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What do Being Too Sensitive, Shy, Introverted, Fearful or Neurotic Have in Common?

by | Jan 25, 2015 | 0 comments

AnnaMariah Nau

AnnaMariah Nau

Are You Too Sensitive, Shy, Introverted, Fearful, or Neurotic?

You might be surprised at the correlation between being too sensitive, shy, introverted, fearful or neurotic. Do you feel every emotion around you? Are you tired of hearing people tell you, you’re too sensitive, too shy, too introverted, too fearful, or neurotic? Do you cry whenever someone else does even in a commercial? Can you sense what everyone around you thinks, feels, or needs? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the weight of all the emotions, negativity, and fear of everyone you know?

All these issues/symptoms often have a common factor. Once you understand what’s happening, you can take steps to not only cope and survive but thrive.

mirrorWhat does an empath look like you ask? You, me, your mother, your sister…..even your husband, brother, or son.

How do you know if you are a Highly Sensitive Person?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine HSPness (okay so that’s not a word, but you know what it means right?…well you will after you read the rest of this article)

  • Do you cry every time someone else does? Even if the person is on television, in a commercial, no less?
  • Do you get exhausted at shopping malls?
  • Are you extremely sensitive to pain (physical or emotional), yours or others?
  • Do other people’s bad or even good moods affect your mood?
  • Are you uncomfortable with loud noises or startled easily?
  • Do you worry that perhaps you’re just neurotic or a little crazy?
  • Are you easily overwhelmed or upset by things like bright lights, strong smells, coarse fabrics, or sirens close by?
  • Do you frequently get rattled or frazzled and need to go off alone?
  • Have you ever described yourself as a sponge?
  • Do you just seem to know when people are uncomfortable in a physical environment and always know what needs to be done to make it more comfortable (like changing the lighting or the seating)?

If so you just might be an HSP or Empath.

There are some advantages to being an HSP or Empath, but there are also loads of drawbacks. Frequently HSPs are shy, introverted or fearful or even neurotic…not because they lack anything, but because they are bombarded by sensory overload and can’t cope. Oftentimes the HSP feels like they must be crazy, or has strange emotional or health issues and is at a loss to figure out what to do about it, and maybe tired of hearing, “You’re just too sensitive.”

Would you be surprised to hear that 15-20% of people walking around are Highly Sensitive (HSP)?  Until the last few years, little was known about what it is and what you can do to empower yourself.

Recently someone asked me if it was possible to tell by looking at someone if they are an Empath or HSP. The answer is if you’re an Empath or HSP, then very possibly you can tell. Otherwise, probably not. Answering the questionnaire or sending in a photo for analysis will give you a pretty good picture.

As an Empath myself, I love talking to other Empaths and HSPs. Many times when we start talking and I let them know I understand their experiences they burst into tears. Many of us have gone through a good share of our lives thinking we are weak, too sensitive, neurotic, or maybe just crazy. It’s a relief to find out that it isn’t true. But the biggest relief comes upon learning that a BioElectric Shield can help in approximately 95% of those so affected.

Do you worry that you’re weak, too sensitive, or just crazy?

Many of us have gone through a good share of our lives thinking we are weak, too sensitive, or maybe just crazy. It’s a relief to find out that it isn’t true.

But the biggest relief comes upon learning that there are things you can do to deflect much of the energies that are bombarding you. The BioElectric Shield has been changing to lives of HSPs and Empaths since 1994.

Do you get tired, anxious, or ungrounded around technology? You may be Electromagnetically Hypersensitive

We have found that many HSP’s are also EMS’s, Electromagnetically Sensitive People, both sensitivities combine to create a sense of overload and overwhelm both physically and emotionally. It’s no wonder that so many HSP’s and EMS’s have a wide variety of issues, their systems just can’t possibly deal with all of the stuff coming at them. Give yourself, your mother, your grandmother, your sister, your aunt, your friend….even a sensitive man in your life, a gift that just might change their life forever – a BioElectric Shield.

Interviews with Virginia Bonta Brown and AnnaMariah

Virginia and AnnaMariah Bioelectric Shield Interview about EMF, HSP and personal protectionOur very own Virginia Bonta Brown and AnnaMariah are interviewed and share tips.

Virginia talks about the effects of EMF radiation and what steps you can take to protect yourself. As a pediatric occupational therapist, Virginia saw firsthand some of the effects energy had on children and has made it her mission to help protect both children and adults, so they can be empowered to be at their best. Did you know exposure by holding a cell phone to their head for only 5-minutes will decrease a child’s attention span for up to 3 hours?

As our technology increases with the roll-out of even more smart meters and 5G networks,  taking care of yourself is increasingly important.

AnnaMariah is an Empath. In this interview, she shares her story and talks about what it means to be an HSP or empath and how you can navigate more easily through our world. She discusses why so many HSPs are branded as neurotic. She designed our HSP Quiz to help Highly Sensitive People and empaths learn their areas of sensitivity and how they can be more at home in a chaotic world.

Listen and find out what you can do and why protection is so necessary.

In this interview Virginia speaks with KB and Ray on the Wake Up Radio Show for the first 40 minutes or so, then AnnaMariah is on until the end.

You have several ways to tune in

Read more information about HSPs and empaths.

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Try a BioShield and see what a difference it can make.

Many men are Highly Sensitive Persons, or Empaths, but are less likely to admit it. More women who are HSP/Empath’s are willing to talk about it or look for solutions. So I’m using a female pronoun. But men can be just as sensitive and love the BioElectric Shield’s energy protection.

Watch our Video Testimonials and see that you’re not alone


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