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Can You Tell Me the Secret of the Stones in the Shield? – BioElectric Shield FAQs

by | Oct 9, 2014 | 0 comments

The Shield is a matrix of all-natural quartz and other gemstones; hand-cut stones glued one at a time very exactly in a geometric pattern, then covered with silicon so that the stones don’t shift, ever.

I can’t actually tell you the secret of what stones are in the Shield. I’m not purposely being secretive, well actually I am, but there is a good reason for that. Actually, the rationale comes in two parts.

1. The details on the matrix design is proprietary. We can’t give out our secret formula. But that’s only part of the reason.

2. This, our primary reason for secrecy, may surprise you. The crystal matrix is made in a specific pattern causing the stones to interact with each other and with your energy field in a very precise manner. The result of this interaction is much different than the sum of the parts.

The Shield’s effect is totally different than if you were to simply hold the stones in your hand

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You might think that you could look up the properties of the different stones and know what the Shield is going to do, but you would be mistaken. There is so much more to the way the energy works when the stones are in alignment with each other.

I have also experienced this phenomenon in making gemstone jewelry. The energy of a finished piece is different than the stones separately, sometimes dramatically different. I delivered a necklace recently to a very sensitive friend who had seen all the stones together last week before I started making her piece. When I handed her the finished necklace, she commented about how different the necklace felt than the stones she had in her hand previously; a very different feel and energy. This also happens with Shield, the difference between a handful of stones and a Shield is the difference between holding a fistful of sand and a crystal goblet; same material, very different result.

People have long been curious about what’s inside. Heck, we’re all curious to see the inside of our iPhone, too. Or is that just me? I know, however, that even if I saw every component that was in my phone, I would still not have a clue how it works. In fact, I might be a little disappointed that there’s no magician inside making everything happen by waving his wand or that the spirit of Steve Jobs isn’t hiding in there. Well, actually that might be a relief.

Written by AnnaMariah Nau

The proof is in the results.

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