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Giving without refueling – how will you keep that up over the long-term?

by | Aug 1, 2018 | 0 comments

Giving without refueling - how will you keep that up over the long-term Giving without refueling – how will you keep that up over the long-term?

Self-Care is critical, especially if you’re an HSP or empath in the corporate world.

Giving without refueling is an unfortunate way of life these days. We hesitate to take the needed time for ourselves. Before becoming a health coach I worked for five years in a corporate job. As an HSP this was a big challenge for me. I found almost everything about the job and the environment completely draining, but my biggest problem was that I couldn’t understand why other people around me seemed to be fine. After the first few exhausting years, I began learning about what it means to be an HSP.

Understanding myself in this way changed everything because I finally knew how to care for myself in the work environment and I realized that I had been unnecessarily suffering. My number one goal became to care for myself unapologetically so that my work environment no longer depleted me every day. And it paid off because I was much happier and more productive as a result.


Many HSPs struggle with this same problem. They feel reluctant to “indulge” in self-care as if it’s some kind of luxury. Part of the problem might be that you see other people getting by fine without it, and you haven’t yet given yourself permission to be different. I have two things to say about that.

  • Firstly, you need to remember you’re simply wired differently than the majority of people. This world is designed with them in mind, not you. When you start seeing it in that way, you become far less apologetic about your need for certain things. You have a right to thrive, just like everybody else.
  • Secondly, your sensitive body is a huge blessing because it refuses to let you treat it poorly! Let me tell you a secret. Those people out there who seem to be “doing fine” while running their bodies into the ground? They need self-care too! They are just so out of touch with their body’s needs that they have learned to ignore and suppress their symptoms, so they don’t have to put in the hard work of restoring balance in their lives. One day those people may be chronically ill, and you will still be thriving and jiving. And you’ve got your sensitive body to thank for that because it demands to be well cared for and you’re mostly powerless to refuse.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Are you ready to give up giving without refueling?

Nourish yourself - self-care is importantSo let me ask you these things:

  • If you don’t protect and nourish yourself, who will?
  • If you keep giving and giving without refueling, how will you keep that up over the long term?
  • Remember the saying “I won’t give to you from my cup, but I will give to you from my saucer”
    This is so important for you as an HSP. When your cup is full, you shine a light on the world. When you allow your cup to get empty, you crash pretty hard, and then all the incredible things you have to offer are wasted while you retreat from the world.
  • Please give yourself permission to be fierce about your right to self-care. The world needs capable, sensitive souls like you more now than ever.


At times when I’m struggling to appreciate my uniqueness, it helps me to remember what an incredible blessing it is to have a sensitive body. It’s not really a hardship to have to care for my body in such a focused way.

Those things which nurture and nourish the human body are all the more delightful to an HSP because of our heightened senses, our deeper processing of experiences, and our vivid imaginations. So now you have another reason to take a long luxurious bath, a meditative stroll through the woods, or linger over a fragrant cup of tea. It’s simply more pleasurable for you!

And what a delight to be living in a body that has the capacity for such enormous pleasure and depth of experience. Now isn’t that a body worth taking care of?

By Amber Brown, Vibrancy Health Coaching, Guest Blogger

Amber Brown is a Certified Health Coach who loves working with fellow HSPs and empaths because she knows how lives can change when sensitivity is honored on the path to health and vitality.

Please visit her website at www.vibrancyhealthcoaching.com to learn more about her services.


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