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Do EMF Pendants Really Work?

An EMF Pendant shields you from dangerous high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

It does this by reducing or deflecting EMF radiation away from your body.


There is a great deal of misinformation on the internet about EMF pendants. 

Bogus pendants are being sold that are inexpensive and do not offer real protection from EMF radiation. 

However, there are EMF pendants based on solid physics technology that currently protect hundreds of thousands of people. 


For Example:

Using Nobel Prize-winning principles, the BioElectric Shield crystal matrix reflects and redirects electromagnetic frequencies away from your body

There are also other pendants that send out a similar frequency using a computer chip, claiming that it stops radiation from entering the body.

Others state that their pendant only neutralizes radiation. 

The key to correctly choosing an EMF pendant is to ask the right questions.

At the bottom of this blog, you’ll find your Guide to Choosing an EMF Pendant.

What is the difference between an EMF pendant and a normal pendant?

An EMF Pendant is used to protect you from EMF radiation. These pendants use an anti-radiation technology to deflect and refract EMF radiation from your body. They can be considered “jewelry with a purpose.” 

People wear the pendant for energy protection, and other benefits they experience to complement this function. 


Some EMF pendants also protect you from unhealthy energies i.e., situations and people. 

Normal pendants (AKA decorative pendants) made from ceramics, wood, and other materials have been worn for centuries purely for beauty. 

Decorative beaded chains and necklaces are made of specific gemstones. These gemstones have the reputation of bringing forth positive energies such as focus, calm, or energy. 

These are not EMF pendants, but an EMF pendant can be worn with these necklaces.

How do you use an EMF pendant?

You use your EMF pendant whenever you want EMF protection. 

Most people choose to wear their pendants every day.

At night, if you place it on your nightstand, depending on the specific pendant you choose, you may also be protected if it is within 2-3 feet of your body.

EMF pendants are typically worn around the neck and underneath your clothing. 

You can also get an EMF wristband or a belt pouch to hold your pendant.

What are the benefits of using an EMF pendant?

  1. Protection from EMF Saturation: An EMF Pendant will help you deal with EMF saturation in your environment. You are bombarded by WiFi signals and are exposed to harmful radiation even when you are not near an electronic device like your phone or tablet. Your EMF pendant can offer robust protection from the harmful effects of EMF.
  2. Increased brain health: An EMF pendant is designed to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation. EMF radiation has been linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. EMF protection has often improved focus, enhanced mental clarity, and reduced headaches and brain fog.
  3. Better sleep & focus: Do you have issues with sleep or focusing? EMF radiation has been associated with sleep issues, concentration problems, and ADD/ADHD. Wearing an EMF pendant could potentially help you with these issues.
  4. Stress Reduction: Your EMF protection pendant may help reduce your stress, particularly if you are sensitive to EMF radiation or other people’s stress and negativity.
  5. Lead a More Normal LIfe if you are Electromagnetically Sensitive or an Empath/HSP: Wearing an EMF pendant can allow you to lead a more normal life. By this, we mean that you probably will be able to use a computer or cell phone and be around WiFi. Empaths and HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) find they can go out in public, even malls, and be around emotionally challenging people without being emotionally and energetically drained.
  6. Can Boost Your Immune System: EMF radiation has been linked to cancer and many other symptoms. No product can promise protection from any specific health issue, but your immune system is supported when wearing an EMF protection pendant. 

Research has shown that EMF can damage both your DNA and your cells. Wearing an EMF pendant may prevent this from happening to you.

How Do I Choose an EMF pendant?

Your Guide to Choosing An EMF Pendant:

With each question we suggest you ask, we will provide you with a link that shows you the gold standard for evaluating any EMF pendant. 

An example is BioElectric Shield, a company that has been in business since 1990 for over thirty years. 

Question #1: Is the product technology based on proven scientific principles? 

Anyone can write a glowing report about how a pendant will help you, toss in a few quotes, and hope you believe their claims. 

However, a clear explanation should address how the pendant will reduce the EMF radiation frequencies we are exposed to.

Here are two examples of one product: The Science, Earth Resonance Technology


Question #2:  Is the EMF Pendant backed by  Research?

First, has the company done research studies? These typically include double-blind studies that will prove the EMF protection was not a placebo effect. Other studies will include increased physical strength even when the test subject was exposed to EMF radiation, such as from a cell phone. Here is an example of a good Research and Testing page

Question #3: How Long Has the Company Been in Business?

Each company should have a page of information about their company. It may be located at the top of the site or in the footer. Most companies put the link in the footer. Here is an example of a Company About page.

Question #4: Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Does the company have hundreds of customer reports describing the benefits of wearing the EMF Pendant? Do they have reviews submitted through a 3rd party application, like Google Reviews, Trust Pilot, or Shopper Approved? This assured you that the company did not invent fictitious customers who then wrote rave reviews! 

Read our customer’s testimonials and raves. 

Question #5 Can you call and speak to a real person who is an expert in EMF radiation protection?

I don’t know about you, but if I call a company and they don’t answer their phone, I wonder if someone just put up a website hoping for sales.

We answer phones as much as possible and strive to quickly return phone messages and emails.

Question #6: Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

If you buy an EMF pendant with a money-back guarantee, the product is likely from a legitimate business. After all, if you try something and it doesn’t work, if ALL the customers experienced this, the company would be out of business very quickly.

We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee on the BioElectric Shield. 

How to Find out if an EMF Pendant is Right for You

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