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BioElectric Shield - Personal Energy Protection

International Diamond – Round – 14K Gold – Level 5


International Level 5 Diamond Round Shield

Order Only if you Live outside USA and Canada

Unlock unrivaled protection with our Level 5 Gem Shields! Experience the pinnacle of EMF blocking and energy protection, enhanced by precious gems for discerning individuals seeking supreme protection.

Ultimate Protection Plus Enhanced EMF Protection

For those who need extra protection, the Gem package is a great choice. This version offers enhanced EMF protection with the addition of precious gems. With a strong defense against 5G/Smart Meters, high EMF areas, and even electromagnetic hypersensitivity, this pendant provides maximum energy protection. If you are highly sensitive to other people's energy or live in a metropolitan area, where EMF levels are high, the Gem Shield is an excellent choice for those looking to increase their well-being and improve their quality of life.

Energy Effects of Different Gem Combinations

  • Diamond: Adding a diamond assists in personal clarity.

  • Emerald, Diamond, and Sapphire: This Shield offers powerful protection as well as personal clarity, radiance, and Divine Guidance.

  • Ruby, Diamond, and Sapphire: This Shield offers powerful protection as well as personal clarity, greater intuition, compassion, and abundance.


Specialty Shield For Those Who Live Outside Of North America

This shield is designed to offer specific benefits for those outside of North America . It helps to reduce stress, increase focus and concentration, and protect from negative energy. Not only will this shield protect from harmful electromagnetic frequencies, but it will also aid in mental clarity, and physical and emotional balance, and may even reduce anxiety.

International matrix

Why an international/Focusing Shield? Different world areas have different energy flows and need additional gemstones to work long-term to protect from EMF and provide emotional balance.

The focusing matrix has a combination of twelve specific gemstones and has proven to be the best choice for those living outside the US and Canada, with the extra property of additional focus and the ability to stay on task.

You can travel anywhere in the World, including US and Canada with this Shield.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 cm
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Gold Color

White Gold with White Gold Tabs – All 14K White Gold – May be special order 14-21 days, White Gold with Yellow Gold Tabs – Two-Tone – May be special order 14-21 days, Yellow Gold with Yellow Gold Tabs – All 14K Yellow Gold – May be special order 14-21 days

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