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Solve EMFing Syndrome with Energy Protection Pendant

by | Jul 1, 2020 | 0 comments

EMFing SyndromeAre you experiencing EMFing Syndrome?

Are you feeling off, just not quite your normal focused self? You may be suffering from a new term we just came up with – EMFing Syndrome which is being triggered by new sources of EMF radiation like 5G.

We’ve received a number of calls from Shield customers who are experiencing a return of EMF symptoms – headaches, sleep issues, fatigue, anxiety, poor concentration, general malaise (not feeling quite well, but not sick either), 5G, and a list of complaints that had resolved when they started wearing their Shields.

Last week we asked if you were EMFing or Just Ungrounded. Being ungrounded can be the same feeling as reacting to EMF for some; it’s not the explanation for everyone. We put our thinking caps on and talked to a few more people and this is what we believe is happening.

Is Your Home Radiation Level the Culprit?

emf relief Pre-COVID, you were most likely out and about a lot more than you are these days. Now you and your family are at home a lot more. It may be that you’re using your phones, tablets, laptops, computers Xboxes, and other technology more than before. Plus, if you’re like many of us, you aren’t getting outside as much, especially if you live in a more crowded area where it’s almost impossible to go for a walk and keep up the social distancing.

Our Sleuth, Mr. Sherlock McDetective, has come to a few conclusions.

  1. Getting outside and spending time in nature allows your energy field (aura) to expand, and release energies.  In most cases, you get away from technology at the same time. This allows your system to release and heal and allows your Shield to do its job even more powerfully, bringing you back to a more balanced, clear state.
  2. When you’re inside, surrounded by technology and you most likely have a 5Ghz WiFi router or modem in your home or apartment that is putting out intense signals. (See below for more information about 5G routers)
  3. You aren’t spending time with friends, family, and co-workers nearly as much. Normally you would have numerous encounters with people that satisfy a basic human need for connection and raise your endorphins and elicit a “feel good” response. When these aren’t present, your energy is less open and stimulated.
  4. Stress – there’s definitely stress on many levels. We’ve written a number of posts about this so won’t go into it more right now.
  5. Your router is on all the time, so you’re being bathed in EMF radiation 24/7 since you are home all the time.

How do you know if it’s EMF and Wifi or something else?

As part of being a detective, ask yourself these questions.

  • Has any new technology been added recently – including a new phone, computer, television, WiFi, 5G network in the neighborhood, smart meter, or any other new technology?
  • Are you experiencing any of these symptoms of EMF exposure – click to read the Silent Epidemic
  • How are your Children doing? Are they more hyper, anxious, irritable?
  • The same issues about exposure and being shut off go for your children. It may be even more of an issue for them. They simply aren’t getting their normal exercise and working off all that energy in play, sports, or other activities.
  • Most parents I’ve talked to report that their children are much more glued to technology for entertainment than ever before.

5 Solutions for EMFing Symptoms


  • Rise with the sun and go to bed early. This way you make maximum use of daylight and can avoid using artificial lighting whenever possible.
  • Go outside as often as possible! When you are outside, your energy field has a chance to expand, and cleanse from built-up electronic energies.
  • You might even schedule a once-a-day time to be outside.
  • If you have a dog, you can make sure you take a daily walk. Even if you don’t have a dog, you can take yourself for a walk! Even ten to twenty minutes outdoors can help. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel.


The 5G cellular issue isn’t the same thing as the 5GHz equipment you are using in your modem. The terms are so confusing, it’s hard to keep everything straight. In the past routers and modems were 2.4 GHz, but in the last few years if you’ve gotten new equipment chances are it has both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz capabilities.

You can tell if you have a 5Ghz router by going to your network settings and looking at the name of the network, oftentimes there will be a 2G or a 5G in the network or router name. If there’s a 5G, your router is putting out a stronger frequency that is more likely to cause symptoms.

If you want to know more about this, you can read two articles, one is in PC Magazine and the other is a How to Geek article about what the 5GHz routers are all about.
Regardless of the type of router you have, here are our safety suggestions.

  • Turn off off WiFi at night. Get an electronic plug-in timer that can plug into a wall socket. Then you plug it in the WiFi unit. Plug the WiFi unit into the wall. Then set the time on the timer to go off at bedtime and come on in the morning. If you have a power outage you will have to reset your timer.
  • If you have to keep your WiFi on, hang a Room Shield in whatever room it is in, and also spray it with the Aegis Anti-Radiation Spray
  • If you have a Smart Meter, hang a Premium Room Shield in the room that is nearest the meter. If the meter is inside your garage (like a water meter), you can also spray it with the Aegis spray or use the SYB poster liner, or Flex Shield behind it. 
  • If you are extremely sensitive, hardwire your electronics instead of using WiFi.

Bedrooms: purge them of electronics. If you need a plug-in alarm clock, place it at least 5 feet from the bed, and remove any cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. from your bedroom. If you are exceptionally sensitive, you could unplug your bedside lamp just before you go to sleep


Reducing EMFing syndrome is a multi-level challenge involving body, mind a spirit.

Choose a nutrient-rich organic diet, 8 hours of sleep, moderate exercise, and plenty of fresh air and sun. Eating 1-2 cups of vegetables at every meal (including breakfast) can be transformative. It’s not how we were taught to eat, but if you are willing to try this for 30 days, you will probably keep this habit for the rest of your life. Vegetables are alive. Packaged food…not so much.

To get all the details on super immunity, please cruise on over to our Superfoods, Super Attitude, and Super Immunity blog post.


If you have a Level 1 or 2 Shield, consider an upgrade to a Level 3 or 4 Shield. If your Shield isn’t eligible to upgrade, you can turn it into a Room Shield reducing EMF in the rooms with the most technology.

If you have children, please consider getting them a Personal Shield, or put a Room Shield near their beds….you can get room shield stands that will allow you to move the Shield to the bedroom at night, and out into the main areas during the day.


It’s amazing what focusing on your blessings can do for your mind and body. Our bodies love happy thoughts! One of the best ways to recover from EMFing Syndrome is being happy.

Partner up with a friend and exchange emails, texts, or phone calls every day.

You can write about:

  • A few happy moments from the previous day – a great conversation with someone, a successful work project
  • Move onto a couple of things you have gratitude for – a kind word from a friend, a great place to walk, a wonderful family.
  • Last, but not least, one or two things you did that required some discipline! Cleaning the cat litter box, cooking when you were exhausted…you’ll know. It’s great to acknowledge yourself for doing the right thing, particularly when you didn’t feel like it.

We are grateful for you, our customers, who inform us of how your lives are affected by EMF or other people’s energy – and how you have solved these issues. We love partnering with you to make your lives better – and this, in turn, makes our lives better too! Thank you for who you are.

Virginia and AnnaMariah


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