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Is Your Smart Phone Distracting You?

by | Oct 16, 2019 | 0 comments

Dog chasing squirrel it's possible technology is disrupting that and it's time to reclaim your center from your smartphone. reclaim your center

Is Your Smart Phone Distracting You?

Do you have a Sense of Wholeness and Life Satisfaction?

Everyone I know loves the idea of “peace of mind”. And even better, a feeling of wholeness as we go through our busy days. But it’s possible technology is disrupting that and it’s time to reclaim your center from your smartphone.

What do wholeness and peace of mind mean? Why is it so difficult to achieve these days?

Everywhere I look are articles telling us how we can become whole and/or balanced. Smartphones, with all their dings and notifications, interrupt many of us many times per hour. Is it any wonder we feel our energy is fragmented? Furthermore, we are bathed in invisible, yet unbalancing energies including WiFi, 5G, and Smart Meter pulsations. Read more bout smartphone addiction and how it’s causing us to disconnect from our center. It’s time to reclaim your center and your focus.

We did some research around life satisfaction… and this is what we found:

After a literature review, Ellen Koronet of Link Creative, our statistician and quiz designer, discovered that general life satisfaction consists of meeting essential needs in three basic life realms. Community, Health, and Security were the most common factors described as contributing to happiness and satisfaction. This is a great start, but we feel there are 2 missing pieces. You supplied us with these pieces by your quiz responses.

What essential ingredients didn’t get mentioned in the literature?

Thousands of quiz takers reveal 2 hidden, critical aspects of life satisfaction.

Mindset or Emotional health were typically overlooked in the literature.

⦁ BioElectric Shield adds a critical fourth personal energy dimension: This was referred to as Grounding or Centering, which allows for better life choices and full pursuit of one’s passion or calling.

Circles showing dimensions of balance

According to those who consistently wear BioElectric Shields, their Shields add crucial stability to the individual’s ability to pursue a meaningful life.

Shield users consistently described the shift that the Shield brought into their lives as a powerful new capacity to meet challenges head-­on without compromising the ability to cultivate and experience Joy.

Balance and Harmony

For many, it’s a sense of becoming centered in your OWN peaceful energy, with body, mind, emotions, and soul in balanced harmony.*

Balance assumes that there are only two parts each in a tug-of-war with the opposing forces (like focus vs. necessary interruptions in your workflow). Harmony takes all the parts of your life into account.

Harmony arises from paying attention to that which calls to you now. As personal, family, and job needs shift daily, so too do the parts of your life move in, out, and around. If you can take a few moments several times each day to assess what you need most right now, you may find a harmony between the parts of your life. Harmony is about finding a flow, allowing what’s up to move as needed.

This is where wholeness comes in. It seems like harmony is the first key in achieving wholeness, then you go deeper, reclaiming your center and allowing your spiritual energy to fill you. But this is nearly impossible when you are stuck in chaos.

What you told us in your quiz responses

Whether you call it grounding and centering or wholeness, our customers consistently report that the BioElectric Shield has been instrumental in improving their quality of life.

Shift experienced with BioShield grounded and centered


When asked how they knew if the Shield was working, more QoL measures were volunteered.
The most significant effect is a sense of calm that was typically noticed immediately and has continued with consistent use.

 “I have been more mindful and self-aware. I realize how my actions and thoughts can affect my external environment and I take responsibility for my actions more than I used to. In addition, I have established more boundaries in my personal and professional relationships.”

 “I feel that the Shield has helped me with EMF and being a highly sensitive person: I’m affected by other people’s emotions, and I think it has helped me with that. I feel calmer.”

“The Shield has provided me a sense of calm and lowered anxiety, which I have not previously been able to find with any other natural product. For my radiation/EMF sensitivity and related tinnitus, I noticed a definite improvement of symptoms over time.” –L.G., July 2019

However, the central benefit that comes through in these interviews and testimonials BioElectric Shield receives is recognizable, universal, experiential, and observable.

BioShield Shield users report a consistent ability to be grounded and centered …

  • Ground and center and respond calmly to stress,
  • Focus on meaningful self-­care
  • Maintain confidence, primarily by observing the distance between what is happening and an underlying empowering sense of self
  • Pursue passion and joy
  • Get through even high-­stress days feeling fully energized.
    This radiates into everything else that contributes to your quality of life:
  • Relationships go more smoothly• Health is improved in nearly all Shield wearer
  • Safety…When you have time to respond instead of just reacting – you frequently do not say or do something you regret later. “I’m so much calmer! I’m able to respond rather than react! I just don’t feel as affected by WiFi and EMF”

What’s next?

Reclaim your center with Personal Energy Protection and Balance – Order a BioElectric Shield today!Order Shield - double photo L2 and L3

  • If you don’t already have a Shield, take one or both of our quizzes for a recommendation based on your exposure/risk and sensitivity and tips to help you reground and reclaim your center.
  • If you already have a Shield take the quiz or take advantage of our free photo analysis to see if it’s your best protection now.
  • What if your Shield is not strong enough?
    • If your Shield was purchased in the last 5 years and is in good condition, you may be able to trade it in.
    • If your Shield is more than 5 years old, we may have some suggestions for you. email [email protected] or call 541-201-8878

grounded and centered, calm mother

*Reference: About harmony and balance:



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