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It’s Possible You have an Unfair Advantage

by | Oct 4, 2019 | 0 comments

Lie detector hsps empaths may have unfair advantage

HSP’s – Do you have an unfair advantage?

Being an empath or HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) can give you huge advantages both in business and in life, some people even think it’s an unfair advantage. We disagree, believe it or not, your sensitivity could just be a blessing.

You hear a lot about the downside of being an empath/HSP; feeling drained, overwhelmed, bombarded, losing focus, and yes, feeling other people’s fears. In fact, if you’re like most of us, you struggle daily and can’t imagine that there’s an upside to being an energy sponge.

But it’s not all negative if you learn ways to work with your sensitivity. When you are able to balance out the plusses and minuses, you’ll find a refreshing clarity of thought and depth of emotions.

Many of us have found that by wearing a BioElectric Shield to tone down the overwhelm and bombardment, we can turn what used to be a huge problem into a great gift of insight. The Shield allows you to more clearly filter out the fear and stress all around you, and use your abilities in more productive ways.

The Shield allows you to more clearly filter out the fear and stress all around you, and use your abilities in more productive ways.

Truth Intuition – Your built-in Lie Detector

Most empaths can easily know when someone isn’t telling the truth. You feel the falseness. There’s a disconnect between the energy they are putting off and their words. This ability is greatly enhanced when wearing a BioShield. Instead of a slight feeling of off-ness, you may find you have crystal clarity about just what the lie is. My advice, always go with your intuition. You may not know exactly what’s off, but trust that there’s something not right and you’ll never go wrong.

For many of us, when faced with situations like this, we are dealing with negative and/or manipulative people who have learned to use their energy in a way that makes it hard for us to think and respond in ways that allow us to protect ourselves.

Clarity – Your thoughts become your own

If you’re around a manipulative or very opinionated person do you often find it difficult to hold on to your own beliefs or thoughts? This is very common for empaths and HSPs because the other person’s very strong thoughts can actually push your aside, making it difficult to find clarity.

When wearing a BioShield you don’t absorb the other person’s negativity. In the case of very manipulative, angry, or negative people, you’ll find yourself often responding from a place of greater strength. When confronted with certain types of people or situations, especially in confrontations, you may find it hard at times to think or even know what your own opinions are.

I have an example from my own life that was really quite dramatic and is the reason I am still wearing a Shield over 23 years later. You can read that story here

You know who your allies are

The flip side of this is that you know when someone has good intentions or feelings towards you. Seriously, this can take a lot of the guesswork out of friendships and relationships. Although some people feel this give us an unfair advantage, we feel that it’s evening the score since most people aren’t as affected by all the over load as HSPs and Empaths are.

Freedom from Hype

I’m not sure if this next is a plus or not. If you value truth and clarity, then I’d say it is. When you watch the news, read the paper, or even watch advertisements, you often know intuitively whether what you’re hearing or reading is true or not. Prior to getting a Shield many of us found that this was more difficult because the fear and hype frequency can be so strong it pulls you right in and makes it hard to think. The Shield’s protective energy filters out the vibes so you aren’t being as easily sucked into all the hype.

Many people who begin wearing a Shield can’t believe how different their life becomes, on so many levels. The Shield changed my life in 1994, perhaps it can change yours as well.

Learn about our Energy Protection Shields. The store will show you 4 levels of protection. Level 3 is the level preferred by most HSP’s.

If you haven’t already done so, take the HSP/Empath Quiz to get feedback on 6 specific areas of sensitivity, followed up with suggestions and ways to take advantage of your gifts.

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