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How the BioElectric Shield works with The Assemblage Point, your Spiritual Heart

In January of 2012, I had the honor of speaking with Daniel Kish, the founder of World Access for the Blind. He is completely blind and travels worldwide, by himself, to train other blind people how to navigate using a very progressive and effective technique called “echo location”. I was particularly interested in how the Shield would work for him perhaps because I worked at the School for the Blind, in Vancouver, Washington for 2 years as their Occupational Therapist. 

To learn more about this method, watch videos of students riding bicycles (blind) using echo location please visit his website http://www.worldaccessfortheblind.org/
Here are the contents of 2 emails he sent me regarding his views on how the BioElectric Shield works with an energy center called the Assemblage Point. 

– Virginia Brown,
Occupational Therapist, President of the Bioelectric Shield Co.

Assemblage Point Daniel Kish discusses assemblage point and the BioElectric Shield

Daniel Kish, President of World Access for the Blind, leads a group of blind hikers.  Recreational activities such as hiking are a valuable way for the blind to build confidence, improve their navigation skills, and fully participate in society.     (Photo by: Volker Correll)

“Dear Virginia,

I just had an epiphany about how the BioShield might work, that I thought I would share with you. Perhaps you have already explored this. It wouldn’t surprise me if your consultant already shared this with you, and Nikola Tesla surely would have known about this.

Ramana Maharshi, a great sage of India, often spoke of the Assemblage Point, calling it the “Spiritual Heart”. He stated, “the (spiritual) Heart spoken of in the scriptures….is the center of spiritual experience according to the testimony of Sages…it is the very core of your being.”

Here are some articles that describe the assemblage point, and its role in our physical and energetic health:

The Assemblage Point Process

The Human Assemblage Point (Sacred Heart) and its important role in purifying our energy fields and soul/consciousness

I did receive assemblage point re-centering, and assemblage point training. However, I only received one assemblage point re-centering. I am a third level Reiki practitioner, and also an angel healer (if one can really be called such a thing). The angels don’t need us to heal, but sometimes, people need a human intermediary in order to be open to receiving the healing. The human doesn’t really do anything except help the recipient align with the work of the angel.

I met an angel, and he touched me at the center of my chest, and my whole life changed. I then later found out about the assemblage point, and it corresponded to exactly where the angel touched me. Also, when the assemblage point worker examined me, he said that my assemblage point was the largest he’d ever seen, and he showed me what he meant. The size of the spot he showed me corresponded to the size of the angel’s hand, who had appeared to me as a boy of about 7 years. The assemblage point worker did say that my assemblage point had fractured, for reasons of recent trauma, and he helped to reassemble my assemblage point.

The point of all this is, now I think I realize why this Shields work, and yes, I have been feeling results – subtle at first but growing stronger. I feel it most now that I’ve arrived in India – a place I tend to find quite stressful. Now that I am wearing the BioShield, (which is still on trial, so to speak), my system seems to have returned in resonance to a heart opening experience I had when I was last here, but the experience had faded. Now, somehow, I seem back on top of things.

The plane trip over here was long, and many things went wrong. I would normally have arrived in quite a state. I don’t jet lag, but I do normally suffer from massive over stimulation from airplane and airport crowds, noise, chaos, logistical complexities – and it’s normally all I can do to hold together. Now, I do typically hold together, but at a cost. This time, despite the rigors of this particular trip, my holding together (more or less) seemed to happen almost naturally, with little effort on my part.

This evening, I was sitting in a highly over stimulating environment, and I was playing with my shield inside my shirt as a kind of self-soothing. I realized that I was gradually pulling it upward until it felt comfortable. It was then that I realized that I was moving it into correspondence with where my assemblage point would naturally rest.

I believe that the Shield, if worn properly and tuned to one’s energy field properly, works to draw the assemblage point back to its natural position. For this, though, I think the shield really must be worn most of the time over the heart chakra, which is the seat of the assemblage point.

Most assemblage point practitioners use large crystals, often quartz, to realign the assemblage point. This is the tradition in which I was trained, and for a long time, I used a piece of clear quartz almost as big as my forearm. I then found that I could do it with just Reiki symbols, and a hand from my angel friend. But, the assemblage point in humans (can’t speak for spiritual beings) is prone to being knocked off center by how we attach ourselves to our experiences.

Here’s some articles about crystals to realign and stabilize the assemblage point:

Treatments – Training in the Assemblage Point
This is where I got my training, but I never completed my certification.

Advanced Procedures For Correcting The Assemblage Point Location
This medical doctor uses combinations of precious and semi-precious gyms to align the assemblage point.

But, that’s the thing. The BioShield is a crystal matrix that constantly maintains the centering of the assemblage point until it becomes established and fixed. (Well, it never stays exactly fixed, because we live in a world full of drama and trauma, but more or less). I don’t yet know if or why gold verses silver should be more effective, but it may have to do with the way the metal interacts with the crystals*.

*(Note from BioElectric Shield Co: the silver and the gold work as amplifiers to the energy field created by the crystal matrix. Brass is a good amplifier, silver is better, and gold is by far, the best amplifier. Mr.Kish is wearing the Level 3 Silver with Gold tab Shield in utilizes the silver to amplify the energy, and then further ramp it up with the 5 gold tabs, which correspond to the head, 2 arms and legs – thus extending a strong protective cocoon around the body.)

Of course, if the assemblage point is well aligned and established, then the physical and energetic bodies become highly robust against any kind of non-aligned disruption or intrusion, including electro-magnetic energies. This is also why the simple frequency emitters, like the q-link, aren’t as effective, because they artificially produce a frequency which is not as bio-compatible. It’s trying to force a rebalance by applying an external and artificial influence, rather than seeking to allow something to happen by facilitating a natural condition of energetic rebalancing.

I don’t know how the shield affects people whose assemblage point is way out of whack. Normally, an assemblage point worker will find the assemblage point where it is (sometimes it is fractured into several places, such as is common for seizure disorders), place a crystal wand on the spot, often on both the back and front, and then gradually and smoothly move the wands (sort of grabbing the assemblage point) and move them to the ideal spot.

There are other aspects to the procedure, but that’s the crux. I don’t know what would happen if, for instance, the assemblage point was located down by the navel, which would constitute a very serious condition, and the shield was simply worn at the heart chakra position. Would this result in a gradual re-centering of the assemblage point? Or would the draw just simply not be enough to facilitate the migration of the assemblage point back to center? I don’t know. Perhaps the Shield promotes a kind of calm flexibility in the energy field which sort of loosens up the assemblage point from its fixed position of mis-alignment, and then the Shield can sort of (call) the assemblage point back into alignment. Just guessing.**

**(Note from the Shield Co. – Our consultants say that the Shield “holds the space” for the assemblage point to return to a balanced, aligned state. As the body is ready to do that, it will move in that direction. The Shield allows the bio-energetic field the chance to “see” how it could be more balanced, and then makes the choice to go there or not. Naturally we can’t “prove” this, but our consultants’ have looked at thousands of before and after photos and can see how much more balanced the energy field of the person is after wearing the Shield for many months. In the acupuncture research we did, the acupuncture scores did reflect more balance in every subject we tested. See Testing the BioElectric Shield.)
By my own symptoms, I would guess that my own assemblage point had re-fractured, so not so serious (although the symptoms kind of are quite serious, I remained very lucid and cognizant of my condition), but I can feel the shift since I began wearing the Shield.
I have been wearing it constantly under all conditions except bathing and swimming. I even sleep with it on. I am careful to keep it near the assemblage point, which is somewhat bothersome, as the slip knots tend to be quite slippery. I haven’t really come up with a good work-around for this, yet. I even wear it through the airport. It has never made any of the scanners go off, which is interesting to me. I have not done any kind of test of putting the device away and seeing how I feel.

Yes, I do feel mentally better – much better, actually now that I reflect. I do want to say that, between the months of August, 2012, and the present, I had taken my declining health quite seriously, and I have undertaken a variety of procedures, many of which have proved helpful.

Anyway, the point is, if I am to attribute any of the improvements I’ve experienced since January to the Bioshield, it would be mental equilibrium, which is paramount. There may well be other improvements, but it’s difficult for me to put my finger on them specifically. I cannot honestly say that I have experienced any of the major and immediate shifts that are presented in many of your testimonials, including the ones from the doctor’s patients – nothing so dramatic, at least, not physiologically. I still struggle with immense fatigue, and my sleep really hasn’t improved much.
I suppose I would say that, since January, I seem to be able to take all of the stressors of my life, including my physiological struggles, with a marked increase in equilibrium. Nothing seems to bother me particularly much – including some complex business issues, on top of my prodigious travel schedule and many other pressing matters, I seem to be able to maintain something of a smile.
By about August of 2012, I was literally feeling systematically broken, like I was just dying inside – like I had limited time to function, and when that time was done, I would just stop functioning. I definitely do not feel like that these days. I can’t say that I feel any great bounce to my step … in many ways I still feel like I drag myself through each day, or sometimes shoved through each day by some external hand, but I no longer seem to do it with dread and foreboding. I seem to be able much better to take one moment at a time, and to more calmly face the moments of battering that seems to be happening with increasing regularity these days – and I think I would attribute that to the shield.

I’m afraid that probably isn’t the glowing testimonial you’re looking for, but I would count it a positive one, nonetheless, and I suspect a realistic one.”

– Daniel Kish