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BioElectric Shield - Personal Energy Protection


14K Gold Bioelectric Shield

Inside every BioElectric Shield is a physics-based crystal matrix (see How it Works) surrounded by a case of precious metal. The type of metal amplifies the strength of the energy activity created by the crystal matrix.

  • Level 1 – Essential – Brass, a good amplifier, is used in all Level 1 Shields. They are effective in a room, auto, or as a starter personal Shield. There is no 5g protection.
  • Level 2 – Plus – Sterling Silver, a stronger amplifier, is used in the Level 2 Shields. Children and others with low exposure to EMF do well with this level of protection. It’s not strong enough for 5G protection, but it reduces enough of the other sources of EMF to provide relief. If you find later that you need a stronger Shield, you can upgrade within three years. Read more about upgrading
  • Level 3 – Premium Sterling Silver with 14K gold tabs is used in the Level 3 Shield. Adding gold tabs to the silver makes this Shield far stronger, including protection from Smart Meter radiation, 5G, and other EMFs. It is chosen by those who are EMF & environmentally sensitive, empaths, and HSPs (those who are sensitive to other people’s energy). Why? Because gold is the strongest amplifier of the Crystal Matrix Energy in the Shield, the gold tabs strengthen and expand the energy of the matrix.
  • Level 4 – UltimateAll 14K yellow or 14K white gold is the ultimate amplifier used in all Level 4 Shields. It provides all the protection listed in Level 3 at a much higher level. It is great for those in high EMF environments, international travelers, and those who need the ultimate in protection from EMF, other people’s energy, and other forms of stress, including geopathic stress.
  • Level 5 – Ultimate + Gems – Level 5 Gem Shields provide the ultimate in EMF Blocking & Energy Protection.  The diamonds and tri-gem (diamond & sapphire and either emerald or ruby) Shields add desirable properties for people who demand the highest protection and energy balancing on all levels.
  • Our Level 4 and 5,14k Gold Shields aren’t just a luxury item. The gold expands and strengthens the energy of the Shield exponentially. For those needing extra protection, balancing the difference can be life-changing. How much is your health and well-being worth to you?
  • Please read some of our Gold Shield testimonials and find more under each product listing.
  • Read more about the Diamond Shields Align with Your Purpose Diamond BioShield – Inspiration, Protection, Alignment.

Specialized Crystal Matrices

We have special crystal matrices to address certain energy needs. They all offer the same protection and energy balancing as the standard matrix but provide additional energy support for specific issues. Any of these matrices can be added to Level 2-5 Shields. 

    • Focusing Matrix – If you have a serious issue with focus and difficulty staying on task and are either diagnosed with ADD or ADHD or feel you fit in that category, you can choose our focusing matrix instead of the standard one. We add additional crystals to assist you in being more focused, calm, and on task. Available in Levels 2-5
      • *Note:  Only get the focusing matrix IF you have focusing issues. One of the properties of this Shield is that it Pulls your energy field in more strongly. Some without actual ADD issues may find it uncomfortable. If in doubt, take advantage of our Photo Analysis.
    • Individually Customized Shield – Your Shield matrix will be designed to support your unique energy field.
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Matrix – If you are on the Spectrum, ensure you receive the Shield that most supports your energy field by completing our Photo Analysis. Once that is complete, we can place an order for you. Some styles may be special orders and take 14-21 days to ship. We don’t list them on the site because we want to take the extra time to ensure a good fit. 
    • International Matrix If you Live outside North America, choose the Focusing Matrix, which works in every country. Choose the focusing matrix if you live part of the year in North America and part elsewhere.
      • Why an international/Focusing Shield? Different world areas have varied energy flows and need additional gemstones to work long-term to protect from EMF and provide emotional balance. Initially, we had over ten Shield matrices. Still, with our mobile population often moving to other countries for all or part of the time, we needed a simpler solution so people didn’t have to purchase additional Shields.
      • The focusing matrix with a combination of twelve specific gemstones has proven to be the best choice for those outside the US and Canada, with the extra property of additional focus and the ability to stay on task.
    • Note: Your Shield will work beautifully if you have a North American non-focusing matrix and travel internationally. If you permanently move to another part of the world, you might consider the Focusing matrix.

Upgrading to the next level

If you want to upgrade to a more powerful shield, you may be able to do so if it is in good condition (no dents or scratches) and less than three years old. Once we receive your Shield, we will assess its condition and apply a credit to your new shield. Read all about upgrading!


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Take a Quiz to Choose the best level of protection for you or your child.

Take our Quiz for a Personalized Recommendation

EMF Quiz assesses your overall exposure and risk from EMF and gives you a Shield recommendation based on your answers.

Note: If you need more strength, you can order a Level 4 or 5, even if the quiz recommends a Level 2 or 3 Shield.

You may also want to take advantage of our photo analysis for a more specific recommendation of what you can expect from your BioShield.

The HSP / Empath Quiz responds with detailed information on your sensitivity to stress and other people’s energy. Unlike most quizzes, it doesn’t just say, “Yep, you’re sensitive.” It gives you scores in 4 specific areas of sensitivity and provides much information and tips on how this shows up in your life and what you can do about it.

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Quote from Elmdea B. on Facebook after she took the quiz

“I know that many of my friends here on FB are Highly Sensitive People. AnnaMariah Nau and Ellen Koronet have put together a well-crafted, comprehensive, and helpful quiz to help people discover if they are highly sensitive and in what areas. It confirmed what I’ve known, although one was much stronger than I had thought. (It’s one of those “but isn’t everyone?” things). They also offer solid, concrete suggestions about what you can do to help you work with (and be calm by) the various sensitivities. I’ve known both women for quite a few years, and I respect them, personally and professionally. Please note: this is NOT a dratted FB data mining thing.”

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Note: Some comments about Shield Levels are old before Smart meters, WiFi everywhere, and 5G. We recommend Level 3 Shields where possible. If that’s not in the budget or for a child, go to a level 2 Shield. The lower levels of Shield do protect you from much of the EMF out there but may be subtle, and any changes may be below your level of awareness. An upgrade may be a good idea if you are still experiencing EMF.