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Stop Your Energy from Being Stolen by Negative People

by | May 23, 2018 | 0 comments

Your Energy is Being stolen

Stop your energy from being stolen by negative people. Science is finally catching up to what Empaths and HSPs already know – negative people are toxic. Your energy is being stolen by the constant drain of fear, anger, stress, and negativity. Negativity from other people and the media can be more than simply an unpleasant part of life; it can be threatening your health and outlook on life, causing stress and depression.

Recent studies have shown that prolonged “people stress” can affect your DNA and immune system. You don’t need to be super-sensitive to feel this effect, which is caused by elevated cortisol levels (the hormone released during times when you’re stressed); it’s affecting everyone!

Your energy is being stolen, and it’s affecting your health and well-being.

Toxic vibes from negative people can have devastating effects on your energy, health, and your well-being. This post is about ways you can stop your energy from being stolen by negativity, stress, anxiety, fear, sadness, grief anger, and other toxic vibrations from other people.

Being tired isn’t normal, and fatigue is a silent killer. Don’t just poo-poo your tiredness as normal or the result of an active life with lots on your plate; it’s not uncommon for people who are fatigued to feel like they have no energy left at all – even when sleep-deprived! Fatiguing symptoms can be difficult enough without adding depression into the mix, making matters worse by making you less likely to confront realities head-on because if things get better, where do we stop? And why should I even try since nothing has worked thus far? You run the risk of becoming one of those negative people.

Fight-or-Flight and Adrenal Fatigue

When negative people impact you, your fight-or-flight responses are activated. Your adrenals release adrenaline and cortisol to give you the energy to run away from danger. When you can’t just run away, your body drains out all its resources with each encounter. This constant stress causes health issues like exhaustion (adrenal glands), high blood pressure, and chronic pain.

This system was designed so that you could stay safe…but now repeated encounters have caused damage!

Is it time for a detox?Time for a detox Learn to say no. stop your energy is being stolen by negative people

People who drain you emotionally can even cause your weight gain

Toxic people bring negative energy into your life and make you sicker. Dr. IZABELLA Wentz, a doctor, specializing in thyroid conditions, recommends not spending time with negative people. They may undo all the good work done by eating right or exercising. Don’t let all your efforts undone being around these types of folks too much!

We all want to blame somebody else for our weight issues, but this may come closer. Spending time with toxic people who make you feel stressed and anxious or depressed compromises your adrenals which interferes with cortisol production – leading to not only fatigue as I mentioned above; but muscle weakness is also an effect of excessive levels in the body

This information should help explain why certain behaviors can hurt you mentally, emotionally, and physically!

What’s causing your mood Swings?

Did you know you can “catch” a bad mood from negative people? The negativity from other people may be more powerful than you imagine.

You might think you can handle any situation, but the reality is that your mood and energy levels change due to your responses to others.

Do you know that day that seems to take a nosedive? You are feeling fine, even great. Then you call, email, or spend time with someone who is depressed, angry, negative, or a drama queen. Suddenly you are exhausted and possibly depressed, anxious, or even angry. Being around people who are spewing their bad vibes, negativity, anger, hatred, and depression can seriously affect your mood and ability to maintain even a remotely positive outlook on life.

Imagine all their anger, frustration, bad moods, sadness, hatred, disappointment, grief, anxiety, and worry creating a huge storm cloud that pelts you with so much wind, rain, and debris that you can’t see the light around you? That’s why sometimes it’s hard to find your own joy, feel the love in your life, find hope, move forward, or let go of your own negative emotions. Your emotions and thoughts can be drowned out or twisted up with those of others, creating a downward spiral that’s hard to break out of.

Their thoughts and opinions can also take over your own ability to think straight. If you keep thinking about things that aren’t normal to you and don’t fit your situation, you probably pick up on someone else’s strongly held beliefs or assumptions.

You have been slimed; their negative or stressed-out energy has affected your mood and energy levels. The strength of these bad vibes is so strong it’s affecting you inside out! When you realize what’s happening, you can take steps to stop your energy from being stolen.

This may sound strange, but sometimes peoples hyper excitement can also be overwhelming and throw your system out of wack.

How do you tell who’s toxic?toxic people are stealing your energy

Toxic people seem to constantly have negative things about life, circumstances, and other people. They complain, complain, complain. Or they sigh a lot and look put upon.

They often have stories to tell of disasters, wrongs done to them, or the injustice in the world. These Drama Queens can be very toxic. With them, it’s Always something. They never seem to have something positive to share. The best way to know they are toxic is that you feel weighed down. They are often so negative, stressed, or into their drama that you feel you can’t even share the good things going on in your life.

Energy Vampires are alive and well

The idea that energy vampires constantly surround us is not as far-fetched as you may think, and we all can drain someone else’s vitality with our words and actions. Still, there will be telltale signs if an encounter has been too much for one person, especially because they might not even realize what happened until later on down the line when things start going wrong again at home or work.

Pay attention to how you feel. If your mood or energy has changed after an encounter, then your energy has most likely been polluted. (Encounters can be by phone, email, Facebook, Zoom, text, count as well as to face-to-face)

Your mood can change dramatically. You can walk away with headaches or other physical aches and pains that you hadn’t been experiencing before. You may be completely zapped of energy… it’s like it’s run out. Right into their energy field, it probably has – most negative people are energy vampires. They get recharged as you run down. You leave exhausted and depressed, and they feel uplifted and energized. See how powerful your energy is?

The key thing here isn’t how often people get hurt emotionally during conversations–it’s noticing deviations from your normal state of mind once this happens, so please pay attention! Stop your energy from being stolen by energy vampires and you’ll have more energy for yourself and your Life!

How can you tell if it’s you or them?

When you feel depressed, upset, emotional, or negative, take a few minutes and think about what’s going on in your life. Does what you’re feeling or thinking make sense based on your life situation?

If not, then you are the victim of their black clouds. The good news is that once you recognize what’s happening, you can shift back to the positive.

A spongy aura is a sign of a weak energy field, not a weak person

Negativity and stress will drain your energy. A healthy aura is vibrant and pretty decent at keeping out negativity. Still, people’s laptops/phones, etc., with their EMF radiation from screens, make it difficult for us to maintain a strong protective layer around ourselves as we used to!

Stop the wicked cycle of energy drains – Your aura becomes more permeable, allowing negative energies from others to seep into you, whether by choice or not. And when this happens, it feels as if someone has drained your power away again, making you feel vulnerable for them to get what they want out of life without contributing anything themselves

This all seems very one-sided, but there are ways around these problems! The best defense is a good offense so learn to protect yourself before it’s too late.

Tip 1 – Get Energy Protection from Energy Drains – Wear aWear a Shield to stop your energy from being stolen BioShield

I’m sure if you’ve been following our blog, you’re expecting this. I have been wearing a Shield since 1994 because it changed my life and shifted how easily I dealt with difficult people, and the difference was life-changing. That’s why I’m here writing to you.

The Shield protects you from their stress or negativity while also reducing the impact of technology so that you can maintain even higher levels of happiness! Shop for Shields (we recommend Level 3 for most people, take our quiz for a personal recommendation

Tip 2 – Return to SenderReturn to sender- reject energy and don't let your energy be stolen

When it comes to releasing negative vibes, you have two options. The first is simply to recognize that there are some things in your life right now which might be causing too much tension and want them gone forever by giving them back up with a prayer like “I release all thoughts, feelings, emotions not my own.” Or if this doesn’t work for whatever reason, then try using an affirmation such as “My White Light Will Shine brightly Even Through Any Clouds That Come My Way!”

Take a deep breath and visualize all this flowing from you and being replaced with uplifting light and energy.

Note: Do not actually “return to sender. They’ve already got all the negativity they can handle, and you don’t want to keep that cycle going. By following the example above, that energy is being cleansed and neutralized.

Tip 3 – Ask the Four QuestionsIs it real don't let negative people steal your energy

Byron Katie has developed a powerful system called “The Work.”

Ask these questions, then go inside and wait for the deeper answers to surface.
1.    Is it true? (Yes or no. If no, move to 3.)
2.    Can you absolutely know that it’s true? (Yes or no.)
3.    How do you react? What happens, when you believe that thought?
4.    Who would you be without the thought?

HAVING A HARD TIME HEARING THE ANSWERS – Let your Still Small Voice Take the Agony out of Decisions

Tip 4 – Take a media break

Turn off the TV and social media. Unfollow certain people on Facebook or other platforms if you need to get away from it all for a while, then go outside! It’s okay not to engage with anything at home because when we come back, there will be more positive things than negative ones anyway-right? Once you’re not being drained by the constant hype of media you’ll realize how much of your energy was being stolen.

Tip 5 – Maintain your silver lining – Don’t Engage

One quick way to stop your energy from being stolen is to as quickly as possible, get off the phone, text, or Zoom or walk away from that negative person who’s draining you and call that friend who you can always count on to give you a boost.

No matter how hard you try to be positive, other people’s dark clouds can completely eclipse your light. Avoid people who gossip and bad-mouth other people, places, and past times.

They can suck all the joy and energy out of your life, leaving you drained, depressed, emotionally unbalanced, and even in physical pain.

The more you can stay neutral, the better you will feel…and, honestly, the world needs your positive vibes and input.

It’s important to remember that there are people who love and care about your life. So if you start believing those lies on how terrible everything is, then call upon a friend you can count on to see the humor in it all or at least the sunny side!

Tip 6 – Take Back Your Energy – Say NOStop your energy from being stolenLearn to say no. stop your energy is being stolen by negative people

  1. Stop being so nice. You don’t have to spend time with negative people who pull you down. If you know someone has that effect on you, make excuses not to be around them.
  2. Learn to say “No” before being so danged nice kills you.
  3. If it’s not a “Yes,” then it’s a “NO.” If just a straight No is difficult, then try saying things like: “I’m sorry this doesn’t work for me right now; I just can’t fit another thing into my schedule right now; I’ll let you know when I’m available.
  4. Do Not simply put them off and say you’ll let them know if you can make it. Why? Because if you leave it open, you still have to call them back to get out of it. But if you use one of the examples above, you only need to re-connect if you change your mind and want to do it.
  5. Take care of yourself first, or you won’t have anything left to give.

Tip 7 – Expand your aura in natureexpand aura in nature

Nature is a great way to reset and de-stress. Sometimes all you need in your life are some fresh air, natural beauty (or even dirt), time with loved ones outside—and maybe an ice cream cone!

There’s something about being surrounded by trees that makes everything seem less complicated; it has this calming effect on us humans, too – studies show spending 15 minutes every day near greenery can improve moods significantly. Being outside allows your aura to expand, sluffing off much of the heaviness.

Tip 8 – Meditate. Sing. Breathe, Ahhhhh

These are all ways to shift your energy and your mind.Listen to music or sing - don't let your energy be stolen

When I’m stressed, I take a jewelry break…just the act of preparing the workspace shifts my energy, and I almost instantly fall into a state of relaxation and happy anticipation. Find your happy break!

Keep a playlist of uplifting music, preferably something that makes you want to get up and dance.

Call a friend who always has something interesting or fun to share.

Take a pet break. Just 5 minutes with your cat on your lap, or your desk, can shift your mood. No pet? That’s what silly pet videos are for. If you don’t like pets, watch videos with laughing children.

Give yourself or someone else a hug.

Do whatever it is that makes you feel more centered and whole. The more centered and grounded you are, the less likely your energy will be stolen.

Tip 9 – Enjoy your life.

Some say that’s the best revenge. We say it’s what you deserve! The BioElectric Shield can help you live your fullest life.

Protect your energy with a BioElectric Shield and get some coping tools.

Click here to take our HSP Quiz and get some valuable tips (and a discount on the BioShield)

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