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Being an Emotional Empath is a Rare Gift even a Superpower

by | Jan 31, 2024 | 0 comments

Emotional Empath - woman showing 3 faces

Being an emotional Empath is a gift!

It may not always feel like it, but learning how to manage this gift can change your life!

Do your emotions feel like a crazy rollercoaster?roller-coaster emotions

What are the signs you’re an empath?

  • Are you sometimes concerned that perhaps you’re just a bit crazy because you are so much more sensitive to energy than your friends or co-workers?
  • Do you have unexplained mood swings, strange health issues, feelings of overwhelm, and exhaustion that don’t seem to have an explanation?
  • Do you often feel another person’s feelings, thoughts, emotions, or even physical pain as if they are your own?

We may have some good news for you. You may not be crazy after all. You are likely either an emotional Empath or a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and we have some tools to share with you.

Being an Emotional Empath or Highly Sensitive Person, HSP can be your Superpower.

These days, the terms ” Empath ” and ” Highly Sensitive Person ” are often used interchangeably, but this is not technically correct.

What is the difference between an Emotional Empath and a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?

Being an emotional empath is a giftHSPs are estimated to comprise about 20% of the population today, but only 5% are considered Empaths. All Empaths are highly Sensitive Persons, but not all Highly Sensitive Persons are Empaths.

Empaths – You experience what it’s like to be the other person and sometimes can’t tell the difference between your feelings and someone else’s. The type of empath we’re talking about here is the emotional empath.  Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) – You can sense these things, but know they’re not You. They can still affect your mood and well-being, but you’re not trying to process an emotion that isn’t yours.

Both can perceive another person’s feelings, emotions, and/or pain. The difference is in knowing whether it’s yours or someone else’s.

The emotional empath takes in the emotions and energy of other people, integrates them into their own energy field, and feels like it’s theirs. Some even transfer physical pain, suddenly experiencing a headache, backache, or other pain. Often, it’s someone they know, but at times, I can be near that woman in the subway who is in deep pain, and you sympathize with her, and Violla, you’ve got a backache, too.

There are challenges and gifts either way. In the rest of this article, I will discuss the challenges of being overwhelmingly sensitive to the world around you without constantly distinguishing between the two terms. All empaths are HSPs, but the reverse is not always true.

You can learn more about it and gain some tools and techniques to balance things out so you’re not riding such a huge, confusing rollercoaster of emotions. Once you gain some mastery and understanding, I am confident you will begin to be thankful that you have such a huge, wide-open, caring heart.

Why is Emotional Sensitivity a Gift?

EMOTIONAL woman with poorly wrapped giftIf you’re like most of us, you likely haven’t always seen this as a gift. You’ve likely seen it as a curse.

Most of us have heard all too often: “You’re too sensitive.” “Wow, what a bleeding heart!” “Don’t take it all so personally.” You may have even been called “neurotic.” You may have felt slightly crazy and feel the world isn’t safe. Many of us spend many difficult years before we begin to understand what’s going on.

I’m happy you’re here at whatever point in your life.

Being an Emotional Empath in a world filled with fear, pain, and chaos can be difficult. You probably feel like you’re on a roller coaster as you pick up on the energies of the people around you, frequently experiencing myriad emotions within a short time. I’ve been there and can relate.

Why fixing yourself doesn’t work.

Woman with toolsIt’s not your fault. You have done nothing wrong. You don’t need fixing. It would be best if you had a little fine-tuning.

You have probably spent a fair amount of time trying to “fix” yourself. You experience other people’s emotions or pains like your own. Since you are unaware of this phenomenon, you try to figure out how to heal that emotion or pain.

Sometimes, in the process, you go to great lengths to understand your anger, sadness, etc., in relation to something going on in your life. When, in fact, it’s not yours, and there’s nothing to fix or understand. Acknowledging what’s going on can often make it easy to “let go of.” It’s very difficult to fix something that isn’t broken. Most things you try are like putting a bandaid on your finger when your heart hurts.

This sensitivity can be a gift instead of a curse if you learn to tone it down and use it consciously and constructively.

The Empowerment of Differentiating Yours vs. Others

Differentiating your emotions from theirsHow do you know if your emotions or pain are yours or coming from someone else?

I’ve found that simply taking a few quiet moments to ask myself a couple of questions puts things into perspective.

  • Does what I’m feeling/experiencing right now make sense in my life?
  • Does it correlate with what’s happening now or even in my past?

If the answer is NO, you are most likely picking up on outside energies, thoughts, feelings, emotions, or even fears that can be wide-ranging but feel like yours. It’s difficult to believe, but there is a layer of fear around the planet that affects everyone to some extent, but HSPs and Empaths get it in full force. Have you noticed that when there are disasters, airplane crashes, riots, or other serious events on the other side of the planet, you often feel fear, terror, or anxiety? Read more about the effects of this blanket of negativity, fear, and stress.

If you feel irrational, try tuning in to see if your family or loved ones are in trouble. Then check the news – even on the other side of the planet. If that feels like what you’re experiencing, realizing what’s happening can help it shift and release the intensity.

Acknowledge that this isn’t yours, take some deep breaths, and feel it leaving your body. If you work with angels, guides, or a higher power, you can even ask for help in clearing the energy. Often, just identifying the issue greatly reduces the impact.

If it is yours, you can start dealing with it from a place of empowerment.

Your gifts as an emotional empath – some even call them unfair advantages.

energized woman with shield• You can help people – Feeling other people’s feelings as if they’re your own means you can help people because you understand them. Still, it also means relationships and even public places can be pretty overwhelming.
• You’re Intensely Alive –You also probably experience your feelings intensely because you’re more alive than ordinary people.
• Truth Intuition – You have a built-in Lie Detector, so it’s almost impossible for people to lie to you.
• Clarity – Your thoughts become your own, making it much easier to make decisions.
You know who your allies are – When someone has your back, you know it.
Freedom from Hype – You see behind the media’s hype and lies. You may not always know what’s wrong, but you know when not to believe something as true.
Read more about these advantages/gifts.



The Emotional Component

Many emotional empaths must cope with a strong emotional component when picking up on how others feel.

While many types of Empathic gifts exist, emotional empathy is often described as a curse. We aim to help you understand and protect yourself from experiencing the benefits.

Questions to Ask Yourself to determine if the emotions are yours

  • Does this emotion, feeling, or pain have anything to do with my life?
  • Does this make sense with anything happening in my life or past?
  • Physical Pain – Did this pain just come out of the blue? Is it possible I did something or pulled something that could account for it?

If you get a “No” all the way around, stop trying to figure out what to do in your life. Once acknowledged, the energy often dissipates on its own.

If not, release it. If you have ways of releasing unwanted energy, use them now. If not, a simple statement helps. If you work with a higher power, higher self, God, Christ, angels, etc., you can call on them to help. I normally say something like,

I release all thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy, and pain that are not mine. I ask that they be dissolved into pure golden-white light. Take a few deep breaths and feel it drop away. The words aren’t important. It’s the intent that does it.

One of the most empowering things you can do for yourself is to learn more about your gifts and their benefits and potential drawbacks. Wearing a BioElectric Shield can be a great help in reducing the overwhelm, and it can help you use your gifts more clearly. Here are some articles to check out: Tools to Stop Energy Drains for HSPs and Empaths

Read more about Empaths.

Although we’re talking about emotional empaths, there are other types.

Read How to Know if You’re an Empath

Being an emotional empath is a gift






What Kind of Empath Are You?

Empath - words and hands with light

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Why are we writing about this, and why did we create a quiz just for you?

I’m AnnaMariah. I spent nearly 40 years trying to figure out what was wrong with me and fix myself. I often feared that I was either a bit crazy or neurotic.AMf500x500

Understanding what was happening and learning some techniques helped me feel less crazy, but it didn’t do much to change the situation. Techniques can work, but they require a lot of focus and diligence. In truth, constant vigilance put me more into a fearful state and less into a place of love and acceptance. Thus, I preferred to suffer than to be hypervigilant, constantly on guard, against other people.

The BioElectric Shield changed my life in 1994; my passion has been helping others like me find strength and peace. Click here for my story.

Our Quizzes

Choosing a Shield can be confusing, and we realized we needed a tool to help you assess your needs and get a clear, personalized recommendation.

EMF Quiz– Assesses your EMF exposure and risk level and recommends the best level of personal energy protection for your needs.

HSP Quiz After talking with many people about their EMF quiz results, we realized we were scratching the surface. Saying, “Yep, you’re sensitive,” wasn’t very helpful.

We decided to go further to help you understand the forces impacting your life, your ability to cope, maneuver your life with ease, and even be balanced and healthy. Since 2016, over 20,000 people have taken the original version of the quiz. Many have given us feedback. Some called crying because they finally feel “seen” and understood. It was a complete revelation for some, giving them “permission” to finally be themselves.

Quote from Elmdea B. on Facebook after she took the quiz

“I know many friends here on FB are Highly Sensitive People. AnnaMariah Nau and Ellen Koronet have written a well-crafted, comprehensive, and helpful quiz to help people discover if they are highly sensitive and in what areas. For me, it was a confirmation of what I’ve known, although one was much stronger than I had thought. (It’s one of those “but isn’t everyone?” things). They also offer solid, concrete suggestions about what you can do to help you work with (and not be overwhelmed by) the various sensitivities. I’ve known both women for quite a few years and respect them personally and professionally. Please note: this is NOT a dratted FB data mining thing.”

Click Here to Read more articles for Empaths and HSPs

You can call us too – we’re happy to discuss your situation. (541) 201-8878.


Read More about all the HSP/Empath Quiz Results – What are your superpowers?

Environmental Sensitivity Awareness – HSP Information and Tips

environmental sensitivity too much going on







Being an Emotional Empath is a Rare Gift

Emotional Empath - woman showing 3 faces






What Does it Mean to be a Highly Sensitive Person?
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What does it mean to have Intuitive Sensitivity?

Line drawing of third eye, woman and child showing intuition from Am Canva Premium 1-29-24


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DreamingBioShield Helps Highly Sensitive and Highly Intuitive Woman Experience Life Again!

Email from new customer: I put the Shield on …not expecting to feel a response and to my surprise, I felt it instantly.

There was an instant calmness that I had not experienced in a long time. I felt protected and felt like I had come home to me. Over the years, I have become quite an emotional person, being quite sensitive both to devices and to negative and abusive people. I have found that although I still experience emotional outbursts when exposed to people, I am finding that I am a lot calmer, and I seem to be able to find clarity quite fast. The effects of feeling protected have allowed me to own my choices and to allow myself to heal on such a deep level. I have more energy, can focus more easily, and have found a deep calmness, clarity, and knowing that I haven’t felt in such a long time.

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