the amount of current flowing through the line. (You need equipment to view this).  When excess electricity is created, it also creates an equally large electromagnetic “cloud.” This “cloud” is simply another way of describing electromagnetic radiation. In this photo, you can see all the fuzzy lines on the bottom current. These are tiny spikes and harmonics that get added to the electrical current. The spike also generates a cloud of electromagnetic radiation.

Dirty Electricity is Electromagnetic Radiation

Most people don’t realize that “dirty electricity” is another way of describing electromagnetic radiation. Dirty electricity, aka EMF radiation, is:

  • Real
  • Measurable
  • Biologically harmful
  • Can be filtered
  • Deflected away from a person

Where does Dirty Electricity come from? 3 Sources:

  • Source #1 Electrical power – delivered via the electrical grid, solar panels, and/or wind generation
  • Source #2 Electronics
  • Source #3 WiFi

Source #1 -Power is delivered via the electrical grid, solar panels, and/or wind generation

Your electricity can be delivered in one or more ways. Most people simply get electricity through the massive electrical grid and substations that send out electrical currents through huge wires that may cross miles of territory before they reach your home.

Power from the Grid

Most of us assume that when the power comes into our electrical panel (breaker box), it arrives as a clean, even flow of energy. Right? This would be ideal, but the reality is that electricity coming to our breaker panel has an uneven current flow. Electricity is composed of 2 parts – the electric part and magnetic parts. They always move together as a pair of energies.

Clean electricity creates a small electromagnetic field. When the flow is greater than required,  this creates a surge or spike of electricity. Each spike creates a larger electromagnetic cloud than clean electricity. The larger the spike, the bigger the electromagnetic cloud.  This cloud, known as dirty electricity, has another name – it’s called Electromagnetic Radiation! So, dirty electricity and EMF radiation are describing the same thing.

What about solar or wind?  I thought this was clean energy!

solar inverter
As your solar panel or windmill receive sun or wind, energy is created in the form of direct current, DC.  Since our homes use alternating current, the DC must be transformed into AC before sending it to our electrical panel. Solar inverters are used for this process. The process os transforming the DC to AC creates a great deal of dirty electricity.

Wind power must also use an inverter to change the DC to AC current. In this photo, the inverter is outside, right next to the solar panels. We’re not picking on this company (texassolargroup.com). This inverter is an essential part of this solar installation.

When the current enters your breaker box, it’s dirty electricity. This dirty electricity moves through your home. When sensitive electronics received dirty electricity, this can damage electronic parts and shorten the device’s lifespan. And not only that, dirty electricity creates surges and spikes that drive up your power bill.

The conclusion about Power sources? Power from the grid is dirty. Solar and wind are clean power until they go through the necessary conversion to AC. None of these sources deliver clean electricity to your electric panel.

Source #2 – Electronics Create Dirty Electricity

So, in addition to dirty electricity being delivered to all outlets in your home, all your appliances and electronics in your home create dirty electricity simply by being on. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • desktop computers
  • E-readers like Kindles and Nooks
  • iPad or other notebooks
  • Laptops
  • WiFi headsets
  • Portable and cell phones, televisions
  • BlueRay players or stereos
  • Wireless routers
  • Refrigerators, washers, dryers
  • Fluorescent lights… and more
  • Video games

You can’t see or consciously feel that dirty electricity (aka electromagnetic radiation)  can be very unsettling to your body.  Look at this photo and see how uneven the waveform is.

Dirty Electricity - from powerqualityworld.comHow does electricity get dirty? (the technical version)

Often the amount of power required to run or recharge a device is simply not quite enough to get the job done.

When that occurs, the amount of current sent to the device increases.


If you have a device showing you the current amount being delivered, you’d see that the current will spike up higher, adding harmonics to the current.  What you see in this diagram are the extra harmonic waveforms that get created when this happens. The result is a distorted waveform. It allows your device to work, but the quality of the energy is dirty and can be very disruptive to all living things.

If you’re techy, read the following section explaining how this happens. If you’re not techy, then skip down to Source #3.

There is a pathway to follow of how clean electricity gets dirty. This part is pretty technical, and when I first read about it, it took me a few repetitions to understand the steps, but once you get it, it makes perfect sense. Each step involves an electrical term, and then the term will be explained.

Step 1: Volts – All electricity comes to your home through a “service drop”. A standard service drop includes 3 cables: two are hot insulated cables each carrying 120 volts of electricity which allows 240 volts to be used when necessary. A third cable, usually bare, serves as a neutral conductor and also provides structural support for the entire service drop. If your service drop goes down, all the power in your home will go off.  If more than 120 volts is delivered (and this happens frequently), you’re receiving the distorted, dirty electricity we just described above. If you have solar or wind, similar distortions in volts also deliver dirty electricity to your electric panel.

Step 2: Amps describe the flow of electrons that is typically known as electrical current

Step 3: Watts- describes how much current you use – say, in a month – your electric bill is calculated in watts, i.e., how much current you used that month.

Step 4: Electromagnetic Fields are created by any electrical current. They make things “spin” – they create “work”. They also have the effect of lowering the power factor of your electrical current. This means that you will need more amps to get the job done!

Example:  Why does your phone get hot when you charge it or the back of your refrigerator is always warm? Amps get converted into heat. Thus, instead of your phone feeling cool after you charged it, it feels hot. The extra amps caused extra heat to go into your device. It’s also why your refrigerator is hot at the back where the motor is. Hot means it’s inefficient and dirty.

Imagine you have a heavy load of rocks in a wheelbarrow and you need to get those rocks up a hill that is about 200 feet away. Now imagine that the wheelbarrow has a slightly flat tire. It moves, but it takes you 3x as much effort to make that happen. This is what happens when more amps getting added to your electric current. More amps equals a spike or surge in your amount of current.

dirty electricity-elecronics-stack-exhange.com_Step 5: Harmonic Distortion: Your electricity should be a smooth set of peaks and valleys. This image, from the electronics-stack-exchange.com, shows how distorted and overloaded the current has become. This is what harmonic distortion looks like!

The harmonics are extra frequencies that get added on to the pure 120 volts, the primary frequency resulting in a current that shows harmonic distortion. In other words, it’s dirty electricity.

Harmonic distortion of the wave creates heat and reduces the efficiency of the current delivered, so your phone gets charged.


Another example is this lovely image, courtesy of the Sunshine Coast Computer Club (sccc.org.au). This is a perfect example of what dirty electricity looks like. The Smart meter produces a very dirty electrical signal as opposed to the analog meter


Step 6: Power factor – how much power is needed to make something work? Quite simply,

    • The key point here is this. As current is used, it creates an electromagnetic field that often creates distorted harmonics, aka dirty electricity.
    • Dirty electricity means the electromagnetic field is generating EMF radiation (unhealthy) as well as not being efficient.
    • Dirty electricity LOWERS the power factor. This means MORE power is needed because there is interference with the current being delivered (the harmonics above show that the power is no longer flowing in nice smooth waves and troughs).
    • A lowered power factor means more amps are required for the device (the TV, the Blue-Ray player, the dryer) to work. More amps = more heat, a higher electric bill, an overheated phone or refrigerator, and a shortened lifespan for your electronics (pretty much everything we use!) And it also means you’re being exposed to dirty electricity, aka, electromagnetic radiation!
  • The bottom line of all these steps is this: when more current is delivered spikes can occur in the amount of current.  Electrical spikes create big magnetic clouds of  EMF radiation.

Source #3 WiFi

We all know that WiFi is a strong wireless signal that allows us to use our devices wherever a WiFi signal is present. This is nearly everywhere on our planet. You can even take a hike into the woods, and you still get a signal in many places. This means we are bathed in these WiFi frequencies. When you leave your WiFi router on at night, you’re sleeping in a WiFi bedroom. If you wear metal frame glasses, the metal serves as an antenna to attract WiFi signals. A metal bedframe can do this as well.

How does dirty electricity affect your body – and your utility bills?

If you experience any of the following symptoms after extended exposure to electronic devices or dirty electricity, you may have developed Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity or are starting to develop this increasingly common diagnosis.

dirty electricity doesn't feel good

  • Sleep disorders
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue – Lack of Energy
  • Memory and Concentration difficulties
  • Dizziness
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Skin conditions
  • Mood disorders

Most people may not know that the grass underneath high-tension powerlines simply does not grow. It’s dead underneath them, and as you get farther away from the powerlines, the grass becomes yellow and then finally green when it’s far enough away from the toxic effect of the dirty electricity, aka electromagnetic radiation that comes from those lines.  Experiments have been done by kids and researchers, showing that seeds won’t sprout in a dirty electricity environment. Shield them from the EMF radiation, and the seeds sprout just fine.

As for your power bill? Dirty electricity is creating more current, thus more watts of energy used up in your home. You are paying for this excess energy. You’ll see a lower power bill with a dirty electricity filter, either their plug-in or whole home filter made by Satic. And more importantly, you will probably feel how much nicer your home environment feels.

Filtering Dirty Electricity – A “Satic In Home Filter” StoryNew-Solar-PPB-SD-Box-

I have spoken to many customers about the results of adding the Satic Dirty Electricity filter. In my case, we decided to install the Super Duty Home unit because we have solar panels on one roof. The morning after the installation, I asked my husband if he noticed anything different. He commented that the energy in the home seemed much more natural and peaceful as if we were standing outside in our yard instead of inside. I had noticed the SAME thing but didn’t want to influence him, so I asked him first. I’ve heard from others that they simply like the way their home feels now. They may not be specific, but the comments have always been very positive.

Conclusion – Part I

Rather than worrying about how much WiFi surrounds us, the better question is: “how can we protect ourselves from dirty electricity, wherever it comes from? In Part II we will explore the myriad products available to filter dirty electricity and electromagnetic radiation.  Stay tuned for all the many solutions we have for you!





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