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BioElectric Shield - Personal Energy Protection

Essential Brass – Starter Shield – EMF Blocker – Level 1


LEVEL 1 Essential Brass BioElectric Energy Protection Starter Shield

Essential protection for you and your family

This Starter Shield is perfect for those on a tight budget who still want essential protection from EMF radiation. With the Level 1 Shield, you can reduce your exposure to EMF radiation from your cell phone or portable phone, as well as from ubiquitous WiFi signals. Not only does this Shield protect your health, but it also helps to balance your energy and reduce stress. And for parents, the Level 1 Shield is an ideal choice for protecting babies and children during sleep.

Worried about your EMF exposure and wondering just how much protection you need?

Take our free EMF Exposure Quiz, and answer some questions about your energy exposure and reactions to other people's energy. Based on your quiz results, you will receive a recommendation for a protection level in the form of a Level 1, 2, 3, or 4 Shield. However, it's important to note that opting for a lower level of protection may not provide you with the full benefits that your quiz indicated you need.

Caring for your new Shield

Your Shield comes complete with a stylish cotton/rayon black satin cord that will perfectly complement your new EMF Blocker pendant. Made from a durable blend of 65% rayon and 35% cotton, the cord will withstand daily wear and tear, but we recommend having an extra cord or chain ready in case you need it. While chains are not included with any Shield pendant, you can easily purchase one from our website, along with a selection of polishing kits and accessories to keep your Shield looking its best.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 0.2 × 4 × 4 cm
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90 day money back guarantee


Polished – Mirror Finish, Satin – Matte Finish

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2 reviews for Essential Brass - Starter Shield - EMF Blocker - Level 1

  1. Rebecca

    Our electric company installed smart meters on all of the homes in our community without our consent. Needless to say, we are exceedingly angry about this assault on our health but have found no recourse for reversal.

    We had the free aura evaluation of our daughter’s room which faces our neighbor’s meter and were informed that the radiation level at one end of her exterior wall was quite high.

    Taking that into consideration, as well as realizing that all of our appliances, ceiling fans, TV, etc. are constantly polluting our indoor environment, we have purchased a Level 1 Room Shield for each room in our home. We now I feel we have taken the steps necessary to enhance our safety within our home.

    Thanks, Bioelectric Shield!

  2. RH

    I’ve always known that our phones and vehicles continuously emit dangerous EMFs but never really considered that phone usage became even more dangerous when done inside a closed vehicle until I recently read an article describing the increased dangers of the Faraday effect created in a closed car by the EMFs from a cell phone. Scary stuff…

    My husband, daughter and I have worn our personal Level 3 shields daily since we bought them in 2009 and LOVE the difference they have made in our daily lives – elimination of chronic headaches and restless sleep and (for my daughter – fainting spells). While these offer tremendous protection, I still felt compelled to increase the level of safety inside our cars.

    Toward that end, I just bought a Level 1 Shield for each of our cars. While adding that extra layer of protection for us, it will also protect any passengers who do not have personal shields.

    We just hung them in our cars last night and I am so happy knowing that, in doing so, we just took one more step toward protecting ourselves against two of the most insideous forms of toxicity in our world today – our phones and our cars.

    One of the best things about Bioelectric Shield is the caring, personalized service provided by whoever picks up the phone. Virginia, Carolyn and friends are so knowledgeable and are always willing to share their extensive knowledge. I have learned so much from them and their website over the years and am so grateful for their dedication to this work.

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