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Believe it – See the WiFi Around You

by | Jul 24, 2017 | 0 comments

See the wifi all aroundSee the WiFi That Surrounds You!

Since WiFi is normally invisible, somehow it doesn’t seem dangerous to our bodies, right? Now you can see what’s been invisible until recently. Normally you can’t see it, you can’t hear it and in most cases, you can’t feel it until you’re already sick – that’s why it’s called the Silent Epidemic.

It’s really hard to get all worried about something you can’t see. As they say, “out of sight, out of mind”.

Luis Hernan, an unusual photographer, has made it visible. It all looks rather surreal and harmless, but don’t let that fool you.

What might these chaotic energy waves be doing to your energy field?

In 2014, Luis Hernan, a candidate for a Ph.D. in Architecture and Interactional Design, decided to see if he could photograph wireless networks so it would be possible to see the WiFi. After all, hundreds of studies on the effects of EMF (Electromagnetic Radiation) claim this invisible energy can have a profound, and often, negative, impact on our health. It’s hard to take seriously what we can’t see. What if you could take photos of it? After all, the only reason we don’t see it is that it’s in a light frequency our eyes don’t register. It’s there if you can find a camera to photograph it. (The rest of his Kirlian photos are no longer on his site as of October 2021.)

Kirlian Cameras

The Kirlian Device was developed by Samyon Davidovich Kirlian. He figured out how to capture electrical coronal discharges, which then can create images of an aura (energy field) around any living thing. Using 3D software and a laser cutter, you literally build this camera one layer at a time. Battery operated, you can take the camera anywhere. (Check out the camera – it’s amazing!)

Ever wonder what kind of difference wearing a BioElectric Shield could make

At a trade show in NYC, a woman (pictured on the left) came to the booth wearing a Polaroid photo of herself taken at the “Killian Photography” booth. She was a bit skeptical about the Shield’s ability to affect her energy. It was after 7 pm and the 2 kids she had in tow with her were nearly ready for bed! (Cranky, “let’s go home soon, Mom”). She said would be willing to try wearing it for an hour. I offered to pay for another photograph to show her that, even in an hour, there would be a visible difference. She returned an hour later, said she felt less tired and bought a Level 2 Shield.

In 6 months she returned looking great. She gave us a very interesting report. She said that her overall health and energy had greatly improved to the point where after she put her kids to bed, she had enough energy to get back to creating art many evenings each week. I thought it would be interesting to see how her aura would look after 6 months of wearing the Shield. You can see for yourself that it’s more vibrant and contains more colors.

Aura Giffy see the aura, see the invisible, WiFi is normally invisible

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