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Chronic Fatigue, CFS and EMF Radiation

by | Mar 19, 2020 | 0 comments


There is hope – Read one woman’s journey from Tired to Remarkable.

EMFs from Electric Wiring, Appliances, cellphones, smart meters, WiFi a factor in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)?
Pollution of all types affects the body – pollution we can smell, see and hear.

One of the more controversial pollutants, however, is entirely invisible: electromagnetic fields (EMFs). While we may live a long, healthy life with no ill effects from electromagnetic fields, if we are unwell these fields could be a factor working against our recovery.

One of the big issues with getting to this point is that once your body has reached that tipping point, you tend to become more sensitive not only to EMF, but to other toxins and frequencies around you, and getting back to a healthy state takes much longer than if you prevent the problem in the first place.

EMF Radiation should be kept to a minimum in order to give the body the best chance of healing.

Even if you’re completely healthy, this is an issue that does affect you. The effects, like smoking and other toxins, is cumulative.

Take the Quiz to learn your EMF Exposure Score and get recommendations for EMF protection.

From Tired to Remarkable – a true story of recovery from what seemed to be chronic fatigue syndrome

I thought I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but now, wearing a Shield, my energy is remarkable! Thank you

Forgive the familiarity of this salutation but how else does one address a group of persons who have proved to be a literal answer to desperate prayers? I honestly can’t think of your company as anything other than friends. I have been wearing my BioElectric Shield for less than a month & I cannot believe the incredible difference it has made in my life!

I work for a major utility company in Los Angeles and my job necessitates my being in front of a computer seven hours a day. For the last ten months, I had become aware of my energy and stamina levels steadily decreasing in spite of a low-fat, healthy diet and plenty of aerobic exercises.

I was beginning to suspect that I might have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

My annual series of colonic irrigations helped only temporarily this year whereas they had always boosted my energy/stamina level in the past. I knew the problem had to be something that was affecting me on a daily basis. I pondered and pondered and prayed to be shown what to do to help myself feel better. I read about many alternative health treatments but I was left in a quandary as to which, if any, would be the answer to my problem.

About a month before a health expo was to be held in Pasadena, this year, I saw a small advertisement for the BioElectric shield in their catalog. Something about the ad impressed me. I read it over and over, marked the page, and determined to find your booth at the expo and get more information. As so often happens in life when something is meant to be, 1 couldn’t get the thought of your ad out of my mind. Something told me that this was going to help me.

On the day of the expo, I met Carolyn who explained the shield to me. I explained my chronic, debilitating fatigue to her, and the fact that I spend about 35 hours per week in front of a computer. When she told me she felt that the shield would help me, I wanted more than anything to believe her. When she told me to wear it for 30 days and return it if it didn’t help, I did believe her. I ran back to my two friends who had accompanied me to the expo and between us, we bought four shields.

I returned to work three days later full of hope and sporting my shield. At the end of the day I had noticeably more energy and I never experienced any “adjustments symptoms” that Carolyn had mentioned. The next day I went home from work virtually rejuvenated! I undertook the chores and activities that I had not been able to do in months! I began to resent bedtime because I still had the energy to accomplish more, yet, I slept well.

Now, some three weeks later, my energy level continues to be remarkable. I constantly sing hosannas to the shield. I had the pleasure of introducing the Shield to my colonic therapist who wants all available information for all of her clients who, like myself, are’ computer-zapped.

In closing, I want to thank all of you a thousand times over for the incredible difference that you have made in my life. I asked God to show me what to do to help myself and He sure did; He led me to you. May He bless you mightily for the good that you are doing for people.

Thank you.
Eliza Orenco, LA

 “I ordered a customized shield and it has helped my energy levels remain more consistent throughout the day. I can accomplish things I would never even try before getting this Shield”.  J. Dunover, Asst. Administrator, Denver, Co.

“Since wearing the Shield, the chronic fatigue and lethargy that has plagued me for close to seven years is dissipating. I mentioned a return of my psychic energies as well. And I’ve done my own control experiment: when I remove the Shield for approximately 3 hours, my old patterns return- the lack of concentration and deadness. Thanks so much for being part of this change in my life.” Karen E.Osborne (April, 1996)

Do you have Chronic Fatigue or other Mysterious Symptoms? 

You don’t have to suffer, EMF may be part of the problem and we can help.

Why do HSPs and Empaths need EMF Protection?

Highly Sensitive People are often more affected by EMF as well as Other People’s Energy – It’s a vicious Double Whammy

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