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Who’s Most at Risk from EMF Radiation? Children-Pregnant-Elderly

by | May 24, 2022 | 0 comments

EMF and Wifi are all around you and may be harming your health – are you at risk?

Increasing scientific evidence shows that EMF and WiFi may be harming your health. If you’ve been suffering from unexplained stress, aches, pains, stomach problems, or insomnia, then EMF exposure may be causing your body to go haywire.
Are you at risk? Find out!

While everyone should be concerned about the effects of radiation on public health, there are certain populations that are most at risk and might need EMF protection more than others.

If you are already highly sensitive to EMF exposure, you have likely noticed that those effects can intensify if you feel tired, malnourished, or under the weather.

Now imagine if your body felt that extra sensitive to radiation all the time. That’s why young children, pregnant women, and the elderly or sick need to make sure that their EMF protection is of the highest quality and strength possible.


Cellphones tumors children kids

Children’s brains absorb more radiation, and they are at risk

Young children’s minds and bodies are still developing, often at an incredibly rapid rate. EMF exposure might cause concentration problems or impede healthy development at crucial times. You can’t reverse the damage done, but you can take steps to block EMF from having a harmful impact in the first place.
EMF radiation during pregnancy factor in autism

Pregnant Women and their babies are at risk- Protect yourself and your baby

For many of the same reasons, pregnant women need to take extra precautions around EMF hazards at home or work. Some small appliances, such as microwaves or even fluorescent light bulbs, can produce low-level EMF exposure, which can add up to surprisingly dangerous dosage levels if used over long periods while pregnant.

Using a cell phone throughout pregnancy results in 25% more emotional problems

The Sick and Elderly are at risk and vulnerable

People with compromised immune systems should also be wary of over-exposure to even small amounts of EMF. A national study of seniors aged 81 to 91, for example, found that even short-term exposure to cell phone radiation could result in headaches, sleep difficulties, neurological problems, and concentration issues. The same goes for people who suffer from a chronic illness that may make them more susceptible to the effects of EMF. Don’t wait until you are sick to protect yourself from EMF radiation. Even if you don’t use much technology, you are surrounded by it since cell towers and wireless signals are everywhere. To see how many towers are in your area go to www.antennaesearch.com. You may be shocked.

Poorly nourished are at risk

EMF radiation taxes your immune system. If you are poorly nourished, your immune system will have more difficulty fighting the effects of EMF radiation. You may end up feeling fatigued, have difficulty with sleep, or end up with health conditions that are, in part, caused by an over-worked immune system.

emf radiation protection for electronics

Workplace Exposure

If you work in front of a screen all day long in a WiFi environment, your EMF radiation exposure will be higher than someone who spends time away from a computer. Certain occupations come with high EMF exposure: utility workers, power sub-station employees, subway workers, electricians, phone network equipment technicians, and factory workers.

How can you find out if you are at risk?

The Free EMF Exposure Quiz

More than 15,000 people have taken advantage of a free quiz that will show you how sensitive you are to EMF based on your answers. Our Free EMF Exposure Quiz tallies your answers and arrives at a score. It will let you know what level of protection is recommended for EMF protection – all based on your responses to the questions.

The Free Highly Sensitive Person Quiz

We are fortunate to have a professional quiz designer who has worked with us to create another quiz for the Highly Sensitive Person. Feel free to take both quizzes. Thousands of people have already done so and shared that the information was quite useful to them. If you finish each quiz and click through to the site, you’ll receive even more information!

The first line of defense against radiation is to remove any unnecessary exposure.

But even then, it’s difficult to escape the high amount of EMFs circling at large throughout society.

Get the EMF protection you need for the most vulnerable members of your family at BioElectric Shield, and rest easy knowing that their health is in safe hands.

What you can do right now – EMF Protection Tips

  1. Wear or carry an EMF Protection Pendant that will offer full-body protection.
  2. Put your WiFi on a timer, so it is off at night. The body performs “rest and repair” at night. Not fighting EMF radiation during sleep will make this process more effective. You’ll probably sleep better too!
  3. Put an EMF Radiation Pouch on your phone. If you carry your phone in a pocket, this is a must! Some men place their phones in a pocket over their hearts. It’s been shown that EMF radiation from a Smart meter will throw off your heart rhythm. Research has confirmed
  4. Once you get an anti-radiation pouch, keep the phone in it all the time. To make an EMF-safe call, dial the number and either turn on the speakerphone or connect to a radiation-free headset. Then, replace the phone inside the EMF radiation protection pouch while you talk.
  5. If you work in front of a screen all day, at lunch, go outside, and if possible, take a walk. After work, if you can also spend 15 – 20 minutes outside, this will help your body recover from the EMF exposure. It often helps to have a lunch/walk partner. You’re more likely to go if you commit with a friend to keep.
  6. High EMF exposure at work – Use an anti-radiation rinse in your clothes. The rinse turns the garments into EMF protection clothing. When you wash your clothes again, the rinse will need to be added each time. Very effective in combination with an EMF protection pendant such as the BioElectric Shield.
  7. If you use a laptop, place an EMF protection pad or blanket on your lap to stop radiation from entering your pelvic area.
  8. How much protection do you need? Take our free EMF Exposure Quiz.
  9. For more suggestions, check out our Blog and Podcast section.


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