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Let Your Still Small Voice Take the Agony out of Decisions.

by | Jul 6, 2021 | 0 comments

Let Your Still Small Voice Take the Agony out of DecisionsDo you agonize over decisions? Do you sometimes feel like there’s a roomful of people shouting in your ear telling you what to do? Does making a choice create a lot of anxiety for you? There may be some energetic issues getting in your way and preventing you from hearing your still small voice. Click here for more info.

Now let’s talk about what else you can do to find that clarity and make decisions with more ease.

First off, stop beating yourself up and give yourself a hug and a little compassion. Take a few minutes to sit quietly and listen for the wise voice that I know is within you.

Voice, what voice? We all have an inner voice, our still small voice – it may take practice to hear it.

Some people really do hear a voice, but too often it’s that critical voice that tells you everything you’ve done wrong, or how you are lacking in the world. If that’s the voice you hear, it’s the wrong voice. Oftentimes this is the voice of our mother, father, teachers, nuns, priests, rabbis, and other people who had influence in our early lives.

The more you listen to the Other voice, that still small voice within, the quieter the critical voices become.

The small voice within is your soul speaking to you (also known as your higher self, your intuition, even your guides). This voice will always, always be supportive and helpful. It may not always tell you what you want to hear. It can tell you when you’re on the wrong path, or that something needs to change. It can warn you against doing things that are not in your best interests. But it never ever criticizes, just supports you in going in a different direction.

I was struck by the fact that this is often referred to as “the still small voice within”. If it’s a voice that’s supposed to be speaking up and supporting you shouldn’t it be active and not still?

What happens when it’s so still or so quiet that you can’t hear it?

Many people tell me they don’t hear a voice. Well, that’s possible because there are so many ways for it to communicate with you. Actually truly hearing a voice is less common than some of the other ways: a sense of knowing, a gut feeling, a sudden inspiration, unexplainable synchronicity, a nudge, and so many ways all individual to you.

Unfortunately, that voice probably won’t be as clear as listening to your stereo, but you can find a way to make it clearer and stronger. It gets easier with practice.

Another reason for not hearing the voice is all the thoughts bouncing around in your head. When you are stressed or anxious, the more they bounce around and the more the stress and anxiety increase making it harder to listen. Your mind can keep you going around in circles, bringing up more and more questions, objections, worries, issues, and, oh my, it can get crazy in there.

How do you quiet the critical voice, calm the stress and anxiety and tune into the wisdom that is there just waiting for you?

First off, take a break. Put the question aside for a bit. Take a walk in nature. Do a craft project. Make jewelry. Call a friend. Dance. Draw. Take a shower or a long hot bath. Go somewhere and sit where you can look out on the world, it’s amazing how that gives a different perspective and a “space” away from your problems.

Try this simple technique that’s been working for me for over 30 years.

Once you’re feeling a little more relaxed, try this technique that has been working for me for nearly 30 years. It uses the innate knowledge of your deeper self. Your soul knows the answers and is just dying to share them with you.

Try it yourself. I will tell you right now, the more you do it, the more you trust it, the stronger and easier it becomes.

Find a quiet place where you can take a few minutes to allow yourself to experience this process. (Yes, it works even when you don’t have that quiet place, but for starters, it’s easier in a calm quiet place.)

Do a before assessment of 3 areas.

  1. Write down some specifics. Writing will help you get clear on your experience, especially when you are learning the technique.
  2. Your body: How does your body feel? Are you relaxed or tense? Do you have pain anywhere? Are you tired or energized?
  3. Your emotions: What emotion are you feeling? Are you Calm? Happy? Sad? Angry? Anxious
  4. Your mind: Count to ten, and pay attention to the “pace of your mind”. How fast are you counting? Is there a rhythm? Or anything else that’s notable?

Write down two or three options or choices.

    1. Take a few deep breaths to clear your mind.
    2. Visualize yourself going through with option #1 or ask a question.
    3. Questions should be general, such as “Would doing……benefit me?”  or “Is going to (doing) …… in my highest interest or for my highest good?
    4. Take 3 more deep breaths and let the question go.

Go through the 3 steps above, body, emotions, and pace of mind. Write them down as you go.

Do a Reassessment

  1. How does your body feel? How has it changed from the “before” picture? Are you tired where you had been energized or vice versa? Do you have a new pain in your body? Or did a previous pain leave?
  2. How are you feeling emotionally? What, if anything, feels different than before?
  3. Count to ten again. Is there a shift in the speed or cadence of your counting?
  4. Take a few more deep breaths.

Visualize each of the other choices you wrote down, each time taking a few deep breaths between choices.

Look back at your notes – In most cases, the choice will be clear

What choices made you feel energized, light, happy, calm, or certain? Was there one in which suddenly your mind was really slow, or kind of spacey, or speedy, or….?

Most of the time you will notice a definite change of responses in each visualization. The choice that has the most positive effect in all areas is Your Still Small Voice responding through your body, emotions, and mind. Go for the juice!

Here’s an example from my life.

I was planning on moving to Boston. I’d traveled to Boston, gone on several job interviews, checked out apartment prices, talked to friends, even got an Astro-cartography report that was highly positive. However, when I was in Boston, it felt difficult and heavy. But gosh how could that be, my Astro-cartography was fabulous, I had good friends there and so much else pointed in that direction? I was completely baffled and was trying my best to ignore these inner signals, my mind kept giving me all the positives.

I was back home in Montana and I got a phone call from the one company that I was most interested in working with. However, the offer he made was ridiculous, about $10-15K less than a livable wage in Boston. My answer was a definite “NO”.

I put on some music and sat down to meditate, just letting my mind wander. Suddenly a vision of California popped into my head. My entire body was tingling; I had so much energy flowing through me. The heavy feeling I’d felt thinking about Boston was Gone. I couldn’t quit smiling. This made NO SENSE at all; I didn’t want to move to California. I didn’t know a single person there. It was even more expensive than Boston. They have earthquakes. Don’t get me wrong, I love California as a place to visit, but never ever considered living there.

My response was so clear, so immediate and so strong; I started checking out jobs online. I applied for a number of jobs, lined up some interviews, quit my job, packed everything in a U-Haul, and moved. Yep, I moved Before I even had an interview. I had a job within 10 days of getting there and even had a free apartment for up to 3 months.

Did it all work out perfectly? Nope. That first job only lasted 6 months, but shortly after it ended, my dream job showed up and I spent five happy years working with some amazing people. And I met my husband there 4 years later.

Another note about this technique and the way I find the universe works.

You probably won’t see the whole picture or all the steps that are needed down the road. What you will see, is what’s yours to do Now. The following steps and guidance will follow as needed. So relax and follow your guidance. It’s an interesting and exciting journey.

You can use this technique to tune into almost anything, a move, a new relationship, a trip, a job, an event you’re thinking of attending, which gemstone is right for you today…and so much more.

Magnetize yourself through visualization

Manifest dream word cloud

By now you’ve read a lot about the Art of Attraction. Many have found that a lot of the techniques leave out an important part of the puzzle, using your emotions to energize the process. It takes more than just doing affirmations.

Add some extra “juice” to the process by really envisioning what it will feel like when you have that result. Here are some examples:

Do you want a new job? Imagine how you feel when you walk into the office every morning? See yourself as ….enthused, happy, warm and fuzzy, enriched?

Getting specific – but not too specific

The times I was just focused on “a job” I got just that, a job, and it wasn’t at all what I really wanted or needed and I was miserable. When I’ve included the feeling part visualizing how I want to feel about my job, workplace and the people I work with, the end result was always better than I’d expected.

New home? Same thing, how does it feel when you walk in the door? Is there a lot of light? Do you feel relaxed and nurtured? Are you entertaining friends?

Let the Universe, God, spirit, whatever you call that force, guide you. Pay attention to little clues along the way. When you ASSUME the Universe is a friendly place – you are the one that has changed what can come to you. You’ve opened the doors! In a mood of tremendous gratitude, Seeing and Feeling what you want sets the Universe in motion to deliver it to you!

Patience – did we mention it can take some TIME for your dreams to manifest? It can be minutes, days, weeks, or even months – but have faith – keep seeing and feeling what you want. Know that this or something even better for you will show up.

What if you feel a decision was wrong?

There are no wrong decisions – just different paths, or sometimes a journey to more clarity. 

1. Maybe you weren’t really allowing your intuition to guide you. Instead, you were playing the pro vs con game and listing it all out and making the decision based on what you THOUGHT made the most sense. You may be shocked to know this, but your brain frequently doesn’t have a clue as to what you really need in life, it’s making choices based on the past, not what could be. On the other hand, your Intuitive self knows where your soul wants to go and will guide you. And guess what, sometimes it doesn’t make any sense at the time, but will later.

2. Maybe those “wrong decisions” weren’t really wrong. Think about the situation from your current perspective. Did that decision teach you something, guide you to someone you needed to know, get you to a new city where you made important connections, help you realize that this isn’t what you want in your life? The list can be endless when you really think about how each step you take can lead to the next step and the next one, finally arriving at where you need to be. It frequently isn’t a straight line, but if you think about it, it was probably an interesting adventure.

3. Shift your attitude and see it as an Adventure. I hear you, it may seem like more of a disaster than an adventure, but see if you can shift your perspective on it. A grand teacher I had many years ago defined everything as an adventure and encouraged me to go for the Grand Adventure and not settle for just okay. You know what? Just that simple shift changed the path of my life. I gave myself permission to follow my intuition and jump, and a grand adventure it has been.

If you’re still completely baffled, you might want to find a coach or someone you can work with. Coaches don’t tell you what to do, a good coach will help guide you to your own answers and help you learn to trust the process. Often when you take the time to talk about your quandary or various options, just the process of explaining will bring to the forefront what you really want.

I encourage you to try this process. When you’re doing the envisioning part, let yourself go, don’t stop at the safe, easy answer that you know you can achieve. Instead, take it up a notch and go just a bit (or a lot) outside your comfort zone. Make this a year to remember.


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Gemstones and the BioShield can help here as well.

The Shield helps clear your energy field so you aren’t being as affected by all the thoughts, fears, needs, and emotions of those around you.

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