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EMF and Depression – Suicidal to Awesome with BioShield in Just 6 Weeks

by | Feb 26, 2011 | 0 comments

from suicidal to awesome in 6 weeks wearing the BioElectric Shield

EMF and Depression are Linked

Heart EMF Protection BioElectric Shield helps Teen moves from Suicidal to Awesome

This email is from the mother of a very sensitive 14-year-old girl who had attempted suicide last fall.  In just 6 weeks – she went from suicidal to awesome with BioShield. Showing us clearly a link between EMF and depression. Here is her parent’s story of what happened when she started wearing a Level 2 BioElectric Shield.

Believe it or not, energy bombardment can make a person depressed even suicidal.

It’s hard to believe that EMF exposure can be a major factor in depression.

Dear AnnaMariah and Virginia – you can absolutely use our story!!!

Well, I know it has been some time, but we wanted to have at least a month to see how the shield has affected my fourteen-year-old daughter, “Gail” ( real name is withheld in order to protect our daughter’s privacy).

We gave her the level 2 silver heart on December 1st, and just over one month later, we are seeing ASTOUNDING results!

  • First of all, she has made up work in five of her classes and is no longer failing four classes, but now has mostly Bs!!!
  • She used to draw pictures with scribbly static all around the picture, but I have not seen any pictures like this. Her drawings are colorful and light.
  • Her writing is now more positive and decisive, and her therapists are considering releasing her from the intensive outpatient program.
  • She smiles and laughs, and OFTEN says that she feels GOOD!
  • She never wants to take off her heart.

After this “trial” period, she is a committed Shield wearer, and we are ready to invest in the specialized (custom) shield your consultants recommended for her.

AwesomeShe has recently shared that she feels “AWESOME” several days in a row (typically on the weekend). This is a word we haven’t heard in years. Thank you!

We sent “Gail’s” photo to our consultant for review, fully expecting that she would need an individually customized Shield because she had been suicidal. We were duly surprised when we were told that “she doesn’t need a custom now, or possibly ever”. Her Level 2 heart Shield is lifting her depression and is working well. It is slowly making changes and she is doing much better.

In cases like this, we often like to revisit the question in a couple of years and make sure everything is still going well and that the current Shield is still the ideal in energy balancing.

What did the scribbly drawings mean?

In reading the comment about Gail’s drawing containing scribbly static it seems very likely that Gail is extremely energy sensitive – also known as a “highly sensitive person” or suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, or both. She was literally drawing how the energy felt to her. If you consider what EMF can do to the body, it’s no wonder she drew what we might describe as “static”. She may have been sensing both the EMF radiation all around her as well as negative emotional energies – or any WiFi in her school or neighborhood. In other words, it was penetrating her biofield. The Shield protects her from that and is allowing her to exist in a space of light and positivity by providing protection from all of the above, reducing her exposure to EMF and depression.

Will the BioShield will lift your Depression?

We obviously can’t promise these results to everyone. The Shield can’t help everyone go from suicidal to awesome, because the cause of the depression may be different. But this isn’t the only story of this kind we could share. The Shield can make a night and day difference for some people. If you know someone who is depressed or has a depressed child, please pass this article on to them. We can’t promise miracles every time, but they do happen enough to keep our hearts happy. We have a 90-day money-back guarantee, so it doesn’t make a difference for you, you can return for a full refund.

How to know what’s best for you

Whenever there are emotional issues of this magnitude, we recommend that you use our photo analysis service. This is a service created by the owners of the company, a Chiropractic Neurologist and Occupational Therapist. After working with a very unique family for over 35 years, they wanted to offer you the benefit of their unusual gift – the ability to see energy to the cellular level in a regular photo, with their normal eyesight. By answering questions about your daily exposure to EMF and other environmental questions, plus your photo, the consultant can come up with a recommendation for which Shield would serve you best. Please go to the photo analysis page for a more complete description of this process.

This process can determine the best type of protection for them – be it a regular or individually custom Shield, As you’ve seen in this case, it’s not always the most expensive solution that’s best, and we will never sell you a stronger or more expensive Shield than what you need.

PubMed.Org published a study about EMF and depression suggesting that long-term occupational exposure to ELF-EMF may lead to depression, stress, anxiety, and poor sleep quality.

The increasing impact of fear on your life may surprise you if you are a Highly Sensitive Person

Empaths Speak about the BioElectric Shield

Indigo, Crystal and other Energy Sensitive/Intuitive Children

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