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Empaths are you drained of vitality and joy? Stop energy vampires today

by | Oct 13, 2022 | 0 comments

Empaths are you drained of vitality and joy stop energy vampires now

Empaths and HSPs are you doing everything right and still feeling drained? You might be the victim of an energy vampire. Let’s talk about energy vampires and how they can steal your energy. They leave you drained of vitality and joy, and it often feels like they’re sapping the strength from your very soul. Yes, they’re that powerful.

Almost every empath or HSP I’ve known struggles with relationships that aren’t healthy for them. The difficulty is in how well vampires hide and the many ways they zap you. Most empaths and HSPs see the best in people and can’t believe someone is stealing their energy on purpose, compounding the issue.

The good news is that you’re not helpless; there are techniques and an almost miraculous pendant that can change everything, giving you back your energy, vitality, and joy. It’s not truly miraculous because it’s scientifically proven, but the effects can be life-changing and feel like a gift.

Don’t Remain a Victim

With some knowledge, protection, and planning, you can take back your power, energy, and joy.

First Step: Recognize them in all their guises.

Second Step: Learn to protect and clear your energy with simple techniques.

Third Step: Protect yourself with a BioElectric Shield.

Step 1 – Recognize the vampires

Unconscious Vampires

I believe most people who leave you drained aren’t conscious of doing so. They’re just troubled souls grabbing at a lifeline to feed their emptiness. Sometimes they are depressed, sick, fearful, and/or filled with so much negativity and anger that their energy seeps into your aura and pulls your light into their field, they feel Oh so much better, and you are left exhausted, even sick or depressed. Unfortunately, when they tap into your life energy, it can affect your health, well-being, mood, ability to get things done, and your happiness and joy in life.

Spirit Sucker

Spirit Suckers are one of the most common types of unconscious vampires.

Example – You’re feeling great, and you’re excited about things going on in your life. You have projects you want to carry out, and you’re happy to have a life that motivates you and gives you opportunities to make a difference in some way.

You meet a friend for lunch, talk on the phone, or even text. The minute you start talking about your excitement or plans, they start complaining, dumping all kinds of negativity on you. It may be a new drama, trauma, or fight, but they’re often talking about the same old complaints they’ve had for years; they may even be returning to rehash something that happened years ago.

You’re compassionate. You try to help…even if a part of you is screaming, “Get over yourself; this is the same old pattern. Stop!” You know nothing you say will help them change anything. You feel frustrated, tired, and even completely drained and try to bring the conversation to something positive, but that’s nearly impossible to do when their wet blanket completely dampens any joy and enthusiasm you have.

You leave feeling not just drained, but without the spark of energy you need to keep going. It all seems like a huge, horrible struggle, and you doubt yourself and your abilities.

They’ve sucked the very spirit out of you. Keep reading for tips on how to recover.

Conscious Vampires

Some are purposely, maliciously stealing your energy, degrading your self-confidence, and so many other nasty little tricks to make themselves feel better, get ahead, win, feel powerful…etc. The effect of this purposeful assault is even more devastating than the unconscious vamps.

A story about a Conscious Vampire’s tricks from The Dual Path

I included a story in my novel, The Dual Path, about a very conscious vampire. It’s a bit long, but I have included it because it highlights some of the tricks in ways you will probably recognize.

Zemma is the storyteller, a 13-year-old girl traveling with her wise aunt Joy. They’re at a café at lunchtime, and all the seats are full. A boy, John, comes in looking a little down and bedraggled and asks to join them.

“Hey, can I join you? I’m on my lunch hour and don’t have time to wait for a seat to open.”

“Of course, please join us,” I said and gestured to the seat across from me. John sat, but something about him made it hard for me to look at him. Puzzled, I looked again and realized was a lack of light and energy in his eyes, a kind of deadness that was uncomfortable and unsettling.

John started talking immediately. He barely took time between words to breathe. Everything seemed wrong in his life: his boss, customers, the heat, and the dull town. The first few stories he told were rather amusing. I was sympathetic toward him and commiserated with him about his bad luck. However, he seemed to drag his troubles with him wherever he went after a while.

The Blame Game

I wasn’t enjoying hearing John as he blamed everything in his life on someone else, bad luck, or circumstances, and was barely listening when something he said made me take notice.

“…..I mean, do you believe he dared to tell me I was negative? Can I help if I keep running into creeps who screw me over and stuff like that? It’s always the same old stuff. I’ve got to get out of this town and go someplace new. Things will be different then.”

I couldn’t wait to get away from this guy’s constant negativity. His ability to blame everything on someone else, denying any participation or responsibility, was mind-boggling. Even before I’d met Joy, I’d been aware that when I was having recurring problems with people or having accidents, there was usually some answerability on my part.

“…and that dude, well, he claimed I screwed up his oil change. My boss threatened to fire me. He kept bringing up old mistakes, and everyone knows that’s bogus. I told my boss that if he couldn’t take my word for it, I couldn’t work for him. And he said, ‘Fine. You’re fired!’ After all, I’d done for him! So, I got a job making deliveries for the drugstore. Well, old man Baker’s a slave driver and started blaming me for orders getting mixed up. Hey, I can’t help if some of the names are almost the same and the handwriting is terrible. Geesh, expect a lot for stupid low pay. I took it for a couple of weeks, but I just had it with… blah, blah, blah…”

You’re yawning, and they’re energized.

I started yawning and took a huge sip of my soda, hoping the caffeine would give me a boost. I slumped in my seat; I’d say, ‘Uh, huh. Gee, that’s too bad.’ The more he talked, the more animated he became. He was a great deal perkier than when he’d sat down. I must have imagined his pallor and tiredness because now he appeared practically glowing with health and I swear his eyes had changed, no longer lifeless bottomless gray pools they’d been, but blue with a spark of life. I must have imagined the deadness before.

Joy sat in the booth’s corner, smiling at both of us. Something in her smile made me take notice.
I briefly tuned back into what John was saying. “Hey, man, I mean, I was tired earlier. This food must be good, ‘cuz now I’m raring to go. I haven’t felt this good in ages.”

Like a bolt, I understood John was a vampire. I’d let my guard down; my sympathy toward him had given him an opening. No wonder he felt good; he had my energy to boost him! I sat up and visualized the golden white light entering the top of my head, exiting through my solar plexus, just like Joy had taught me. I felt better in seconds. John was frowning when I looked up.

Anger at the victim

He started in on me. “Well, hey, you don’t have to get all huffy. I’m planning on paying for my lunch. It’s not like I asked for a handout or anything. I could hear you loud and clear, wondering if I’d stick you with the bill. Don’t worry; I can pay for myself.”

“What?” I tried to be coherent, but this blatant attack was a shock.

“Yeah, I know your kind. You think I’m a freeloader, and I resent that kind of attitude.” He jumped up, threw a couple of dollars on the table, and stomped.

I’m sure my mouth was hanging open. I was utterly taken aback in shock.

Joy started laughing an all-out, roaring, rollicking belly laugh. I was too shocked and drained to figure out what was so funny. I didn’t like being the butt of a joke, especially one I didn’t get.

“Oh, Zemma, that was priceless. You walked right into every one of his tricks. Talk about getting an instant lesson in dealing with vampires! Wow, you pulled in a doozy. He played on your sympathies, then, when that ran down, he just wore you down with talking. The best was that when you got wise to him and shut off the flow, he attacked you full-on. You didn’t see the attack coming, which caused you to let down your guard again, and he zapped you well!”

“Yeah, and after all that crap about paying his own way, he didn’t even leave half of what he owed!”

“True, but his theft of your energy is a much bigger loss for you than a few dollars for lunch.”
Chagrinned at how easily I’d played into John’s hands, I asked, “What else could I have done?”

“Zemma, one of the things I love about you is that you have a kind heart and want to help people. Earlier, when we talked, you proclaimed you didn’t want to go through life cutting yourself off from people. Well, here’s an instance where you could have paid more attention to the clues and signals he gave and protected yourself.”

Clues to watch out for

“Clues? What clues?”

“First clue was his appearance. Didn’t he immediately make you feel sorry for him? Didn’t you feel almost protective? Many ‘vampires’ have learned to give off that kind of helpless air to attract the ‘assistance’ of people like you.

The second clue was when he sat down directly across from you. That way, he could more easily line up his energy field with yours…all the better to eat you, my dear! It’s not unlike grandma and the big bad wolf!

Third clue, the sheer volume of negativity coming out of his mouth would have been enough to leave you depleted. It’s hard to be bombarded with that much negative energy and maintain your joy.”

“Is that all?”

“Nope. There was a fourth clue. As soon as you started getting sleepy, you should have checked in with yourself to see what was going on, and you would have known there was no good reason to be tired so quickly in the middle of lunch.”

“What should I have done?”

“Stay alert and Shield your Energy.

You should shield your energy when you have even the slightest inkling of the above conditions.”

“But I didn’t, and I’m exhausted. What do I do now?”

“Go hug a tree. Go, look at the sky. Skip. Laugh. Dance”

“All of the above? Or can I do just one thing?”

“One or all of them will do fine.” Said Joy

What were the clues

  1. Appearance, looking tired and pathetic, someone needing help.
  2.  Sat down directly opposite – direct line solar plexus to solar plexus.
  3. Talking constantly about everything wrong, negative, and how he’d done wrong.
  4. You start getting sleepy, extremely tired or can’t stop yawning.

What to Do to Prevent and/or Recover

  1. Put up Shields of light around you when you start talking to someone who brings out your sympathies – or anyone. You don’t usually know they’re a vampire at the start.
  2. Shift your seat, so you’re not sitting or standing directly opposite them.
  3. Try changing the conversation to something positive. If it doesn’t work, make an excuse, and get out of there.
  4. Run Golden White light through your crown chakra and down and out your solar plexus. This seals off your solar plexus and keeps vampires from being able to make a direct connection. Do this at the first sign of tiredness or, even better, before starting the conversation.
  5. Afterward, shift your energy. Let nature help or do something that energizes and raises spirits, like skipping, laughing, dancing, playing fun music, watching kids, kittens, puppies, etc.
  6. Try smiling at someone or giving them a sincere compliment – you’ll be surprised at the instant boost you feel.
  7. Practice gratitude. Think of something that is working in your life, even something small. Feel your heart open and let back in a trickle of love and joy. Keep thinking of things until you feel the tension leave you.

Why do we get involved with narcissists and energy vampires?

Let me be clear. It’s not your fault, and you haven’t done anything wrong. As empaths, we are so overwhelmed by their energy we are often unable to get a clear look at who/what they are. Energy vampires are chameleons and very difficult to see clearly.
The other difficulty in spotting them is that frequently they aren’t conscious of how their behavior and actions affect others. They often actually feel like they are the victims. You’re thoughtful and caring and would never think to be mean to someone so obviously suffering. Right? Well, stop that now. It’s time to regain your own energy and stay centered.

Life lesson – learning to say no?Stop your energy from being stolenLearn to say no. stop your energy is being stolen by negative people

For many of us, our life path seems to include learning how to deal with vampires and negative people. Perhaps it’s to help us be clear about who we Really Are and not allow their toxicity to overwhelm us anymore. We seem to get continually pushed until we reach a point where we stand up and declare “no more.”
There are techniques and things you can do to help yourself. There are books like Christiane Northrup’s “Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Restoring Your Health and Power. Many numerous excellent online and in-person teachers can help you learn to guard your energy and maintain your clarity and sanity. Also, check out Elaine Aron’s “The Highly Sensitive Person” and Judith Orloff’s “The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People.”

You may be so bombarded with negativity that you can’t tell the difference.

Many years ago, we wrote an article about the power of the fear and negativity surrounding us and the devastating effect it can have daily. It becomes the norm, and you don’t even recognize it when it’s happening. Sadly, this article is even more relevant today than it was when we wrote it.

Why is it Important to Protect Your Energy?

The obvious answer is that you need energy protection to stay grounded, balanced and effective in your life and the World. Most Empaths and HSPs are committed to bringing more love, peace, and joy to make a difference in the world. To do this, you need your energy to be strong and bright. The BioElectric Shield is here to help you be at your best and brightest.

Why aren’t protection techniques enough these days?

I’ve studied with some expert teachers and learned much, yet I still need additional help today more than ever. I talk to people daily and hear reports from hundreds of others that even techniques that used to work no longer seem to be doing the job. One of the reasons for this is that our constantly intensifying bombardment of EMF, Wi-Fi, smart meters, and 5G networks are also draining our energy reserves. In some cases, all this has the effect of scrambling our energy and ability to deal with things.

Before you can say “No More,” – you have to get clear! Stop Personal Power Theft with this Essential Protection Tool Order a BioElectric Shield today!

We recommend a Level 3 or even a Level 4 Shield for its ability to give you the best protection and support for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

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Written by AnnaMariah Nau, HSP, Empath

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