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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – Getting Personal Clarity

by | Aug 23, 2022 | 0 comments

decisions getting personal clarityDo you sometimes find it difficult to be clear on what YOU want to do when making decisions?

What if I told you it may not be your fault?

When you try to focus on your choices, do you tend to “hear” other people’s voices telling you what you can’t do, or that they need you to do something else, or they’re afraid you’ll fail?

Sometimes we hear the voice of our parents – not their actual voice, but a message we learned as children, Or it could be some value we learned from a friend or a boss. Those are just a few of the possible ways we can be influenced by other people in our lives. Making it nearly impossible to get the personal clarity we need.

Your well-meaning friends can cloud your personal clarity

OR if you are discussing a decision with a friend or family member, they will offer you an opinion. Normally they mean well. Sometimes they just want to protect you and make sure you don’t do something that you’ll fail at.

Other times they want or need you to stay exactly as you are so their lives don’t change. I hate to say this but it’s true, sometimes they don’t want you to succeed. This may be because they’re in a competition, or possibly they fear that if you break out of the mold, you’ll leave them behind. They may not even be aware of their reasons for discouraging you. Sometimes they don’t say a word, but you feel them pulling you down.

Have you ever changed something in your life and had friends and loved ones keep telling you, “This just isn’t you?” They’re having a difficult time shifting their perspective of you, and that’s understandable; change is hard.

This constant commentary can cause you to doubt yourself. The other side of this is that there is an energy vibration/frequency attached to these comments that tend to make you almost want to pull back into your old pattern or box.

Almost everyone is affected by some of the people in their lives, especially loved ones. If you’re a Highly Sensitive person, life can be even more challenging to get personal clarity. Maybe You’re Not Crazy, maybe you’re just a highly sensitive person.

Do You Feel Fragmented or at Odds with Yourself when You Must Choose or make a Decision?

It may not be that you’re just indecisive; you may have some additionalStruggle making a decision invisible challenges to overcome, such as:

  1. Taking in the thoughts, feelings, energies, and needs of those around you.
  2. Your energy field may be “misfiring,” and the way the input comes in is scrambled in such a way that it’s almost impossible to interpret.
  3. Fear of making a mistake –  in the past, you’ve made quick decisions, only to realize later it was wrong, and you’d been overly influenced by outside sources.
  4. Fear coming from other people.

Painful Decision Process – John’s Story about decision making.

The story of John.  John struggled and was in angst as he attempted to decide if he wanted to trade his silver Shield for a 14k gold Shield. He literally called once a month, and we’d spend a good deal of time going over all the pros and cons. A year went by, and still no decision.

Finally, we met at a trade show in San Francisco. I sense energies fairly clearly when people are testing Shields and can give a lot of feedback on how that particular Shield is affecting them. What was happening with John has stuck in my mind because it was the first, but not the last time by any means, that I saw this particular energy imbalance.

The Surprising Energy Imbalance – Why it was Nearly Impossible to Make a Decision.

We all have four types of energy around us – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Normally we receive and process information from each of these energy bodies and use the compiled information to create an informed decision.

In his case, it was as if he was getting conflicting information from all four sources, none of which were speaking to each other and perhaps all saying conflicting things.

It’s no wonder he had intense difficulty in making decisions.

John put the gold Shield on, and suddenly everything made sense. What I sensed was that his entire energy field, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, completely lined up in smooth balance. Prior to that, it seemed that none of these energy bodies was communicating with the others. Normally we receive and process information from each of these energy bodies and use the compiled information to create an informed decision, but in his case where they weren’t “talking.” It was as if he was getting conflicting information from all four sources, thus his intense difficulty in making decisions.

Imagine making decisions without being impacted by others’ energy.


Wearing a BioElectric Shield can Clear Your Energy so You can Hear Your Own Inner Guidance.

Wearing a Shield, I’ve found that my own inner guidance is much clearer and on-point.  I am no longer “taken over” by others’ energies of excitement, certainty, etc.  I have a “space” where I can hear and ponder what they said and contrast it to my own inner guidance in order to make my own choices more clearly.

The Shield strengthens and balances my own energies and deflects both the EMF radiation, which can make focus difficult, but it also deflects other people’s energy. With the Shield, I hear their advice, but I don’t take it in energetically. There’s a big difference here in being able to access my own “self-authority”, which I give the Shield a lot of credit for helping me to realize.

If you have difficulty making decisions, it may not be your fault. You may be sensitive to others, like Anna. Here’s the good news, you can order a Shield, and if you find it was the wrong decision for you, you can return it for a refund within 90 Days.

If you want additional assurance or help beforehand, you can send in your photo for review and we’ll tell you which Shield is the best choice for you.

This article isn’t meant to be a complete discussion of decision-making it’s based on my observations and ideas and comments by customers.

Wear a Shield. The Shield deflects other people’s needs, desires, and fears, leaving you beautifully clear and focused. With personal clarity, you can then choose to make a decision based on your own thoughts and heart’s desire. You have taken the direction of your life back into your own hands! Some people call that personal clarity and personal power.

We call it “living your dreams!”

Comment from “Mary” after she got a Level 3 BioShield.

Mary shared her struggle with me. “I struggle to avoid making other people’s thoughts and statements and insights more important or valid than my own. It is so easy to push out my own and be replaced by theirs. It throws me off balance until I can recapture my own again. And it makes it very hard to draw on my own source of knowledge. I try only to ask questions to get different perspectives just before I am ready to act. Does that make sense?”

Before I had a BioShield, I found that I sometimes allowed an outside source to influence me to the point that I’d overridden some of my core values or beliefs and made decisions based on their values rather than my own. Other times, I just couldn’t sort out my thoughts from all the other thoughts coming in.”

Review from Michelle 2 months after getting a Level 3 BioShield.

I’ve had my shield for two months, and I love it. Compared to many these days I think my EMF exposure is fairly low, although I am not certain how much I am effected by it. What I do know is that I am sensitive to other people’s energy, and in this the shield has helped tremendously. I feel overall a greater sense of calm and presence of mind. Soon after receiving the shield, I noticed the first example of this. I was at the dentist office, and the dentist was running very late. Ordinarily I’d be worried about her schedule, and feel very hurried and flustered, but instead I felt very calm and focused, and was able to ask all the questions I came with, plus several follow-up questions that occurred to me at the time, and as a result was able to make a grounded decisions. Usually in this situation, after returning home I would have remembered things I hadn’t asked and would be second-guessing my decision. This time I felt completely satisfied. It was so unusual for me that I commented on it later, and that’s when I realized I had been wearing the shield. 

Why a Level 3 or 4 Shield May Help Beyond Just EMF Protection

The silver Shield had helped him with the EMF-related issues of headache and fatigue. Still, the imbalance in his energy field had been so extreme that he needed the additional strength of the gold Shield to fully balance it and help when he must choose or make a decision.

I talked to John several months after he started wearing his gold Shield and he was ecstatic, he was finding it quite easy and effortless to make decisions for the first time in his life and his boss was noticing the positive change as well.

Difficulties making decisions? Your energy may be in need of balance and protection.Sign posts pointing different directions decisions and personal clarity

You may be a Mary or a John. Here’s the good news, you can order a Shield, and if you find it was the wrong decision, you can return it for a refund within 90 Days.

You can send in your photo for a free review and answer some questions about what you’d like to see a change in your life, and we’ll tell you which Shield is the best choice for you. We’ll honestly tell you how much we think a Shield may or may not help.

Take our EMF and HSPs quizzes for tips on dealing with your sensitivity and a recommendation for a Shield based on your EMF Exposure – but for a recommendation for specific issues, do take advantage of our free photo analysis.

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