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Feeling off? Cattywampus? Tilted? Does life seem strange?

by | Jul 7, 2021 | 0 comments

Tilted-CattywampusSo what’s happening?

Social distancing and so many other things have disrupted your lives leaving you feeling off-balance and cattywampus. Your normal coping behaviors and things you do to get back in balance, like a dinner out with friends have all been interfered with and disrupted.

But that’s just for starters. Your energy is being scrambled and off-kilter due to 5G towers putting out invasive energy, WiFi, and increased time on Zoom and other social media, uncertainty, and frankly, more things than I even want to list. You feel adrift.

How do you get back to a sense of balance, feeling like you can move on with your life?

The BioElectric Shield can help you be less affected by other people’s stress and fear and all the 5G, EMF, and WiFi, in addition, the Shield supports your energy in coming back to your center, assisting you to feel like you can handle things again.

Customer Raves

“When I first put my Level 3 Shield, I felt like I was instantly transported into a higher, more blissful state of Being. I really noticed its balancing, integrating effects immediately, having explored over 25 different energy protection technologies within a 30-year period.

Besides enlivening Unconditional Love, it greatly boosts the immune system. What I love about the Shield the most is that it balances all four aspects of our energy (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), helping one to maintain integrative balance.”

Christopher Florence, May 2021 Review *(quote was paraphrased for brevity).
Older Woman feeling peaceful grateful balanced“I found out about the BioElectric Shield from my Empath Counselor and thought I have to try it. I’ve been ill and imbalanced, and as an HSP/ empath, it was difficult sometimes to deal with other people’s energies. Large crowds were almost an impossible thing for me. This has improved drastically, and I feel and really know that I am more resilient when I wear my Shield.

It is a blessing for me and the results keep getting better the longer I have my Shield. I am very, very happy with it and the input and advice I received were very valuable. At Bioelectric Shield one is not just a number, but a person! Thank you so much!”

Let go of the cattywampus feeling and reorganize your energy and your life.

Bring yourself back to balance, and let go of feeling cattywampus and tilted with a BioElectric Shield, personal energy protection, and balancing pendant.

Give yourself the gift of energy support, energy balance, and energy resilience. Not only will you be helping yourself, but your more centered energy will help others calm down and have hope for the future.

Your partners in health,

Virginia and AnnaMariah


Do you have a hard time being here on earth?

Do you have a hard time living here on Earth, feeling at home or living in the world? Are there days when you feel that you don’t belong here?

You’re not alone.  HSPs, empaths, and others who are sensitive in one way or another often find it extremely difficult to be here on Earth – sometimes it seems excruciating. The energy is often overwhelming, chaotic, and disharmonious that many are disconnected from their bodies and not at all grounded. Strangely being ungrounded and disconnected makes it even more difficult to be here.



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