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BioElectric Shield - Personal Energy Protection

Photo Analysis Fee


What is Photo Analysis?

Our photo analysis can be invaluable if you are serious about purchasing a BioElectric Shield, have specific concerns or issues, or have tried "everything" without results.

With a photograph, our experts can make specific recommendations for the best level of BioElectric Shield for your needs. They see light frequencies not visible to the normal eye down to the cellular level. The lenses of their eyes have a broader capacity than what is typical for the rest of us. This gift has been passed through several generations for the past 900 years. They can see your energy field in great detail without using a machine.

We have the utmost respect for their gift. Based on your energy field and questionnaire answers, they can recommend the best energy protection through this photo analysis.

Who Should Do the Analysis, and What Can You Learn?

      1. You are serious about ordering a BioElectric Shield and want to use this process to be sure of your choices.
      2. You have specific sensitivity, health, mental, or emotional issues or "have tried everything" and need more precise recommendations.
      3. You want to know the best level of Shield for your needs and be clear about what you can expect the Shield to do, how it can help, and where it may not so your expectations are realistic.
      4. Is the analysis free? No, the upfront cost for the photo analysis is $50. You pay $50 when you order the Photo analysis. Once you order a Shield and keep it for the full 90 money-back guarantee, we'll refund half the fee ($25).
      5. We pay our consultant for each analysis and cannot offer it for free or casual interest.
      6. You are especially sensitive to EMF and/or other people’s energy, our questionnaire and the photo you send will provide enough information for our consultant to make a precise recommendation.
      7. You have health issues or extreme sensitivities, photo analysis can be invaluable and more useful than taking the quiz on our website. The consultant will recommend a specific Shield level for you.
      8. WHAT THIS IS NOT—the photo analysis is not an aura reading. We will not tell you what color your aura is or answer any questions that aren’t specifically related to purchasing or using a BioElectric Shield.

Why is there a $50 fee?

Our consultant's time is extremely valuable and we pay for every photo analysis we have done. We want to be sure you're serious about using the analysis to purchase a Shield and to ensure that you're clear that the sole purpose of the analysis is to get a solid recommendation about which BioElectric Shield is best for your energy needs and to understand what you can expect from the Shield.

We will refund $25 after the 90-day Money-Back Guarantee ends, and we know you're keeping your Shield.

The bottom line is that the analysis only costs you $25 and gives you confidence when choosing.

IMPORTANT - After you pay, go to the photo analysis page to complete the questionnaire and get the details for the needed photo.