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Fear and Anxiety are Bombarding You – Are they Affecting Your life?

by | Jul 2, 2021 | 0 comments

Fear paper tearing indicating ripping thru fear fear and anxiety are bombarding your life fear and anxietyThe increasing impact of fear and anxiety on your life may surprise you

Fear and anxiety are all around you. You feel it when you watch the news, of course. How can you not? Everything seems to be chaotic and a little out of control.

That’s when you’re aware of the fear and anxiety. It’s in your face and incontrovertible. What about all the fear impacting you without your awareness or knowledge?

Depression, anxiety, mood-elevating drugs, suicide, road rage, escalating senseless violence, and crime; are symptoms of an ever-increasing breakdown in our energy fields due to the vibration of fear. We don’t even notice it because it is the norm.

Fear and anxiety seem to be interchangeable in today’s society, many of us don’t recognize it as fear, but we are very aware of feeling anxious and on edge much of the time. Many people are dealing with drained adrenals, insomnia and other issues brought on by our constant state of hyper-alertness.

Some fears are rational,
some are not.

How can you tell the difference? In some scenarios, your brain’s fear center (amygdala) is useful. It keeps you from being injured or dying. If you’re on a hike and see a rattlesnake, your amygdala will fire up, and you will feel a rational fear of potential injury/death.

But, sometimes, the amygdala fires up when injury/death is not on the line, like when you have a PowerPoint presentation in front of your coworkers and feel ill-prepared. Instant stress, but you’re not actually going to die.

If you are highly sensitive or an empath, it’s even more of an issue. It’s not just fear; but also people’s worries, thoughts, anger, depression, sadness, negativity… You can be taking it on from people, television, the air, etc., and not even realize that it’s not all your own emotions. It affects your thoughts, mood, outlook on life, And immune system.

The BioElectric Shield can provide relief from feeling all of that.

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Quantum Physics 101- an easy guide to energy and emotions

Levels Of Consciousness Map in Power VS force David HawkinsFear has a very low vibration
In the well-documented book “Power vs. Force” by David Hawkins, emotions were quantified on a scale of 1 to 1000. I won’t go into the mechanisms used for this testing here. Read more about the levels of consciousness

Emotions rated below 200 are based on personal survival.

Fear calibrates at an energy level of 100. From here, the energy can either go up or down. When it goes down, it sinks to a level of apathy which in social history has imprisoned entire sub-cultures as well as individuals in a sea of hopelessness. Only when the hopeless come to want something better, to desire, can the energy finally begin to move upward and change take place.

Anger (150) can be a positive energizing force to develop pride (175), finally proceeding to courage (200) to begin to change the existing conditions.

We are stuck in Survival – 85% of the Human Race is below the Critical Level of 200
If we showed this graphically, the shape would resemble a pagoda roof with 85 percent at the bottom of the scale – barely surviving. Maybe this is why so many people are on anti-depressants and other mood-stabilizing drugs.

The Shield helps pull you out of the mire, shielding you from the impact of all that fear and anxiety. You can begin to make decisions and choices without being completely influenced by fear, hatred, and other negative emotions bombarding you.

Quote from AnnaMariah – “I noticed a huge change once I started wearing a Shield.  It was much easier to not get sucked into news, hype and fear.  When watching the news I felt much clearer and able to make more critical assessments of what I was hearing. Plus I didn’t absorb other people’s bad moods – yes, it was unpleasant to be around them, but somehow their energy was at an “arm’s length” from mine. I feel freer and more empowered.”

You Need an Umbrella

BioShield EMf protection pendant Under-Umbrella fear and anxietyWhen you get up in the morning, you need the equivalent of an umbrella to protect you from the ever-present “rain” of negative emotions and energy in your environment.

It’s been “raining” war, greed, panic and violence for centuries. Indeed the sun is out at times, and this is when you feel loved and connected to others. But there’s a build-up of these other lower vibrations that is more prevalent than the love vibrations.

Our planetary history is a nearly continuous series of war, famine, loss, and terror What if those feelings of fear, loss, terror, and grief are still attached to the land and structures in those places? This means that those low vibrations permeate your energy field every time you walk on that ground. So – you need an “umbrella”!

The BioElectric Shield IS an energy “umbrella” – completely “waterproof” – that can help you be MUCH less affected by the prevailing energies.

This makes it easier for you to remain positive and in a higher level of consciousness than just survival. You can feel your heart connection with others, hope, dream and make positive choices.

There is a blanket of fear surrounding the entire Earth – These frequencies are spread and increased by reactions from other people, news of all kinds, the internet, stuck energy in places of violence or war … and the list continues to grow.

When you are open to the fear around you, your defenses crumble. You are more and more at the mercy of those around us who would seek to control.

How does Fear Affect you?

When you are in fear, you tend to have a variety of reactions depending on the intensity of the fear. Fear has effects we have only begun to understand. It can hide behind addictions, violence, poor relationships, depression, lack of enthusiasm, or commitment.

      • Hopelessness, Apathy – You just shut down, feeling hopeless and numb.
      • Depression – You lose the ability to feel that there is anything positive in your life or future. Life becomes dull and uninteresting. You are just marking time, getting through the days, weeks, months, and years, not adding or creating anything. Your creative, hopeful quality has been lost in the gray fog of fear.
      • Anxiety – Fight or Flight – Your body is on constant hyper-vigilant alert – draining your adrenals and energy.
      • Anger, Rage – Another common reaction to fear is rage. When you feel powerless, you have two choices, give in, or fight back. Anger and rage are the impulses to fight back and not just give up. Unfortunately, that reaction seldom serves in a positive way and creates a fear reaction in the people and society around us. No wonder road rage and violence are off the charts.
      • Powerlessness – Sometimes, your anger and rage scare you and make you feel even more powerless, at the mercy of your reactions and everything around you. How often do you hear violent people describe their actions in a way that appears to have had little control over them? This is often an extreme reaction to inner and outer fear.
      • Confusion – Indecisiveness – Mild fear can cause confusion, mind fog, and indecisiveness. It’s difficult to be clear enough to make decisions when you are engulfed in fear.
      • Loss of Creativity – As fear grows, it destroys your creativity and ability to envision anything new. The creative expression is consistently dampened down, even killed entirely by the vibration of fear.
      • Hatred – Repression increases.
      • Distrust – You not only distrust those around you but your thoughts and actions.
      • Loss of Enjoyment and Happiness – Fear clouds and obscures your joy, love, and happiness.

One fearful person in an organization can prevent prosperity and progress

Fear is a vibration that dissolves creation and ambition. Have you ever been in a meeting and watched as one negative person managed to destroy the enthusiasm and hope of the entire group? That is fear. Fear says, “it can’t be done”. Did you feel all the energy leave the room and become replaced with gloom and hopelessness? That is fear.

Negative thoughts come from fear.

The polluting effect is a huge burden carried in a person’s energy field, but it doesn’t stay there. It goes out in waves and affects everything and everyone it interacts with. This density is not normally perceived on a conscious level; sadly, sadly, it often feels quite natural.

Is it any wonder that ill health, new diseases and syndromes, depression, anxiety, and cancer abound?

New diseases are reaching alarming proportions. The vibration of fear weakens the body, destroys the adrenals, fogs the mind and emotions, and dulls the spirit.

Do you feel lately that you have lost the spirit and passion you had when you were younger? Is it harder to enjoy life? Are you anxious and on edge? You may be suffering from the effects of the fear bombarding you constantly.

What if you were able to go back to that feeling of hope, passion and peace that you once had?

Gif here shows how the BioElectric Shield creates a cocoon of energy protection around you –

This is a Gif. If it doesn’t play, refresh your screen or click the “full screen” icon at the top right.

energy protection gif showing cocoon

Step out of the Fear and Anxiety

Step out of fear with the BioElectric ShieldBy stepping out of that frequency, you return to your normal, centered self and can withstand the thoughts, fears, and desires of the people and world around you. You are in control again, no longer a victim of our times or your life and the people in it. You are free to create, make positive changes and enjoy life. If you can’t even imagine this peaceful, in-control feeling, you may be at a point of total resignation and need some help getting free of it.

If you’re having a conversation in which you say to yourself – “well, it will work for others, but not for me.” This means you are drenched with negative energy – and as we said above, part of it is NOT EVEN YOUR ENERGY. If you stop picking up all this negative energy from the environment and experience the wonderful balancing effect of the Shield, you will have the chance to remember Who You Are.

Imagine your life balanced in a positive vibration

Rise above these negative emotions and begin to make positive changes for yourself and others. Can you even imagine how your life would change if you could be focused and balanced in a positive vibration instead of spending all your time trying to lift the heavy cloud of fear surrounding you?

You can’t change things if you are stuck in fear and anxiety, anger, apathy, or hopelessness.

By wearing a BioShield, you may be able to rise above all these negative emotions and begin to make positive changes for yourself and others.

The BioElectric Shield increases your natural, positive energies and deflects the negative frequencies of fear and anxiety, worry, guilt, depression, hatred, and negativity that abound in our world today.

No, the Shield is not a cure-all. It will not make you instantly enlightened and completely free of fear or negativity. It will allow you to move more and more in a space of freedom and positivity. “The Secret” and many others tell us that like attracts like. If you’re in a state of distress and negativity, you’ll draw even more of that to you or, at the very least, feel powerless to change things. But as you move into a state of freedom and joy, your life will become increasingly easy and flowing.

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