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BioElectric Shield - Personal Energy Protection

Intuitive Business Woman Protected from High Stress Job by BioShield | Eva Vineyard

Intuitive Business Woman Protected from
High Stress Job

Intuitive Business Woman Protected from High Stress Job

How has the BioShield affected me? It’s given me clarity, focus, restored energy, and an overall feeling of calmness. Do I need to say more! This is my second shield. I remember placing my original shield in a window to recharge it during a sunny day. When I went back to retrieve it, I could not find it. Very odd, maybe I put it it back where I typically kept it? I was never able to find it, so bummed! I really thought I would eventually locate it.

I was in a very high demanding, never stop world of meeting deadlines and demands of a lot of different people in the exhilarating world of escrow. I was in the industry for over 25 plus years. To say the least, wearing the Shield at work helped to deflect all of the drain I felt from phone calls, computer use, fluorescent lighting and of course the many varied personalities I came into contact with daily. Some of course were very rewarding and others, not so much! I might add that I am highly intuitive. Therefore, my energy pre-Shield was easily affected.

After much thought and feeling of angst, communication with my superior, due to the negative work environment, I decided to cliff dive, literally. I was so ready for the dive! I gave my letter of resignation! I really thought I would be back in the industry shortly as I was one of the top closers. However, the former employer felt the need to enforce my non- compete agreement. So, now I was
really stressing and longing for the calmness and focus of my shield!

I received my new shield a couple of weeks ago. Again, the feeling of calm, focus, clarity and amazing energy returned within the first couple of days of wearing it. Great timing! The last week of December I started a new chapter in my life. One that I am so excited about. I have always been an entrepreneurial soul.

I am now an Independent Brand Partner for Nerium International. An amazing, ground breaking and fast growing company who offers an amazing skin product from the Nerium Oleander plant, NAE-8. I love talking to real people about their amazing results after using the lotion. I am so lucky to have met Virginia Brown, who first introduced me to the science and amazing protection of the BioElectric Shield.

My best to you,