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BoyFindsReadingEasierImagine finding out your son is EMF sensitive instead of ADD.

There are a lot of kids today who are being diagnosed with ADD or learning disorders. But upon further inspection parents are finding out that their real problem is simply that they are EMF sensitive instead of ADD and the other energies around them are causing ADD symptoms and lack of concentration. Once the “static” is gone they can focus and oftentimes behavioral issues improve as well. Here is one of those stories. I’ve met Jess and he definitely falls into the Indigo or Crystal children category of sensitivity.

This is an EXCERPT from the Dolphin Empowerment Newsletter written by one of our distributors – and the parent of a bright child, who had trouble concentrating when sitting in front of a computer

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Sometimes We Forget What We Already Know

I homeschool my 10-year old son, Jess. We’ve been doing most of his schoolwork online. He had been struggling with reading. Every time we would sit down in front of the computer to do the school work, he got really distracted, twitchy even.

It may not be ADD or ADHD, but technology and being EMF sensitive instead of ADD

He was in the living room reading something with no problem whatsoever and I thought, “Why does he have so much trouble online?” Then it occurred to me that maybe he is as sensitive to electromagnetics as I am.

I happened to have a brand new BioElectric Shield still in the box. I put it on my son. The difference was like night and day. Reading has gone fabulously ever since he started wearing the Shield. His overall mood – not just school-related – has improved significantly. Even he can’t believe how “well these things work.” I’m kicking myself for not realizing it sooner.

I shared this story with AnnaMariah “Carolyn” Nau, one of my good friends from the BioElectric Shield Company. This was her reply:

“This is one of those shoemaker’s kids’ stories. Most people don’t think about their kids needing Shields. Although what we keep finding is that even more of them DO and benefit on many levels. We’ve had quite a few parents find out that their fidgety kids weren’t ADD after all but they were EMF sensitive instead of ADD. They’re often thrilled to find out that a BioShield instead of drugs, or therapy can change everything.

Imagine life without all the chatter and noise of technology

Just imagine how different you feel when suddenly all the chatter and noise goes away….putting on a Shield is pretty much like that, the chatter and noise from computers, cell phones, and other people just go away leaving you in this nice space of peace and quiet. Many of our customers have been stunned to discover that they EMF sensitive instead of ADD. Boy, my mood increases a lot when I have my Shield on. Well done. Love and hugs,” 

Note: if you think this may be your child’s issue, give our founder, Virginia Brown a call 541-535-2214 or email [email protected] She is an occupational therapist who specialized in working with children. You might also consider the free photo analysis for a personalized recommendation.