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Our Cellphone safety standards are off by about a billion percent! Report from The 2012 BioInitiative Report

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DNA-400-2With CreditsTitleThe BioInitiative Report shows Our Cellphone Safety Standards are off by about a Billion Percent!

Cellphone Safety Standards have not been updated since 1996, more than 27 years ago. They are completely inaccurate because they aren’t even measuring the correct frequencies.

If you rely on these outdated, inaccurate standards to protect you, you are opening your body up to potentially serious damage. 

EMF can cause prolonged cellular stress to the body and emotions.

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Current cellphone safety standards allow about a billion times more EMF radiation than is safe.

  • EMF from your cell phone attacks your cells Your body creates heat shock proteins, (HSP’s) to protect itself.
  • HSP’s are a response to chemicals, toxic metals, changes in the pH, or other physical stressors like RF (radio frequency) fields. (1)
  • Government agencies use the triggering of these heat shock proteins as the safety standard (SAR) for exposure to radiation.

What is SAR? The Fatal Flaw with the Cell Phone Safety Standards

SAR is the measure of the rate of absorption of RF energy in the body SAR ratings are used by cell phone manufacturers to say how safe it is to hold it near your head. These standards haven’t been updated since 1996. (3)

Only using RF energy to rate phones is a huge mistake.

  • In 1994, Goodman and Blank (2) did a research study that should have rocked the government agencies to their core.
  • What they found was that individual cells are FAR MORE sensitive to EMF than to all these other stressors, and are triggered at levels more than a billion times weaker than the other factors.
  • This means that cell phone safety regulations are completely inaccurate! They aren’t even measuring the correct frequencies.

Stress Proteins Damage DNA stress protein

  • Proteins make up about half the dry weight of a cell.
  • When your cell comes into something so nasty that it is damaging your DNA, your body creates an entirely new protein called a stress protein.

 (Representation of a stress protein from euarch.blogspot.com)

The DNA isn’t dancing, it’s uncoupling

We all know that DNA is this amazing double helix structure that is critical for keeping everything going the way it should in our bodies. Until EMF came along, an invader would have to get through several layers of tissue to get to the DNA, and rarely did this happen.

Enter EMF, the villain which is able to penetrate cells and interact directly with DNA. Because of its coiled pattern, DNA is able to conduct electrons which gives a pathway for EMF to create molecular damage (uncoupling) in our DNA, perhaps only slightly changing it each time, but the cumulative effect is worrisome.

This matters because Cancers are believed to be the long-term result of DNA errors.

Living cells are constantly dividing, creating new proteins and DNA. Small errors can be fixed by our bodies by simply causing cell death (of the bad cell), but if the error rate continues to grow, eventually mutations occur which alter the healthy balance in the body. These mutations can even inactivate tumor-suppressing genes, thus allowing for tumor growth.

The Stunning Conclusion – the standards aren’t a reliable gauge for anything – they aren’t keeping you safe.

The very standards being used to determine safe levels of radiation exposure are based on the old information that only points to thermal effects on cells, instead of EMF.

Since EMF can affect cells at a billionth of the strength required for thermal effects, isn’t it time to update the standards for safety?

  • EMF safety standards need to be biologically based instead of restricted to damage with RF. Repeated low-level exposure of EMF has been shown in several studies to interact with the DNA molecule.
  • Repeated low-level exposure of EMF has been shown in several studies to interact with the DNA molecule.
  • The coiled-coil (repeated coils within coils)nature of the DNA molecule turns it into a fractal* antenna that attracts even very low levels of EMF. Our safety standards are outdated and do not include the most pervasive threat, which is EMF, not just RF.
  • Read our summary of the BioInitiative Report
  • Read the entire BioInitiative Report http://www.bioinitiative.org

2017 California Dept. of Health Released Cell Phone Warning

California has released guidelines to reduce or avoid harmful cellphone radiation. There is reason to be concerned about the long-term health issues of cell phones and other sources of EMF radiation; some of the issues are brain cancer, tumors, headaches, fatigue, low sperm count, impaired memory and focus, as well as hearing and sleep issues.

On December 14th, 2017, California health officials announced public warning statements for cell phone users. Dr. Karen Smith with the California Department Of Public Health offered 2 quick suggestions during an interview with a San Francisco radio station, KPIX. She said that when you sleep, you should keep the cell phone away from your body. Secondly, she suggested not carrying your cell phone in a pocket. Safer storage would be a purse or pack.

Why Guidelines Were Released Now

In 2009, Dr. Joel Moskowitz at UC Berkeley sued the California Department of Public Health for refusing to release information about the dangers of cell phone use and to update cellphone safety standards. He won his case. And even with that victory, Dr. Smith makes very limited safety warnings, suggesting instead that “our position in science is evolving”. Can anyone tell me what this exactly means? Her reasoning for releasing the safety guidelines now is based on the fact that 95% of Americans use cell phones, including many children who own their own phones by the time they are only 10 years old.

Read the WPIX news story.

Our Recommendations for Cell Phone Safety

The BioElectric Shield Co has stronger safety suggestions to offer.

We suggest that keeping your cell phones, modems, routers, and other electronics out of your bedroom will provide you with a healthier night of sleep. At night, your body is in the “rest and repair” mode. When you are being bombarded by WiFi signals from any source, your body’s immune system must be operating all night long. This protective activity prevents your body from fully healing at restoration as you sleep. If you wake up tired or not feeling well, try removing all sources of EMF from your bedroom.


*1. A 22-page Report “Evidence for Stress Response: EMF-DNA Interaction” by Dr. Martin Blank (1), a cellular biophysicist, summarized 64 research articles, including some of his own studies, that came to a rather stunning conclusion. Martin Blank, Ph.D., is part of the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University.

2.This study can be found by going here: http://www.bioinitiative.org/table-of-contents/ and look for section 7, which contains Dr. Blank’s report *fractal meaning, the repetition of patterns – like the coils DNA photo credit – www.efffective.com

3. “The trouble with the cell phone radiation standard” by Marguerite Reardon for CNET http://www.cnet.com/news/the-trouble-with-the-cell-phone-radiation-standard/

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