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Cellphone EMF Panics Bees – What’s it Doing to Your Body?

by | Aug 1, 2017 | 0 comments

Bee colonies worldwide began collapsing in 2003-2004 for no apparent reason. Since then scientists have discovered that cellphone EMF panics bees.

A host of causes have been cited: pesticides, mites, viruses, hive hygiene, monoculture and climate changes. Daniel Favre decided to investigate another source of disruption for bees – cell phone signals.

Electromagnetic Waves Agitate Bees

Because cell phones work by sending signals that produce electromagnetic radiation, this researcher thought the bees might be affected by these waves. Bees make sounds as they fly around as a way of communicating with each other. In a landmark research study Daniel Favre proved that bees are agitated to the point of leaving the hive if subjected to EMF for too long. He recorded 80 different recordings of these normal sounds from 5 healthy hives. Beehives that served as controls continued to produce normal sounds.

Even when the cell phone was on standby (airplane mode), the bees were not disturbed. However, as soon as the mobile phones were activated out of the standby mode, the bees began to produce sounds higher in frequency and amplitude after about 25-40 minutes, a sound called “worker piping“. After 15 more minutes, the phones were turned off. Within 2-3 minutes the bees returned to normal. The experiment included subjecting the bees to cell phone radiation for up to 20 hours. Even after the phones were turned off, the bees remained agitated for an additional 12 hours.

How Does This Affect You? Are Humans in Danger?

Whenever animals and insects are dying off, there’s cause for concern for humankind as well. They are much smaller, so often react more quickly than we do to frequencies and toxins in the environment. Although it may take our bodies another decade or two to really begin to breakdown, we should take caution and use our cell phones wisely.

Bees Leave Hives – Colony Collapses

Working piping occurs right before the bees swarm and makes a mass exodus from the hive. Another study done right before this one found that when a mobile phone was kept near a beehive, the hive collapsed within 5-10 days, leaving hives with just queens, eggs, and hive-bound immature bees. This Colony Collapse disorder greatly concerns anyone concerned with food production! Without bees, pollination cannot occur. Without pollination, many food crops will not change from a flower into a fruit or vegetable.

How Can You Support the Bees?

If you have a yard or even a space for outdoor plants, there are many ways to feed the bees with pollinator plants. You can go to the Pollinator Partnership website and type in your location – for the USA or Canada, and get a list of plants. These plants provide a natural habitat for bees, butterflies, moths, beetles, hummingbirds and other pollinators. If you know any beekeepers, you can make sure they know to put their phones in airplane mode while they are tending the hives. Not everyone knows about this study, but if they tend bees, they will want to know!

And, last but not least, if you do know a beekeeper, you could suggest they hang a “Room Shield” near their hives to reduce the EMF around the hives so that EMF doesn’t panic the bees. You may just save a hive of bees by suggesting this, or even better, gifting them a “room” Shield. The hive area is simply an outside “room” and the Room Shield will work just fine outdoors.

5g and cell towers are also a huge concern

If a cellphone EMF can panic bees just imagine what a cell tower or 5g tower can do. We plan to do some more research into this issue and see what researchers are finding. Read more about 5g and EMF issues.

Cell Phone Cancer Warning – Heart & Brain Tumors Double

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