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BioElectric Shield - Personal Energy Protection

Sterling Silver Chain .925


Chains are not eligable for return

About Our Chains

Choosing Your Chain

Our strongest and most reliable chains have been our sterling and all 14K gold chains. If you want a gold-filled chain, we would recommend visiting your local jeweler or going online. Please make sure your chain is no less than 2 mm thick. Anything thinner may break! A chain that is between 2-3 mm will be correct for your Shield.

We've gone the extra mile and soldered the jump rings for extra strength and safety.

  • ALL .925 STERLING SILVER SNAKE CHAIN - We have carried this chain since 1994 years! It is strong, secure, and long lasting. Choose your length 18" 22", 24" or 30". Chain width is 2.8mm
  • ALL .925 STERLING SILVER Italian ROPE CHAIN  - Lengths 18", 24" and 30" in box 2MM (use for heart Shields) and 2.8MM can use for any Shield

The best way to choose a chain length is to find a chain or necklace you already have that seems about the right length and chose chain accordingly. 24" will normally put the Shield right about heart level, and goes over most heads without having to be unclasped.

Sizes - before ordering check your favorite length necklace to choose size, or cut a piece of twine or yarn to the length you would like and measure the result.

18" - If you're a fairly small woman, this may be a better option than the 24". Men if you wear a shirt with collar size of 16.5" or more this will probably be too short

24" - Average man or woman will hang around heart area and it can go over the head without opening the clasp.

30" - Average man or woman will hand near solar plexus.

Chains Are Not Returnable 

We do not accept returns on chains.  Chains are considered a personal use product and cannot be sold once worn.  Once a silver chain has been worn, it tarnishes slightly, and there is no way we can get it to look like new. We know you wouldn't want to get a chain that was already used and tarnished, so hope you will understand.

We may make an exception if you contact us within a few days of receipt and have not worn it. But if you return it and we can see it was worn, we cannot refund you, and will charge you return shipping.

Additional information

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Warranty Infomation

Chains are non returnable.

Chain Style

Italian Rope Chain – 2 mm Sterling Silver, Italian Rope Chain – 2.8mm Sterling Silver .925, Snake Chain – 2.8mm Sterling Silver .925

Chain Length

18 Inch, 24 Inch – Most popular, 30 Inch


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