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Do You Have a Technology Addiction That’s Worse than Alcohol or Drugs?

by | May 2, 2021 | 0 comments

Technology Addiction people holding cellphones, tablets

Are you addicted to your cell phone or other technology? What happens to you when there’s no cell service or internet?

One way to find out if you have a technology addiction is to unplug for a day.

Do you relax and welcome the opportunity to spend some unplugged time enjoying nature, visiting with friends, etc? Or are you in freak-out mode, feeling like you’re missing out, disconnected from everything important? If you’re feeling anxious about being off-line then you have an addiction that can be worse than alcohol or drugs because it’s more socially acceptable and goes almost unnoticed.

Do you need a digital intervention?

If you are in freak-out mode, you may actually have a serious technology addiction. When you got your smartphone, I’m sure you never imagined that it would be nearly attached to you 24/7. The need to check your posts, post your mood, check in your location, post your photos, watch a video, etc, can take over much of your life.

The socially acceptable addiction – digital addiction

Yes, there are therapists for digital addiction. “It’s worse than alcohol or drug abuse because it’s much more engaging and there’s no stigma behind it,” says therapist Nathan Driskell.

I found it interesting that you can even get online on-demand counseling….hmm, is that really curing your addiction or just substituting.

All that screen time can disrupt productivity, relationships, your mood, even your health. Is social media keeping you from “in-person” social activities and physical exercise as well as the ability to get anything substantial done during the day? If so, you may have a serious problem.

Get your focus back with digital balance

If you can’t go without technology for even a few hours. You need help to get your life back and detox from your technology addiction.

I was at an event recently – a ranch in the desert – No cell service and extremely limited internet. If more than just a few people logged on, everyone was shut out and the whole thing went down. Despite repeated requests to just use it for absolute emergencies or quick check-ins, people kept going to Facebook etc, and freaking out when they weren’t able to be online.

This isn’t just an issue for Millenials and Gen Xers, older people are just as addicted

Many people think this is just an issue for Millenials and Gen Xers. this is not the case, there were a few people in their 70’s even more freaked out than the rest. Since the pandemic changed our lives so dramatically, I’ve talked to more and more people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s for whom their cell phones, iPad, and the internet have become a large part of their social life. Unfortunately, older people are even more affected by EMF, and it can be causing more attention and memory issues

Your energy field is literally being sucked into the internet.

One of the issues is that when you’re on a computer using social media, video games, or even just watching videos, your energy field is literally being sucked into the device, creating a strong connection that goes beyond just behavior but deeply affects your energy and ability to hold your own personal space.

Think about the amount of negativity, pain, hatred, and controversy bombarding you between cute cat videos. Do you really want all that in your energy field?

No wonder so many people are stressed and overwhelmed.

How can you drop the technology addiction and get your energy and your life back?

1. Give yourself a time limit for internet use. if you are a game player, can you walk away after an hour? If not you’re addicted. Get help.

2. Take a walk outside every day. And we mean EVERY DAY. This allows your energy field to expand and open. Staring at a computer, tablet or phone narrows your focus, narrows your energy, and literally sucks it into the device. It’s like putting your energy field in a closed elevator. Get out of the elevator – and expand your energy.

3. Get energy protection. That’s one place where a BioElectric Shield (energy protection pendant) is of help as your energy doesn’t get sucked in. The Shield neutralizes and deflects the energy of the computer and media allowing you to be in a neutral space where you can actually be in touch with your own thoughts and feelings.

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