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How To Know If You’re An Empath

by | Dec 27, 2022 | 0 comments

How To Know If You’re An Empath – Do you ever wonder if you are unbalanced, imagining things, a hypochondriac, or in need of counseling because your mood, body sensations, and thoughts are unexplainable and all over the place?

Yeah, me too. 

Discovering that you’re an empath can help your life make sense. I say that because if you’re like most of us, you’ve gone through years, decades even, trying to figure out what’s wrong with you. Sound familiar?

I finally figured out I was a highly sensitive person, HSP, when I was in my mid-forties. Understanding helped me learn techniques and things I could do to protect my energy. Nothing helped all that much. All the books I read made it sound like being an HSP was “sensing” the emotions or feelings of others. Gosh, just sensing them would have been a blessing.


Frequently, I’d be having a great day, enjoying myself, relaxing, and laughing with friends. Out of the blue, I’d be hit with intense sadness and couldn’t stop crying. There was nothing in my life to be upset about. So, “what the heck.” Then there were the many times a headache or back pain would hit me like a bolt of lightning. Not coming on like a tension headache but a stab into my head with no forewarning. I felt pretty unbalanced and crazy and had no clue how to make it stop.

I remember going to trade shows, festivals, malls, or other crowded places;  the energy overload would be so great that I’d be spacey, have a headache, or even have trouble breathing. One time, I ended up out front of an event, hyperventilating and crying hysterically. I was so embarrassed but felt like my entire being was shutting down or overwhelmed. I often had to forgo things I wanted to do because of my sensitivity. All the spiritual protection techniques I learned just weren’t enough. I felt like I was at the mercy of the forces around me. I’m not a shrinking violet, weak or indecisive, but in the face of intense energies, I was often almost non-functional, unable to react or respond like an intelligent woman.

Have you had that kind of experience?

Different expressions

Then, I moved to Montana to take a job with a woman I didn’t know well. I soon discovered that she was bipolar and as sensitive as I was. Our working environment devastated me. One day we went from calmly working on a project to her screaming at me. Long story short, I could not breathe and ended up at Virginia Brown’s house. She’s the President of BioElectric Shield Company.

That’s when my life changed completely. Virginia cleared some energy to help me release what I’d taken on. Then she did me the biggest favor of my life – she handed me a life-changing BioElectric Shield!

I’m open but skeptical. I didn’t see how this little pendant would make much difference when fighting with a force of darkness. I hate to use that term, but it’s all I can think of to describe what I was experiencing. I put the Shield on and didn’t feel a massive surge of energy or anything with the Shield. No “aha moment” – yet. But the next time I had a run-in with Jane, I didn’t feel the force of her energy. I could let her run down and calmly tell her this kind of behavior didn’t work for me, and I’d talk to her again when she was ready to have a rational discussion. Unlike before the Shield, the best thing was that I felt clear and strong this time.

Trade shows, crowds, and so many other difficult situations became manageable. I was blown away. I accepted immediately when Virginia offered me a job. I wanted to help others find their BioShields. That was 1994, and I’m still here. Read the rest of my story.

huge crowdWhat It Feels Like To Be An Empath and why it’s helpful to know you’re an empath

Many years later, I’d made no progress in discovering the cause of those bouts of emotions or pain that didn’t seem to belong to my life. Even though the winds of emotions weren’t buffeting me, I was talking to people regularly. I could tell them how a BioShield could help, but I wanted to help them explain “Why” they were so ineffective at self-protection and what else they could do to empower themselves.

Looking for answers, I kept joining meditation groups or others doing various healing work and learning different techniques for protection, clearing, healing, etc. But nothing I’d done had made much difference. I was frequently blindsided by yo-yo-ing, unexplainable emotions, and even physical pain.

At the end of one group meditation, the facilitator, Lynn, handed me a brochure with “Are you an Empath” emblazoned on the front. Listed were about 15 traits of an empath, whatever that was. I answered Yes to all but one of the questions. Without hesitation, I grabbed one of the last openings for a workshop the following weekend.

It was amazing, and my life made much more sense. Questions I hadn’t even known to ask became clear. I understood the sudden mood changes. It wasn’t me. I’d taken in someone else’s pain, sadness, or anger without realizing it wasn’t mine. It had felt like mine, but it didn’t fit my life. 

I walked away with tools to check in with myself to determine if what I felt belonged to me or came from outside myself. It’s a quick internal check-in that gives me answers instantly and lets me quickly release it all and get back to myself.

Imagine what a relief it will be to be clear on what’s yours and know what to do about it. Feel your body relax, take a deep breath of fresh air, and let it all go with a deep, audible sigh of relief. Ahhhh

Emotional Empaths are the most talked about of the empath types

In this article, I am addressing the most talked about of the empaths, the emotional empath. There are many other types of empaths. Some, like the Heyoka, Super, and Dark Empaths, are showing up more online (the last two I’ll be covering soon). You can read more in my previous article Which Type of Empath are You?

Being an emotional empath is a gift

Here are 12 Common Qualities Emotional Empaths Possess:

  1. If you’re an empath, you experience other people’s emotions and pain as your own. You don’t just sense them. You feel them in your body and heart with no border between what’s yours and theirs.
  2. You’re often overwhelmed by emotions in public, and you may avoid public places.
  3. You may start sobbing, feel anxious, or angry for no discernible reason.
  4. You avoid the news on TV and the internet because the scenes and pain are devastating. Violence and tragedy feel like it’s happening to you; even though your brain knows it is not, your emotional body feels it as current.
  5. Movies with violence, abuse, and depictions of evil often feel like a punch to the gut. The emotions and horror you feel aren’t easy to shake off.
  6. You may feel the physical pain or illnesses of others. Remember that day(s) you were just fine, then suddenly you had a headache (neck pain, backache, etc.) and discovered someone near you or that you’re connected to also is in pain. Yep, that’s what I’m talking about.
  7. Intimate relationships can be difficult. You lose yourself in the other’s feelings, emotions, and needs. 
  8. You love spending time with friends and family but are often exhausted afterward. You also miss your alone time.
  9. You’re a walking lie detector. You know when someone is lying or not being authentic. You know when someone isn’t being totally honest. This can be a huge benefit, but you may not enjoy knowing how often people around you aren’t truthful.
  10. People tell you their stories. They feel calmer and lighter after being with you. In many cases, you may feel drained or have taken on their pain, feelings of trauma, or upset. 
  11. You want to reach out and help heal people’s pain. 
  12. It would help if you had alone time to recharge and renew your energy. You may get sick if you don’t get your much-needed alone time.
  13. You often feel like you don’t fit in. Almost every empath I’ve ever talked to has said this in one way or another.
  14. Crowds leave you drained.

If ten or more of these traits sound like you, chances are you’re an empath.

zoom fatigue

Why do I feel emotionally drained?

There can be several reasons for feeling emotionally drained. Understanding you’re an empath helps keep you from spending too much time looking for physical reasons for being so drained, if that’s not the underlying cause.

  1. Many empaths are here to help and have an overwhelming sense of purpose.
    We’ve volunteered to be here now to share our love and light, relieve pain, and give hope in the darkness. That’s a huge job and can often feel completely overwhelming. How do you feel when you say, “I’m here to share my love and light and help others find hope?”Do you feel tired just thinking about it?  That’s because you’re seeing the Big Huge Picture, and the enormity of it all leaves you feeling hopeless. This also happens when you look at the planet’s issues. How can you not feel hopeless and helpless in the face of many problems, pain, and devastation?

    TIP – Remind yourself that you don’t have to care for everyone and aren’t in charge of fixing everything and everyone
    It doesn’t always have to be a big gesture. You can touch people and change their lives just by sharing a smile or a touch. The other person may not understand why they feel lighter or more hopeful when interacting with you, even for a very short time. Even those short interactions can be meaningful. Is there a cause you feel deeply about? Do what you can, but pace yourself and keep it in perspective.
  2. You’ve given too much of your light and energy away.
    How often do you talk to someone in person, over the phone, or even in an email and feel their pain? You reach out automatically, without thinking, and share your energy with them. Sometimes, you open up completely and let them take whatever they want. You don’t even consider whether this is helping them, empowering them to change, or just giving them a momentary boost. You may even feed an energy vampire who purposely creates instances where they steal your energy and power. You want to help. Oh, and you do. The person you helped feels better, lighter, and more hopeful, and you’re a limp rag with no energy left for anything. You can give so much of yourself away that you either get ill or lack the energy to accomplish your goals.I didn’t realize how much I did this until I got a BioElectric Shield that strengthened my energy field and deflected most other people’s energy. I was no longer taking on as much of other people’s pain. We did a lot of trade shows in the 90s, and I began to notice that someone would start telling me their sob story, and instead of automatically just handing them my energy, I felt a “gap, a space” before I just opened up and let them draw on my energy. I could decide if that giving was appropriate. I stopped opening the floodgates and discovered I could still make a difference and help without giving away the energy I needed.
    Life preserver - don't jump in and drown, throw the life preserver
    Stop rescuing people. It’s not up to you to rescue people. That can disempower them and reinforce their feelings of being powerless and needing others to do it. I won’t go into a lecture about people’s life lessons, what they may be learning through their struggles and efforts, and what happens when others take away their ability to rise above. There is a difference between helping them with resources and just rescuing them. That’s a deep discussion, way above this post.When an egg is hatching, their struggle to break open the egg and get out gives them the strength they need to survive. If a well-meaning person breaks the egg open for them, the hatchling is weak and will probably die. People are like this too. A certain amount of struggle strengthens us to deal with the life ahead. Ask yourself if this person is in dire need or if their current situation may be a growth experience.

    Personal Note – Learning to stop rescuing isn’t easy. You were born wanting to help people. Do your best and check in about your motives and what that person needs most. Sometimes, what they need is just a friendly ear or encouragement. When you fail, resolve to do better next time. Oh, trust me, you’ll fail. We all do. Helping is too ingrained to make this massive change happen all the time. Think of it like throwing them the life preserver instead of jumping in and nearly drowning with them.

    TIP – STOP giving your energy away.

    Pause, check in with your higher self, guides, angels, etc., and ask what you Can do to help and how you can do it in a way that leaves you whole. If you feel giving is appropriate, don’t just give yourself away. Take a moment and visualize light, love, and energy from Source, God, Highest Power, whatever it is for you, and let that come in through your crown chakra and flow into them.

    Now you can help without draining your resources because you brought reinforcements and used Universal Love and Light instead of your energy.

    More details in Empaths: are you drained of vitality and joy? Stop energy vampires today and What is a Lightworker Empath

  3. Your aura is wide open – not Shielded at all.
    If you haven’t Shielded yourself, you are open to all the stress, negativity, pain, anxiety, frustration, and angst surrounding you. It goes even deeper. You may be affected and depleted by the layer of fear and negativity around the Earth. This layer is over 5 miles thick and affects most people, but Empaths feel it most strongly. It’s a constant drain on your energy and may be causing you to feel all those debilitating emotions.

    The struggle to maintain your equilibrium in the face of such overwhelming, draining frequencies has caused many Empaths to become reclusive to stop the pain. Unfortunately, just retreating into your house only partially helps. Yes, it reduces the impact of day-to-day interactions, but the fear blanketing the planet seeps in regardless of how locked down you are.Have you ever had a day when you’re alone, quiet, and peaceful, and without warning, you’re anxious, upset, crying, and depressed? It’s not something you read or saw, but it’s often a reaction to a strong reaction somewhere on the planet. It could be a riot, plane crash, murder, or some other event that creates intense emotions strong enough to go thousands of miles and hit you in the heart. Here’s an example from my life. I was visiting my fiancé and relaxing on the deck after a lovely dinner. Life was good. Without warning, I was sobbing, overcome by overpowering horror and sadness. I couldn’t stop crying for about an hour. The poor man was beside himself to know what to do, and I couldn’t explain because I didn’t know what was happening either, even though it wasn’t the first time I’d had a similar response to nothing I could put my finger on.The following morning, I was still depressed and exhausted when I turned on my laptop, and a news story popped on the screen with photos of the aftermath of an airline crash that had killed over 200 people somewhere on the other side of the world. I don’t remember now where it was. I checked the time of the crash and calculated it into our time zone, and my meltdown started when the plane went down.

  4. Upon knowing what I was reacting to, the feeling left me. I can’t explain why that is, but it’s happened frequently when I’ve been immersed in emotions that weren’t my own. Once I understand it, I seem to be able to let go of it. This works on both large and small instances.Another memorable occurrence was a lunch with a friend, CJ, and her daughter. CJ was concerned that she was developing very early onset Alzheimer’s, and her daughter was hovering, second-guessing everything CJ did and treating her like a small child. I left that lunch and could barely drive home.I was confused, dizzy, and just off. This lasted for two more days; I could barely get a thing done because I was so out of it. I was meditating and checking my energy field, trying to figure it out. I got a picture of CJ in my head and understood that I’d taken on her mental state and her daughter’s worries. I took several deep cleansing breaths and the sensations released, and I was in my right mind again. I believe I’d felt what it was like to be in CJs head, and it was a terrible place to be. It was a huge relief to be back to myself.

    I’d just gotten a massage and had forgotten to take my Shield out of my purse and put it back on. I wasn’t ever going to forget my Shield again.

    TIP – Wearing my BioElectric Shield has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, more effective than all the techniques I’ve learned over the last 30 years. Read my story. The Shield deflects other people’s energy, fear, anxiety, and other draining energies, as well as EMF, which can also be a huge energy drain. Empaths tend to be sensitive to EMF, also. Find more tips at Stop Your Energy from Being Stolen by Negative People.

Dealing With Other People’s Emotions can be like a Roller Coaster.

Roller Coasteering emotions take you from happy to depressed, anxious, or out-of-sorts in seconds flat! It can be part of your daily life if you’re an empath or an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). They can also be extremely confusing because sometimes they aren’t even yours.

That sudden mood swing may be an emotion you’ve “picked up” from someone else; co-workers, neighbors, friends, your kids, your significant other, or even the person standing behind you in the grocery store.

This happens most strongly with those you are closest to. Your emotions are all intertwined, and you are most open to their energy and feelings – often putting you on a roller coaster ride of negative, out-of-control emotions. But it can also occur with strangers if you’re “in sync” with them or if you are stressed, vulnerable, ungrounded, or have “permeable” boundaries and a wide-open unprotected energy field.

TIP – Get off the Roller Coaster – Acknowledge and Let Go ASAP

It’s much easier to deal with once you realize it’s not yours. It’s important to understand what’s happening as soon as possible. You don’t want to spend much time with that down energy. Your mind will start filling in stories to explain your upset. There is nothing productive about that!

You have enough of your “stuff” to deal with without being blindsided by someone else’s. The most invasive emotions tend to be sadness or depression but can also include anxiety, fear, doubt, and anger. In some cases, you can even be experiencing someone else physical pain. Read more tips about getting off this crazy ride of emotions.

Handling Negative Emotions

Let’s start by discussing handling your negative emotions. Or are they yours? That frustration, anger, sadness, depression, etc., may not be yours. I know I mentioned this already, but it’s something I can’t say enough. It’s important for you to understand because until you do, you are still at the mercy of the sea of emotions roiling around you. You frequently won’t be able to figure out what’s triggering you and make changes until you get rid of what’s not yours.

When you have a rapid mood change, check to see if this feeling makes sense. I recommend you spend less time processing these emotions or risk getting more enmeshed.

The Empowerment of Differentiating Yours vs. Others

How do you know if your emotions or pain are yours or someone else’s?

I’ve found that simply taking a few quiet moments to ask myself questions puts things into perspective.

  • Is this emotion mine?
  • Does it make sense in my life, in what’s happening in the here and now?
  • Did something trigger an old memory?
  • Have I been worried or upset about something I haven’t acknowledged?

If the answer is NO, you are most likely picking up on outside energies, thoughts, feelings, emotions, or even fears that can be wide-ranging but feel like yours.

You have enough of your own “stuff” to deal with without being blindsided by someone else’s. The most invasive emotions tend to be sadness or depression but can also include anxiety, fear, doubt, and anger. In some cases, you can even be experiencing someone else physical pain.

Acknowledge that this isn’t yours, take some deep breaths, and feel it leaving your body. If you work with angels, guides, or a higher power, you can even ask for help clearing the energy. Often, just identifying the issue greatly reduces the impact.

If it is yours, you can start dealing with it from a place of empowerment.

TIP – Return to Sender

When releasing negative vibes, you have two options. The first is to recognize that there are some things in your life right now which might be causing too much tension and want them gone forever by giving them back up with a prayer like “I release all thoughts, feelings, emotions not my own.” Or if this doesn’t work for whatever reason, try using an affirmation such as “My White Light Will Shine brightly Even Through Any Clouds That Come My Way!”

Take a deep breath and visualize all this flowing from you and being replaced with uplifting light and energy.

Note: Do not actually “return to sender. They’ve already got all the negativity they can handle, and you don’t want to keep that cycle going. By following the example above, that energy is being cleansed and neutralized.

More tips for stopping negative people from stealing your energy

What It Means To Be Highly Sensitive

If you’re a Highly Sensitive Person, you are sometimes concerned that you’re just a bit crazy because you are much more highly sensitive to energy than your friends or co-workers.

We may have some good news for you. You may not be crazy after all.

You may be impacted by your world in powerful ways, often wanting nothing more than to retire to a cave or live on a hilltop to relieve the pressure and chaos that is sometimes nearly unbearable.

Have you tried meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, or other ways of releasing energy or protecting yourself from outside influences and ended up feeling like a failure because they helped only minimally? Have you given up on things you’d like to do because it’s simply too hard to be around too many people or in places with many stimuli? Has your world/life been shrinking because you cannot cope?

There is nothing wrong with you. You’re a highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Chances are pretty good that you are one of the 15-20% of people around today who are highly sensitive.

These are estimates from Elaine Aron ( a pioneer in understanding what she has termed a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). This sensitivity can dramatically impact your ability to cope with the ever-increasing chaos and energy in the world today. Many of us feel like we’re crazy. We even hear it from our family and friends.

Without any coping methods, this sensitivity may feel like a curse that has singled you out, leaving you feeling agonizingly misunderstood. With a little awareness and some coping tools, you can turn your sensitivity into a gift that will serve you well throughout your life.

woman celebrating arms to sun How To Know If You're An Empath

Too often, you may have been made wrong for being “too sensitive” and shamed into withdrawing or berating yourself in ways that sometimes hamper your creativity, joy, or your very existence. You’ve often been made to feel like you are neurotic, crazy, flaky, or just a little too weird.

Most people who aren’t HSPs will probably never understand, but don’t let that stop you from learning to balance and even use your sensitivity positively. Once you embrace the things that make you different, you can begin to open and blossom into the wholeness of who you are.

“Every morning when I put on my Level 3 Shield, I am thankful for that much-needed protection and clarity.” Joanna A, Empath (read what more HPS/empaths have to say)

Characteristics of a Highly Sensitive Person

Being Highly Sensitive can be a blessing if you shift your perspective. Some Skills often Associated with HSPs can Help you Professionally and Personally.

  • Empathic Leaders – You may make a great leader. Empaths are often less attached to their achievements and can see what is good for the group.
  • Healers, Teachers, Change Agents – Because of your sensitivities and idealism, you may be working as a healer, counselor, therapist, teacher, volunteer, or somehow working to make positive changes in the world.
  • Creative, Artistic, Problem-Solver – HSPs are often extremely expressive musically, artistically, or verbally. It’s sometimes as if you download the inspiration out of nowhere. This also makes you a great problem-solver, seeing solutions that others overlook.
  • Strong Sixth Sense – You may have a strong sense of intuition. You may be able to sense places where bad things have occurred. This sense may also easily alert you to danger and help keep you safe. After being in a place like this, it’s often helpful to do some clearing to release the energies you picked up on. Read more about Intuitive Sensitivity.
  • Emotional Availability – You can discuss emotional issues without much difficulty. This is another place where your gifts can cause problems. You may feel shut out if you are involved with or in a relationship with someone who is much more emotionally closed. Your desire to connect deeply may feel invasive or too much for them.
  • Seeing both sides of every argument is a double-edged sword – You may call yourself wishy-washy because it’s difficult to pick a side when you see the validity of both perspectives. Don’t beat yourself up for this. Often, simply understanding it helps you find coping techniques to hone in on your conclusions or choices.

arguments can be devastating How To Know If You're An Empath

Emotional Strengths and Challenges May Often be a Double-edged Sword

  • Understanding Suffering – You may struggle to understand the causes of suffering worldwide. This can be detrimental if you take in the suffering as if it were your own. The upside is that since you find suffering and injustice to be untenable, you may work to find ways to help.
  • Idealism – You may be an idealist, dreaming of improving the world. This goes along with understanding the causes of suffering. 
  • Self-Defense – You may have difficulty justifying defending yourself even if attacked, finding it almost impossible to cause harm to another even if they mean harm.
  • News and Scary Movies – Watching the news or a scary movie can be extremely difficult because you feel what it’s like to be that victimized person, often internalizing it deeply. If you have a background of abuse, this tends to trigger your issues strongly and leave you struggling with your stuff And theirs.
  • Emotional Mood Swings – You may become sad, depressed, emotional, angry, or even joyful around someone experiencing those emotions. That’s one of the reasons crowds can be so devastatingly exhausting. You don’t even have to be close to being affected.
  • Difficulty knowing your mind – You may have difficulty knowing what thoughts, needs, and opinions are yours when exposed to others, especially when they are strongly held. This is not the same as seeing both sides. Instead, the inability to distinguish your thoughts and reactions can allow those of others to over-write your own.

TIP – Don’t fall into the trap of constantly bemoaning your sensitivity because it disempowers you, and I believe you are sensitive for a reason, so use it as a skill, not a curse. You are Not a Victim of Your Sensitivity – You are Strong.

The Key Differences Between an HSP and an Empath

The main difference between an HSP, a Highly Sensitive Person, and an empath is how you experience the emotional energies of others.

A Highly Sensitive Person feels the moods and feelings of others, sometimes even their physical pain, but they know it’s coming from someone else.

On the other hand, an Emotional Empath experiences everything as being theirs. There is no separation between their energy and their experience of someone else’s energy. Emotional empaths can’t discern easily that their sudden mood change or headache is coming from someone else.

conflicted emotions in How To Know If You're An Empath

It’s not uncommon for an emotional empath to spend a lot of energy and effort trying to “fix” their emotions. They do this by trying to figure out Why they are sad, angry, upset, and depressed, often going back into their past to find an emotion that felt similar and trying to heal it repeatedly. It’s difficult because they don’t readily understand that it’s not their issue to fix but someone else’s they’ve picked up and need to release.

Get off the Roller Coaster – the BioElectric Shield can relieve that fear, other people’s energy, and EMF, and it’s guaranteed. The BioShield strengthens your aura, reducing your susceptibility to the stress and fear around you. Many Shield users report being much calmer and more relaxed wearing the Shield. This can boost your immune system, mood, and outlook on life. Imagine not feeling all the fear and anxiety around you….the world can seem much more pleasant. 

Customer Testimonials

Amazing and beautiful shield!  Nani Level 3 Shield

I purchased the Level 3 BioElectric Shield a month ago. I loved the look of it, and when I put it on, it felt like it was made for me. The next morning I put it to the test. As an actor, I’ve been working doing voiceover jobs for the past 13 years with a company whose president is high-strung and impatient, to say the least. Whenever he’s monitoring the booth, I feel nervous and sweat even though I am confident. This person is challenging.

Wearing the shield the day after it arrived in the mail was like a miracle. I was doing the same job with the stressed company president, and the usual nervousness was gone! I felt relaxed, even joked with him, and the work flowed. In other situations with strangers or other people that used to try to suck my energy, energy vampires I call them, I feel protected and confident. A big shift has occurred! I’m so happy. Also, on the subways (I live in NYC), where everyone has their cell phone on and you’re bombarded with radiation, I feel calmer and less irritable now. Besides that, people comment on the beauty of It is beautiful, Beautiful, and it works! Thank you!

The BioShield Changed My Life!

I’m an LT for a very busy Fire Dept.  We run 911 medical calls on very sick people every day, and we are bombarded with EMFs through the new technology of Life-packs, onboard Computers, Laptops, and cellphones, all amongst the negative energy of the patients and everyone at the hospitals we drop them off yet. Little HX of myself –  I’m an HSP/Empath. I see, hear, and feel more than most – making my job extremely draining. I have been this sensitive since I was a child- always knowing I was different- and always wanted to help people. I’ve always preferred shopping or any busy, overcrowded events. Since this purchase of Shield (with added Add protection), my life changed, and my spouse noticed my whole demeanor. I No longer pick up on others’ energy’ unless I warrant it, and I was able to go Christmas shopping at malls 3-4 times last month. Usually, I’m ready to leave after 5-10 minutes, and I was able to shop for 3-4 hours. I started off with a Level 2, which changed things for me so much that I upgraded to a level 3.

I am a real customer. If you are reading this review- don’t wait any longer and purchase for yourself. You will be very pleased with the positive changes in your life!!

Empaths Speak about their Experiences

What is an EMF blocker?


Empath - words and hands with lightWhich Type of Empath are You? Find out Now

The most talked about empath is the Emotional Empath. You feel everyone else’s emotions like they are your own. Being an empath is about feeling, not just feeling other people’s emotions. Psychiatrist Judith Orloff, MD, discusses the various types of empathy in her book The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People.  I’ve listed other sources below. As you can see in the articles I’ve sourced, no one agrees on how many types of empaths there are. “Once you understand more about yourself and your sensitivities, you can better protect yourself and enhance your specific gifts.


EMF Empaths Everything you need to know

EMFs & Empaths – Everything You Need to Know

EMFs & Empaths – Everything You Need to Know How does EMF Affect an Empath or HSP? EMF can affect Empaths or HSPs more than most. If you are an Empath or HSP Highly Sensitive Person, you already know you’re highly sensitive to the emotions and energies of others, places, and your environment.


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