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Photo Analysis Process

What is Photo Analysis?

Our photo analysis can be invaluable if you are serious about purchasing a BioElectric Shield, have specific concerns or issues, or have tried “everything” without results.

With a photograph, our experts can make specific recommendations for the best level of BioElectric Shield for your needs. They see light frequencies not visible to the normal eye down to the cellular level. The lenses of their eyes have a broader capacity than what is typical for the rest of us. This gift has been passed through the generations for the past 900 years. They see your energy field in great detail without using a machine.

We have the utmost respect for their gift and can attest to their accuracy and the value of their insight. Based on your energy field and questionnaire answers, they can recommend the best energy protection through this photo analysis.

In many situations, there is “more than meets the eye”. We see only what is visible above the water, but icebergs can be hundreds of feet deep.
Similarly, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the body uses a powerful electromagnetic field, radio waves, and a computer to produce detailed pictures of the inside of your body.

Every living organism has an energy field that can be photographed with the proper equipment. The machine picks up frequencies that are not normally visible to the human eye to see these fields.

*Photo is of *Tai-Wiki-Widbee, located off the coast of Newfoundland

 Who Should Do the Analysis?

  1. You are serious about ordering a BioElectric Shield and want to use this process to be sure of your choices.
  2. You have specific sensitivity, health, mental, or emotional issues or “have tried everything” and need more precise recommendations.
  3. You want to know the best level of Shield for your needs and be clear about what you can expect the Shield to do, how it can help, and where it may not, so your expectations are realistic
  4. Is the analysis free? No, the upfront cost for the photo analysis is $50. You pay $50 when you order the Photo analysis. Once you order a Shield and keep it for the full 90 money-back guarantee, we’ll refund half the fee ($25). The photo analysis process takes quite a bit of our time and of our consultants, we pay our consultant for each analysis and can no longer offer it for free or casual interest.
  5. You are especially sensitive to EMF and/or other people’s energy, our questionnaire and the photo you send will provide enough information for our consultant to make a precise recommendation.
  6. You have health issues or extreme sensitivities, photo analysis can be invaluable and more useful than taking the quiz on our website. The consultant will recommend a specific Shield level for you.
  7. WHAT THIS IS NOT—the photo analysis is not an aura reading. We will not tell you what color your aura is or answer any questions that aren’t specifically related to the purchase of use of a BioElectric Shield.

Why isn’t the Photo Analysis Still Free?

There is a lot of time and effort involved on both our part and that of our consultant. We often give in depth information, follow up with other suggestions, send links and spend hours answering questions and writing specific instructions. 

If you have an investment, we hope you’ll take the information to heart and act on it. Not everyone has been serious about making a purchase and took this service lightly when it was free. We’d give them the feedback, sometimes for their entire family of six, and never hear another word. Other’s expected a full reading of their energy field for free, even though we explain that’s not what we’re doing. We are giving you information needed to purchase and get the most from a BioElectric Shield.


1. Purchase the product Photo Analysis Fee 

2. Fill out the questionnaire  – even if you took the quiz on our website, we need you to fill out the questionnaire on this page – please scroll down to find the questionnaire.

  • Even if you took our EMF Energy Sensitivity Quiz, we need to have the answers filled out in the questionnaire listed below this section. The Quiz results are sent only to the person taking the quiz – not to us!
  • The more complete your answers, the more detailed recommendation we can give you.

3. Have your photo taken

  • QUALITY OF THE PHOTO: Take and send a high-resolution photo. (A smartphone or digital camera works well).
    • Cold weather suggestions – If it’s very cold, we’d suggest you wear warm clothing so you can stand outside against a light-colored garage door or wall. You can wrap a light-colored sheet around your body – up to your neck. If you already wear a Shield, please wear it so it’s over the sheet.
      • If it’s too cold to go outside, please take 2 photos inside your home: One standing and one sitting. Sometimes it’s hard to get enough space above the head if your ceilings are low. By sending a photo of you sitting, the consultant will look at both photos and still be able to see your entire energy field.
    • Warm weather suggestions: Please wear light-colored clothing. Shorts are fine too. Please stand against a light-colored background. If you have a Shield, please wear it on the outside of your clothing.
  • BACKGROUND FOR THE PHOTO: Please find a very light background for the photo. A garage door is ideal. If your garage door is dark, you can tape a light colored sheet over the garage door.
  • STAND BY YOURSELF: Against a light background. Ask the person taking your photo to allow the same amount of space above your head, to the left and right as well as in front of you.
  • SPACING AROUND THE PERSON: Ask your photographer to stand back far enough to put the same amount of space around you that matches your height. For example,  If you are 5’5″, then the space in all directions around your body should be between 5 and 6 feet. It doesn’t have to be exact!
  • LACKING SPACE? If you don’t have a wall big enough to get the full five feet of space all around, please take two photos. One standing with as much space around as possible and the other sitting with the full five feet of space.

4. Email photo and Questionnaire for Photo Analysis

  • Please email your photo to [email protected]
  • HOW TO SEND THE PHOTO: Take the photo, go to your gallery/photos on your phone, choose the photo, and then click on the symbol that will allow you to email us the photo. It’s helpful to put our email in your contacts before you take the photo. Then, when you choose to send the photo, you can select the BioElectric Shield contact. If you need to text the photo rather than email, please email or call us for a text phone number. Our cell phones are our personal phones; we don’t put this out on the internet
  • Please attach your photos to an email or text versus embedding them in the email message area.
  • If you don’t have an email program on your phone, you won’t be able to email it to us. Give our office a call at 541-201-8878 for other options. Please add your name in the texting content area and attach the photo to the text so we know who just sent us a photo.
  • Need help? Please call our business phone – 541-201-8878 or email [email protected]

5. Photo analysis occurs once per week. You will be phoned or emailed (your choice) the results the same week as the photo analysis is complete. 

We meet with the energy consultant weekly.  Please be patient as we await the results.  It could take up to 3 weeks to receive results, so please be patient.  Please include your phone number and email on your online form.

Is this an energy reading? No, it is not. The consultant provides only recommendations to help protect your personal energy field. This can include a BioElectric Shield as well as other products to help protect you from Electromagnetic Radiation as well as other draining energies (people, places, or situations).

Optional by Mail – Please print your photo using the following criteria.

  • In order for the consultant to see your energy, the printer must be a photographic printer, capable of printing at a minimum of 1200 dpi. A 4” x 6” print on glossy photo paper will be fine.
  • Please send your photo to:
    BioElectric Shield Photo Analysis, 4115 Bakerview Spur, Bellingham WA 98226

EMF Photo Analysis Questionnaire

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