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What Can You do to Keep Fear & Chaos from Depleting Your Immune System?

by | Mar 26, 2020 | 0 comments

Did you know that fear and chaos can seriously deplete your immune system making you more susceptible to illnesses? Do you feel all the fear whenever you turn on the TV, pick up a newspaper, or read all the posts on Facebook?

Stress and over-stimulation weaken your Immune system

I’m sure you know that stress depletes your immune system, which can directly affect your ability to fight off infection. Click here for more info about Stress, Illness, and the Immune System. Click to read more from Psychology Today

Watch this ground-breaking video from Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., cell biologist and author of “The Biology of Belief.” He shows how our brains create belief systems that can heal us – or allow illness.

Understand your reactions

One thing I know from my own experience is that the more you understand your reactions and the impact they have on you, the easier it is to find ways to acknowledge and handle them. This puts you in a mode of responding instead of just reacting without knowing what’s happening. You’re more in control.

If you’re Highly Sensitive, you are more affected by stress and fear

HSPs, (Highly Sensitive People) and Empaths are much more susceptible to over-stimulation. This isn’t a personality disorder. We are wired differently and react to things more intensely.

Highly sensitive people get more stressed by things that other people are stressed by, and many things roll off most people’s backs. Here’s just a short list: Hectic Schedules, expectations of others, conflicts, distractions, smells, hunger, criticism both from self and others, and deep emotions. The feeling that their emotions and reactions aren’t normal can add to the stress. It may be one of the reasons, so many of our HSP quiz takers report reduced immunity and other mysterious symptoms.

Read more about the impact other people’s anxiety and fear can have on you.  All these things can weaken your immune system and create additional stress.

If you’re not sure you’re an HSP, click here and take our Quiz.  If you know someone you think is an HSP, please do them a favor and share this with them.

Here’s what I’m doing to reduce my stress and keep my immune system strong

I decided to stay calm but to take some of the protective measures that one very wise source shared with me and a few others that intuitively feel important. These suggestions became the basis for our post

Meditate: I added 10 minutes to my morning meditation and just before bed. I’m always amazed at how much easier things seem when I meditate regularly.

Charge your BioElectric Shield – I charged my BioShield for a couple of days, ensuring it’s at full strength to help keep me protected from EMF, 5G, wifi, etc. It also keeps me balanced and does not “take in” all the emotions floating around. I can still feel them, but they don’t become my emotions or feel overwhelming.
Note: If you don’t have a BioShield, I highly recommend it. It changed my life in 1994    Take one of our quizzes for a personal Shield recommendation.

Physical Measures – I ordered immune-boosting supplements, put a hand sanitizer in my purse, and instantly felt myself relax. I’m also making sure to eat my fruits and veggies, especially greens, and am confident that the immunity boost from these measures will keep me safe and healthy.

Stock up a little – Like so many others, I stock up some on food, so I can limit trips to the store. I don’t go crazy, but I did assure them that if absolutely necessary, I’d have enough for a few weeks. I also checked out local grocery delivery and pick-up services and loved those.

Boundaries – I’m limiting contact with anxiety-prone people and limiting news and articles, especially ones with a lot of hype and fear. Even though I know I will be okay, it’s really easy to get sucked into the emotional whirlpool. Note: I try to reduce time spent with these people because their fear can make me second guess.

If people leave you feeling anxious, exhausted or upset, even on the phone, try to avoid them. If that’s not possible, then mentally protect yourself before contact and clear and ground your energy afterward.

Laugh – Trying to find humor in what I can. Sometimes it means just finding a silly video or watching the webcam at Costco with people walking out with carts stacked with toilet paper. Plus, I get to put silly Bitmoji in posts, texts, and emails.

Sleep – I know that when there is a lot of stress or fear in the world, it affects my sleep. The Shield helps tremendously, but I spent too much time talking to stressed-out people, and as an empath, if I’m close to them, it still seeps in.

After a few nights with long periods of wakefulness in the middle of the night, I printed out some techniques for better sleep.

Click here for an article from Healthline

Some steps to keep fear and chaos from depleting your immune system

Going outside more – I’m working at my desk and have a lot to do. I’ve set a timer to remind myself to go outside and stand on the ground for 10 minutes every two hours. I take my shoes off for a few minutes and stand on the grass, grounding my energy and allowing the Earth to fill me…it’s not very warm here, so a few minutes at a time is just fine. The sun gives vitamin D and boosts your emotions. Being outdoors allows your aura to expand and clear. Even if it’s cloudy and rainy, a few minutes outside clears your mind.

Bring Nature Inside – If the weather is really bad and I can’t get out, I sit by a window and look at the trees – it’s early Spring in Oregon, and flowers and trees are blooming. If you don’t have access to green outdoors, buy some cheery flowers, preferably potted and growing.

Feel Gratitude – I work from home, so my workday doesn’t change. Okay, so I had to cancel several events I was looking forward to and stay home instead. I could be upset, but instead, I’m thinking about everything I’ll get done when I’m not running around town doing other things. I’m concentrating on being grateful that I’m in a position to take care of myself and hopefully reach out to other people.

Respond from a place of Calm – If you can respond from this place of non-freak-out, you can take measures that calm your mind and emotions.

I suggest writing down what you plan to do to help you keep on track and return to your center.

When you know that you are doing everything you can within reason to take care of yourself, you can feel the “Ahhh” as go through your body, letting you relax. If you could feel what’s going on in your immune system, you’d probably feel that immunity boost.

And Knocking on Wood probably doesn’t hurt either, and when you affirm that all will be well because you’ve been taking care of yourself and “You’ve got this!”


I wish you health and happiness.



Note: This article was written in 2020, but now as of  December 2022, it’s still relevant. I’ve been bombarded this week by well-meaning friends reporting on several dangerous viruses that I need to worry about. It’s not the chaos and fear we felt in March 2020, but there is still a lot of information and misinformation, and those who are more than happy to share the doom and gloom. Yes, they believe they are helpful, but I’m not always so sure and try to take it all with several grains of salt.


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