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Marketing or Propaganda – What’s the truth about 5G?

by | May 11, 2019 | 0 comments


The Crowd is Smiling

Propaganda is everywhere and sadly we don’t even seem to notice, we just nod and smile and don’t question the truth about 5G propaganda and if we should be concerned.

I, AnnaMariah, was at a talk recently and the speaker was Oregon Congressman, Greg Walden, who is chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Communications and Technology.  In this role, he worked to pass legislation to grow American jobs by expanding access to wireless broadband – i.e. 5g networks. He was a dynamic speaker who sincerely seems to believe that rolling out 5g networks nationwide is a positive thing.

With great feeling, he discussed the sad case of tens of thousands of people in rural areas without access to cell reception or the internet. I could feel those around me agreeing that everyone needs and deserves access to high-speed internet and that anything else is unimaginable.

I was dying to ask some questions about the truth about 5G but he smartly presented his well-rehearsed talk and left without taking a single question.

What about 5G Should you Know?

Since I’ve read research about the dangers and truth about 5G and had the opportunity to talk to people in the last year who’ve been physically debilitated by these same networks, I was shaking my head. But as I looked around me at a room of about 300 people, I saw only smiles and nodding heads. I felt like I was in a room where I was the only person who hadn’t drunk the Kool-Aid.

I realized at that moment why so few people seem to be concerned about the double issues facing us of Smart Meters and 5G networks. The impact of these devices can affect your heart, DNA, blood flow, and all the systems of your body. The truth is, we are guinea pigs and the full impact of all this may not be completely realized for decades.

Many people feel that our government won’t allow or promote anything that hasn’t been proven to be safe. The opposite is true – until it is absolutely, irrevocably proven to be dangerous they will continue to back it.

Listen to what the Take Back your Power Network has to say about the truth of 5G.

“Earlier this year, The Guardian published an article citing research which showed that while 67% of independently funded studies found a biological effect of exposure to Radio Frequency radiation, only 28% of industry-funded studies did. Industry-funded studies are almost two and a half times less likely than independent studies to find health effects.15 The authors of the Guardian article explain that the telecoms industry doesn’t need to win the scientific argument about safety, but simply keep the argument running indefinitely by producing studies with results that fail to verify, or even better contradict, the research that does find adverse health effects.  “

The question posed in our newsletter title was “Marketing or Propaganda”

The battle for our minds is as old as human history. Those who seek to control or advance their own agendas use propaganda to sway public opinion. The use of suggestion to stimulate our reactions is widely used by making broad and positive statements, not even recognizing that there may be another side to the issue. By using simple, direct language we become convinced that the speaker is truthful and has our best interests at heart.

As I saw yesterday, appeal to our desires, faster internet, better cell phone coverage, etc, bypasses our critical minds that might ask the question,  “At what cost?” We blindly accept the propaganda and the view of reality pushed on us.

What’s the downside of 5G and not questioning propaganda?

I am not going to go into great detail about all the research and discussions from well-known scientists who have been researching EMF and Wi-Fi effects for decades – I’ll let people like Take Back Your Power share their info with you. I will, however, ask you to consider the possible consequences of increasing the number of satellites orbiting earth from the current 2,000 or so to around 20,000 – each one of them irradiating our beautiful planet.

I love my cell phone and the internet; it’s indispensable part of my life. But do I really need it to be ten times faster, and a hundred times more powerful? Do we want our natural environment and all the people and creatures upon it to be subjected to ever-increasing radiation? The waves that connect our smartphones to the internet go through stone, brick, cement, and wood….what happens when they go through our bodies? Science is showing that it’s affecting our DNA, our mitochondria, our brains, our organs, and all the systems in our bodies.

Because the new 5G network has a much shorter wavelength, it requires cell towers or “base stations” to be spaced every 100 meters or 328 feet. The towers are small but will operate at much higher power than what we currently have. Every living creature will be subjected to powerful doses of extremely high-frequency radiant electricity.

Why Do Scientists Warn Against 5G Technology?

Are We Gambling with our Health – why 5G is a crisis?

Are you gambling with your health what's the truth about 5G

Dr. Klinghardt Speaks About Autism and Alzheimer’s and his truth about 5G

What’s the truth about 5G Crisis? Dr. Klinghardt feels that the use of WiFi has led to the biggest health crisis the human race has ever had to deal with. The increase in WiFi exposure and frequencies has led to the increasing prevalence of sleep disorders, ADD, ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s, Lyme disease, and a host of other health issues including mental health issues such as anxiety.

For those of you who were not able to listen to the many excellent talks at this summit, we will be giving you a quick summary of the main points of some of the more important talks. In this blog, we’ll talk about Autism and Alzheimer’s Disease as it relates to the many different wireless signals that blanket our globe.

Studies have shown that there is now a generation issue of parents who have received many vaccinations. When WiFi stress is added to their life, they begin to have increased food allergies, increased brain fog, and other symptoms. If they have children, these sensitivities will be 4-fold in the children. He speculates that there will be a higher generation of ASD children born to these parents. He also predicts more electrosensitivity in the coming years unless we stop 5G. Getting personal protection from the current level of EMF radiation exposure from WiFi is an important step for anyone to take who is exposed to WiFi.

Alzheimer’s and WiFi

In 2005, the Karolinska Institute published a paper about Alzheimer’s disease in Sweden. They found there was a high correlation between exposure to WiFi and Alzheimer’s. Disease. The researchers warned that we are facing a mass Warned mass disaster by 2019. They are saying that half the population alive today will die of Alzheimer’s unless something is done to reverse the amount of EMF radiation all these wireless signals produce. Dr. Klinghardt has created a protocol of EMF elimination that has reversed Alzheimer’s if it’s in the early stages.

We will review his suggestions and some of ours below.

Autism, WiFi and 5g

Dr. Klinghardt has worked with a very large number of children with autism. He has seen a reversal of many cases of autism by removing WiFi from their lives. A study was done in which researchers went to the homes of parents of 10 normal children and 10 autistic children. The mothers of the autistic children, on average, had been exposed to 20x the amount of EMF radiation as the mothers of normal children. Not one journal was willing to publish this study. For a detailed description, read his Autism protocol on his website.

What could the truth about 5g mean for you personally?

“As well as its ability to concentrate power in focused beams phased array technology has a further complicating factor. On either side of the main beam, the time intervals between the pulses are different from the time intervals between those of the main beam, but they may overlap each other in such a way as to produce extremely rapid changes in the electromagnetic field. This can have a particularly detrimental effect on living organisms, because instead of the radiation decaying when it is absorbed into living tissue, it can be re-radiated within the body.

The moving charges streaming into the body effectively become antennas that re-radiate the electromagnetic field and send it deeper into the organism. These re-radiated waves are known as Brillouin precursors, named after the French physicist Leon Brillouin, who first described them in 1914. Research suggests that they can have a significant and highly detrimental impact on living cells.” 1

How Can You Protect Yourself from 5G Side Effects?

Don’t let the propaganda and neigh sayers keep you from making your own choices and doing your own research. 5g is marching across the country and into our lives, homes, and bodies. As of August 2021, there are few places in the US that don’t have 5G towers from at least one cell phone carrier. It’s up to you to take steps to protect yourself and your family, take some time to think about what you’re being told, and doing your own research, don’t just accept the propaganda that’s being presented.

  1. Full Body protection is the most important protection To find out what level of protection you need, take our EMF Exposure Quiz. Naturally, we are going to recommend protecting your entire body from EMF radiation by wearing a BioElectric Shield. We know from speaking with our consultants, that our Level 3 and Level 4 Shields are strong enough to combat these frequencies.
    We also recommend adding Room Shields if you have Smart Meters or are near cell towers. You can call us to discuss your individual situation. You can also either take advantage of our free photo analysis or take our EMF Exposure and HSP quizzes. You’ll answer questions about your EMF exposure and in turn, you will receive a recommendation for your best personal protection options.about-the-shield/photo-analysis-instructions.html
  2. Shield Key Areas in Your Home For additional protection, Place Room Shields in Key Areas of your home – your bedroom and family room or home office.
  3. Neutralize EMF from Your Router with the Aegis Anti-Radiation Spray: See if you can keep your current WiFi router which will not be able to accept 5G. We advise using the Aegis Anti-Radiation Spray on your router, your monitors, portable phones, TV screen, computer CPU unit. This spray will allow signals to work perfectly while blocking 99.9% of the radiation from these devices.

The BioElectric Shield Saved me, says Kay

“I found out last year that the pain and strange symptoms I’d had for several years was from home wi-fi and electrical issues. Heard about the shield from a functional medicine Dr. who had seen results with other patients and purchased a Level 3 Shield after doing the photo analysis, fully expecting to return it after the 90 days were up. After a few days of wearing a shield I began to feel better and after several weeks, felt incredibly better especially in restaurants, coffee shops, etc (removed my wi-fi router at home). At 90 days, I returned the shield sensing that my body had healed itself and within 2 weeks of sending it back the pain came back. I was unable to go anywhere there were cell towers, phones or wi-fi. Once I realized the shield had been helping me so much I called and reordered another shield and wear it every day without fail. Even considering the purchase of a custom shield.”

Review posted February 27, 2018 by Kay on the level 3 Shield page


1Quote from 5G; The Big Picture  by Take Back Your Power



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